Trump Calls into Rush Limbaugh Show


11 responses to “Trump Calls into Rush Limbaugh Show

  1. Great interview. The question is how the establishment will tamper wirh he votes.
    Sorry, cut for me, Hillary is unacceptable and will not receive the honor and respect that comes with office of POTUS. Somehow BHO is getting away with it, but it’s the end of that era

  2. Totally agree. One of the Senate races here in Missouri is proving to be quite a contest between the incumbent and the newbie. Even though the newbie is a Democrat, I will vote for him because I feel the incumbent has been in Washington 20+ years and is part of the problem, not part of the solution. As one of the candidates he in Missouri says “Washington will not change unless we change who we send to Washington.” Never vote incumbent, turn over is very good.
    Although I will sign up to receive any new e-mails or post via e-mail to this article, I will not receive them. I have been blocked from receiving any comments or post for several months now.

    • What? MA no one on mugwumps has ever blocked you, I cannot believe that…what’s up with that? Your comment got through…oh wait, do you mean on The Last Refuge?
      All of us are blocked, I think I know who runs it, and she’s a bitter selfish person

  3. The speech at the hotel was also outstanding, especially with the shout out to Newt.

  4. where can the media speech be seen?

  5. I’m not understanding the question…which one

  6. The media speech you referred to

  7. Okay, it was the one to the media, let me see if I can find it for you

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