This is the Election to Act Nice and Get Mean


Scott Walker dropping out is a good thing. After all, isn’t he on the payroll of the State of Wisconsin? It would seem the responsible thing to do would be to devote one’s full time and energy to the formidable job of governing a state with its own problems rather than chasing the brass ring on the taxpayers’ money.

It was disappointing to hear his little weenie whiney way of withdrawing, however. To decry the lack of positivity in the GOP campaign is to not understand the power in the message of committing to building an impenetrable wall, beginning mass deportations of those who are in the country illegally, and stopping the exportation of our jobs. Scott Walker, like all of the elected elite, just doesn’t get that the electorate that must show up to get the GOP elected has no stomach or patience for political punks like him and Messrs. Bush, Rubio, Cruz, et al – save Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is far from perfect and certainly isn’t the constitutional purist I’d like to see elected, but he’s the only patriot we’ve got in the field, and he’s the only one I believe who has any chance of undoing the near-death experience the United States has suffered at the hands of Barack Obama.

The best thing that could happen is for the GOP to get solidly behind Mr. Trump, dig deep for every bit of discoverable dirt on the Clintons and begin firing away to absolutely destroy the Left to the point that these traitors can never come back.

The Left would do it to us in a Manhattan millisecond.

Trump gets it – this is the election to act nice and get mean.

4 responses to “This is the Election to Act Nice and Get Mean

  1. I agree. Mentioning Scott Walker. He will from now and forever be remembered, not by the good he has done in Wisconsin, but for the whiney, pity-poor-me, way he dropped out of the GOP race.

  2. I was concerned a few years back when he was fighting the unions because he was so strongly affiliated with the Heartland Institute, one of the Heritage Foundation state organizations. He’s probably in tight with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council, too.

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