The Turkish Prime Minister’s Unrequited Love for the Palestinians

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Remember that the number one growing charter school in America is Turkey’s Fetullah Gulen schools.  Think too of the fact that tax dollars fund these schools, but they do not report to the local school boards.  Needless to say, this is taxation without representation again!  We fought a revolutionary war over this!
Expressions of sympathy for Palestinians, and concomitant condemnations of Israel, are a standard part of the rhetoric of the Turkish prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, who recently gave a pathos-laden speech about witnessing the raising of the Palestinian flag at the UN. Yet, writes Burak Bekdil, the Palestinian Authority has consistently declined to return the favor:
The colors of the Palestinian flag are pan-Arab colors. . . . Before being the Palestinian flag, it was the flag of the short-lived Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan. [It and other, similar Arab] flags draw their inspiration from [those used during] the Arab revolt . . . against Davutoglu’s beloved Ottoman empire. . . .Similarly, Davutoglu’s [warm sentiments toward] Mahmoud Abbas do not sound as if they are shared by the Palestinian leadership. Abbas’s Christmas message, which went unnoticed in Turkey, contained references to the Armenian genocide (still largely a taboo topic in Turkey) that would have caused a small political earthquake in Turkey. . .
Without caring much about whether the Palestinians love the Turks, the Turks keep on loving to love the Palestinians. Political Islam has its many prerequisites. If one of them is unconditionally to hate Israel and the Jews, the other is an unconditional devotion to the “Palestinian cause.” Turkey’s leaders successfully fulfill both prerequisites.

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