The Netherland’s New Public Ban Is Absolutely Driving Muslims Insane


The list of European countries adopting Muslim-related bans has gained a new member.

The Netherlands has turned against face-covering veils.

It means traditional headdresses like the burqa or nikab won’t be allowed in schools, hospitals, inside admin buildings or on public transport.

Those breaking the ban face a €405 fine.


Should America do the same?


2 responses to “The Netherland’s New Public Ban Is Absolutely Driving Muslims Insane

  1. Absolutely. Just think what can and has been hidden under burka or nikab all in the name of the famous religion of peace, love and beheadings. Now to clarify my statement, I have very good and wonderful friends that believe in dressing modestly and that women wear dresses, long hair and no makeup or jewels. So you can dress modestly without long flowing robes that you can hide an AK-47. If they want to follow their strict religious dress code, move back to a country where that is the normal and accepted practice. Would we, as American’s or European’s, be allowed to wear our normal style of dressing in their country of origin? No! So if we can’t do it in their country, they can’t do it in ours.

  2. National language: English. National dress code: do not conceal your face or identity.
    (I even like national ID on demand.)
    Please this should not be another campaign distraction.

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