The Islamic Invasion


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  1. This is what promoters of the New World Order have planned and want. The opening of Albania and destruction of Serbia (during the Clinton administration), then flooding Europe with military-age and fit men without women and hating Europeans is coming to the U. S. A. The disasters in Syria and Libya with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and, now, with President Obama, attempting to destroy our Constitution, through disarming us followed by flooding of our country with military-age men who hate us, make what will happen tomorrow obvious unless we work to stop it. Good Americans fighting good Americans is helping the promoters of regional, then continental, then hemispheric, and, finally, world alliances easy. We are in global Hunger Games amusement for a very few psychopaths already rich with most of the wealth of the world.
    Get right with God and away from Lucifer so that we can maintain the blessings our ancestors with Judeo-Christian values worked and died for.

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  3. When in the military I knew you never gave aid or comfort to the
    enemy. Mullah Obama only does that and subverts our National
    security with massive influx of Islamist thugs, South American
    thugs all hidden behind the skirts of enslaved women and
    children. Gangs will take over our Cities where the men are
    unarmed and weak, next all territory will be squeezed with the
    attempt to induce submission. This is the year, if another
    RHINO or worse is elected the war is on, if we get a survivalist
    like Trump there may be a chance but that will signal the
    EMP attack and little leader is almost prepared to do it.
    World War will be a new experience for America, as it will
    focus here amongst millions of fat, lazy and disinterested
    slugs that are a big part of the problem, leftists have done
    their damage and looking closely with Mullah Obama
    emasculating the military, it looks bad for our future.
    I hope for Divine intervention, Obama wants the Marines
    to wear dresses, what next…….he needs to go………..William

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