The Iran Nuclear Deal

Taught by Dennis Prager from PRAGERUNIVERSITY.COM


3 responses to “The Iran Nuclear Deal

  1. This cannot be blamed on Obama alone.

  2. The west went into the ME, carved it up, and assigned phony borders without giving any consideration to tribal and/or ethnic differences. In 1953, the U.S. went into Iran, overthrew their duly-elected, secular government and installed the evil dictator Shah, who made possible the eventual takeover by the Islamic fanatics. Iranians, at that time, were a very westernized people who loved the United States. Ever since, when the Iranian people have stood up against this repressive Islamic regime, the U.S., Inc. has turned its back on them.

    In the interest of protecting the petrodollar, empire building, control and dominance, the globalist puppets running the U.S. planned and carried out 9/11, using the lie as an excuse to invade, dominate and control the ME. The U.S. and our wicked CIA have invaded, destabilized, and destroyed many countries. Iran has never attacked another country in its history. I am tired of listening to the cabal’s FEAR PORN. Iran has not been at war with the U.S.; au contrare, we have repeatedly kicked the hornet’s nest, we are the destroyers and the killers, and we wonder why the whole world now hates our guts? We need to quit listening to the cabal’s lies, come home and clean up our own decaying country..

  3. Your diatribe pretty much illustrates who else is to blame.

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