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PRECIOUS! Watch What This Unborn Baby Does In Just 15 Seconds That’s Caused A Viral Sensation


A joyful mother-to-be and her doctor sing a popular children’s tune after watching the awesome ultrasound images of her unborn child doing something rather unusual…and off goes the viral viewing rocket on YouTube.

Viewers of the heartwarming video are offering scores of comments about what happened as they continue watching the short segment like crazy. As of this writing, the 15-second YouTube clip has gotten close to 2.5 million views in just a few days.

Fox News notes that “Jen Cardinal posted the ultrasound of her 14-week-old unborn baby ‘clapping along’ as she and her physician sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” as her husband films.”

Jen Cardinal noted in her reaction to some negative comments about the video:

“We’ve been very honest that our fetus clapped three times, then our doctor rewound and replayed the best one and a half/two~ish as we sang.

The video is fun because it is positive, lighthearted, and spur of the moment. We shared it as our announcement, and we still love it.”

While some viewers posted less than complimentary comments about the short video — several were even profane and hateful — others said:

“How beautiful and lovely, coming to the world celebrating happy.”

“This was cute regardless if it was edited to loop several times. Enjoy your pregnancy.”

“Love this video! As a nurse in perinatology, I’ve seen jillions of ultrasounds, and never seen a baby do this, Its obviously real that baby clapped a few times…to catch a 14 weeker clapping once or twice would be great but this is remarkable. Good for you that you caught it on video…phooey on haters, this is great.”


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