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Mad Max Vs. the Super Elite

By Jim O’Neill
Let’s face it, they’ve been stone cold losers, the elite.  So, let them keep calling themselves the elite.  But we’re going to call ourselves – and remember you work harder than they do and you are indeed smarter than them — from now on let’s call ourselves the super elite.  We are the super elite.
President Donald Trump at Fargo, ND 6/27/18
During his speech in Fargo, ND last night President Trump named Congresswoman Maxine “Mad Max” Waters the new face of the Democratic Party.   Her and Pelosi — yikes.
Between Pelosi and Waters voters will be falling over each other to vote Republican next fall.  It won’t be a red wave, it’ll be a red tsunami.  The GOP already has a great video ad that underlines the morally bankrupt, vicious, mentally unhinged nature of today’s Democratic Party.
Democrats have been well and truly outed as the sly, lying, fiscally moronic anti-American dweebs that they have devolved into.  They have no answers that have not already been shown to be lame and worthless.  So, all they can of think to do is “resist.”  Resist America becoming great again, and double down on slurs, smears, threats, insults, and violence.  It is their ultimate fallback position and all they have left.
We the People are America’s backbone, its heart and soul, its bedrock foundation of honor and integrity.  We are indeed America’s super elite, and we should accept that label with pride and strive to be worthy of it.  We work toward a shared glorious future — while watching anti-American loons endlessly, pointlessly, running on their hamster-wheels of hate.

Doubling Down on Dumb

By Jim O’Neill
A dedication to irrationality grows more difficult to renounce with each reiteration of unreason, for the deluded must increasingly face the shame not only of his folly but the misery it begets.  As the tally grows, the likelihood of self-correction diminishes; and the committed one-worlder, now chained to his oars, must insulate himself against both reality and countervailing opinion.  He does so handily by demonizing those trying to restore him to sanity.
Melanie Phillips “The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle Over God, Truth, and Power”
On one side you have the likes of Robert “Raging Bulls—t” De Niro, and his anti-American liberal sycophants wildly applauding De Niro’s most recent vulgar and infantile hissy fit aimed at President Trump.  On the other side you have We the People, who increasingly allow such petulant pouting to go in one ear and out the other as we applaud the efforts of the best president America has seen since…well, forever it seems.
The media continues to preach its nonstop anti-Trump propaganda to an ever-shrinking choir, while the Democratic Party seems hellbent on throwing itself headfirst into absurdity and irrelevance.
As Melanie Phillips so insightfully points out, the globalist’s arrogance and ideological blinders leave them largely incapable of seeing anything outside their myopic tunnel-visioned delusions.  They are lost in a self-made house of mirrors, reflecting back at themselves, through transference and projection, their own unlovely images – which they disassociate from and demonize as “Them.”  To paraphrase Walt Kelly, they have met the enemy and he is them.
Their vision for America’s future has been reduced to “Resist!” and doubling down on dumb.  They are no doubt extremely disappointed by President Trump’s historic and wildly successful meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.  We the People on the other hand are elated.  Congratulations President Trump – thank you!

The Hip and Edgy New Right Vs. the Stale and Decadent Old Left

By Jim O’Neill

Right-wing culture is to me the only subversive culture that’s going on at the moment. …The Left has just become this giant boring monolith – “ooo we’re so edgy.” The Right-wing culture, conservative culture, is the most subversive to the dominant order. …The real edginess is occurring where basic facts of reality are being reasserted.

Stefan Molyneux, Vox Day “How SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) Destroy Everything”

The Left is the establishment; they are the dominant culture; they are the status quo. They largely run the media, arts, and entertainment industry, they control the bulk of government, NGOs, and big business – including most of the Internet/computer giants.

The Left (which includes establishment Republicans) favors bloated bullying bureaucracies rather than lean, responsive (and responsible) governments. They favor hoary Marxist bromides and crooked crony capitalism over entrepreneurial elan and a free market economy. They favor corruption and an elite ruling-class rather than rule-of-law and “we the people.”

And yet many on the left believe that they are cutting edge subversives man. No, they are not. They are homogenized dolts marching in lock-step while being used by their puppet-masters like the disposable pawns that they are.
A John Hiatt lyric goes: “It’s been a slow turning, from the inside out.” A slow turning indeed, but the impassioned movement of freedom, individualism, and righteousness that used to belong to the Left now clearly belongs to the Right.
I know it for the truth – I have been here to see the entire transformation over the decades. Facts are facts – the New Right is now wearing the subversive freedom-loving mantle that the old New Left used to wear. Power to “we the people,” right on!