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He Saved Her Through An Open Window. But When they Tow the Car He Can’t Believe What He Sees



In Texas and Oklahoma, May 2015 was marked by massive rainstorms and flooding. In Houston alone, firefighters were required to perform 500 water rescues.

And from a pup named Zeva, who saved her humans by waking them when the floodwaters started permeating their house, to a drone pilot that helped locate and rescue a couple from their home, remarkable stories of rescues have come out from all over.

But the mysterious details surrounding this story, which was originally reported in 2012, may defy all others.

As Charlene was driving home from work in a terrible rainstorm, her SUV slipped into ten foot deep flood waters. Unfortunately, she didn’t know how to swim.

Many tried to rescue her from her vehicle— a doctor even banged on the windows with a stick to try and break the glass — but they were unsuccessful, and Charlene’s car began to sink underwater.

Howard Absetz, however, was able to reach through a car window and grab hold of the frantic woman. He then pulled her out of the car and with the help of the fellow rescuers, she was safely taken to shore.

When investigators towed her car out of the water, they found something perplexing— all four windows of the car were closed, including the front window that Absetz reached through to grab Charlene.

How he was able to get her out, no one can explain.

“There was something there, I can’t explain it,” said Absetz. “But something happened for her to be able to be alive today and me be able to pull her out.”

It’s miraculous moments like these that remind us that someone is truly watching over us…