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Memo to Trump Team

By Jim O’Neill
President Trump and his aides want to know what to do about the Trump/Russia collusion brouhaha.  Glad they asked.  This is what they need to do:
First of all, STOP PLAYING DEFENSE.  Anyone with half a brain already knows that there is no “there” there,” and playing defense is a waste of time.  Enough with the “I’ve been framed yer Honor, framed I tell ya!”  It is way past time for the Trump Team to go on the offense and take the fight to the Dems.
A ploy that has been used to great effect by the Left over the years is to accuse their opponent of being guilty off doing what the Left itself is guilty of.  This automatically puts their opponent on the defense, and takes the spotlight off of the Left’s cupidity and culpability.
This is exactly what the Democrats and their various MSM propaganda outlets have done, and are doing, with their Trump/Russia collusion narrative.  I for one am so sick of their ceaseless nonsense I could scream.  ENOUGH!
You want collusion?  You want real traitorous anti-American collusion with Russia and other foreign governments?  Look to the Democrats – and you won’t have far to look either.  Look to the “Uranium One” deal, look for Russian “kickbacks” to the “Clinton Foundation,” look to Democratic point-man John Podesta, look to Ukraine’s involvement with the DNC, look to Obama’s State Department spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The few things I just mentioned are the tip of the iceberg.  So, get to work Trump Team; stop putzing around saying “I’m innocent I tell ya!”  “We the people” already know you are innocent.  Track down and prosecute the guilty.  Stop dithering and start playing offense – HUGELY.