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Truth from Todd Starnes


Lindsey Graham calls on US to admit its ‘fair share’ of Syrian refugees

My comments: Another reason to never vote for this man for anything.  He’s an idiot, a traitor, and a fool, but then most of the candidates running for president are the same.


The South Carolina senator and presidential hopeful urges for more support from the US, which has accepted only 1,500 Syrian refugees so far.


Republican presidential hopeful and US Senator Lindsey Graham addresses a Newsmaker Luncheon at the National Press Club on Tuesday in Washington, DC. Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Ben Jacobs in Washington and Sabrina Siddiqui in Keene, New Hampshire

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham became the first Republican presidential candidate to call on the United States to admit more Syrian refugees on Tuesday.

In a speech expressing his opposition to the proposed Iran deal, Graham urged the United States to take “its fair share of Syrian refugees”.

The South Carolina Republican said “we should take the Statue of Liberty and tear it down” if the United States continues its current, limited policies on admitting refugees from the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Graham also called on European nations to “up their game” in addressing the refugee crisis. In a pointed reference to the second world war, he said to Europeans: “It wasn’t that long ago you needed someone’s help.”

Graham joins Democrat Martin O’Malley as only the second of 22 presidential candidates to call for the United States to admit more refugees from Syria.

Marco Rubio, another Republican presidential contender, told reporters on Tuesday he is “open” to allowing more refugees into the United States – reiterating an answer he first provided in a radio interview on Monday.

“I don’t know what the right number is, but we want to be careful terrorists don’t take advantage … to infiltrate themselves among the very innocent people that would also be coming,” Rubio, a senator from Florida, said after a campaign event in Keene, New Hampshire.

He added that Europe would nonetheless face the brunt of the refugee crisis and said the US should lend support to its allies.

“We should be able to offer them them assistance, in creating some places and camps where people can live and be safe while this thing works itself out,” Rubio said.

The US has accepted only 1,500 Syrian refugees so far, and the White House said last week it did not anticipate any changes to its current policy.

Rubio’s comments followed a town hall in which he advocated for a foreign policy driven by “moral clarity” and denounced the Obama administration for overseeing a period of global chaos that contributed to the refugee crisis in Europe.

The senator first addressed the situation in an interview Sunday with the Boston Herald Radio and expressed particular concern for Syrian Christians who have been displaced by the ongoing civil war.

“They would prefer to stay in that region, so I think a better outcome here obviously is that we have to provide for their short term,” Rubio told the station. “But long term, we have to have a precise regional strategy that allows, especially the Christians to go back to their ancient cities, and their ancient populations centers, where they have been for almost 2,000 years, up until recent times.”

Graham also used passionate language to denounce those in the Republican party who have followed the lead of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in calling for mass deportation of all 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States. A vocal supporter of comprehensive immigration reform within the GOP, Graham used powerful, personal language Tuesday to express his discontent with the rightward tilt of his party on immigration.

The South Carolina Republican, who was left to raise his younger sister after his parents died, told attendees that “when they write the history of these times, Lindsey Graham, who is from the reddest of red states, can say the following: I refused to break up families for my political benefit because I know what it’s like to have your family destroyed.”

Graham said that it is important for the Republican party’s political future to attract Hispanic voters. Hispanic voters would be attracted to “the party of limited government, stronger military, faith-based values, but I’d have a hard time getting there if I believe you were going to deport my mother”, he said.

The three-term senator is currently receiving less than 1% of the vote in national polls and is struggling even in his home state of South Carolina.

Immigration Problem

Did someone say we have an “immigration problem?” Watch Dr. Bill Warner in this three-minute video. Then remember Europe is already being overrun (the backlash is growing) and Obama’s USA isn’t far behind.

Rising: 25,098,000 Foreign-Born Workers Employed in U.S.A.

By Ali Meyer for CNS NEWS


(CNSNews.com) – The number of foreign-born individuals holding jobs in the United States increased by 279,000 to 25,098,000 in May, according to data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In January 2009, when President Obama took office, there were 21,375,000 foreign-born workers employed in the United States. Since then, the number has increased by 3,723,000.

In its data on foreign-born workers, the BLS does not distinguish between legal immigrants to the United States, who are permitted to work here, and illegal aliens, who are not.

“The foreign born are persons who reside in the United States but who were born outside the country or one of its outlying areas to parents who were not U.S. citizens,” says BLS.

The foreign born include legally-admitted immigrants, refugees, temporary residents such as students and temporary workers, and undocumented immigrants. The survey does not separately identify the numbers of persons in these categories.”

The 25,098,000 foreign-born workers employed here in May was only 10,000 workers shy of the record high of 25,108,000 recorded in November 2014.

Just as foreign-born workers increased over the month, so too did native-born workers. There were 124,251,000 native-born workers employed in May, which was up 482,000 from the 123,769,000 employed in April.

For native-born workers the unemployment rate increased to 5.4 percent in May from 5.1 percent in April. But for foreign-born workers the unemployment rate declined to 4.7 percent in May from 4.9 percent in April.



An Invasion of Refugees


17, 2015 by for FrontPage Magazine

“This is a place of inspiring memories. Here less than a thousand men, inspired by the urge of freedom, defeated a superior force intrenched in this strategic position,” President Herbert Hoover said.

“This small band of patriots turned back a dangerous invasion.”

But no matter how often dangerous invasions are defeated, they come again.

The thousand men that Hoover spoke of gained their victory at the Battle of Kings Mountain. The Spartan Regiment that fought there when, as Theodore Roosevelt wrote, “All the Southern lands lay at the feet of the conquerors” and “There was not a single organized body of American troops left” gave their name to Spartanburg, South Carolina.

And now, Spartanburg faces a dangerous invasion with only a handful of patriots inspired by the urge of freedom to stand against it.

The invasion is a silent and secret one. The soldiers come as refugees funneled through ratlines run by liberal churches and other pseudo-religious organizations. Tens of thousands of Muslim migrants come from conflict zones to small towns and cities across the country just like Spartanburg each year.

But Spartanburg’s fighting spirit is still alive and Congressman Trey Gowdy, who represents the Spartanburg area, has challenged a plan to dump migrants, including possibly Syrians, there, inquiring whether they have criminal records and what background checks have been performed on them.

According to Thomas Jefferson, the Battle of Kings Mountain turned the tide in the Revolutionary War. Likewise the shot fired at Spartanburg may have great implications for the rest of the country. The invasion of Spartanburg is really an invasion of America through the Refugee Resettlement Program.

Most Americans know very little about the machinery of migration. They only notice that something is happening when their towns begin to change and their way of life begins to come apart. When they do think about immigration, their impression is of a massive howitzer cannon firing off new arrivals into major cities. Refugee resettlement however is more of a sniper rifle targeting places like Spartanburg with a limited number of arrivals that then begin to dramatically transform their host area through community organizations, localized welfare and the chain migration of families.

And then before you know it, what used to be Cedar-Riverside on the Mississippi is Little Mogadishu and what was Wilmar on the Great Northern Railway is Little Mogadishu and what was Lewiston of the mills is also another Little Mogadishu. And then eventually America becomes one big Mogadishu.

In 1980, Jimmy Carter signed Ted Kennedy’s Refugee Act into law. The Refugee Act used the UN definition of refugee while allowing up to 50,000 refugees to be admitted each year. The number has since increased with 70,000 refugees admitted last year alone. The ceiling for the number of refugees is determined each year. And that determination has a significant impact on the lives of Americans.

Refugee resettlement has long since become a machine bringing together an army of bureaucrats from a number of different offices with religious contractors who act as Volags, short for Voluntary Agencies, providing a pious justification for the colonization of the country while they gorge on taxpayer funds.

The list of Volags includes the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, but the refugees are rarely of their faith.

The number one language spoken by refugees admitted to the United States last year is Arabic. The third most common language is Somali.

Almost twice as many Somalis as Spanish-speakers were admitted as refugees last year. Minnesota alone has suffered under the weight of over 10,000 Somalis over the last decade. And the number of Somalis more than tripled under Obama, flooding communities and devastating entire areas of the country.

The number of Arabic speakers also drastically increased, going from under 10,000 to nearly 18,000. We took in four Arabic speaking refugees for every Spanish-speaking refugee.

While it might be nice to imagine that persecuted Christians or Yazidis are being taken in from Syria, the vast majority of refugees are Sunni Muslims, the same sect that birthed Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.

In one month, we took in 437 Sunni Muslims from Syria, 1 Catholic, 47 Christians and 1 Yazidi.

The Volags may invoke the Bible in defense of refugee resettlement, but they are invoking it in the service of the Koran. Whether a cross or a star dangles on the door, inside is the dark crescent of Islam.

Unlike most other forms of immigration, refugee resettlement is the most dangerous and the least likely to be questioned. Its tactic of dumping migrants into communities, which are swiftly forced to adapt to demands for interpreters, social services, welfare and violence, is clothed in the pious garb of religion.

While the government gives religious groups money, they give it moral shielding, and the local people lose their rights, their homes, their money and sometimes their lives. But the attack on Spartanburg has brought attention to the practices of this secretive and deceptive program.

Congressman Gowdy’s letter is an important first step in casting light on its shadowy practices. While many Americans who have lost jobs, homes and loved ones to this terrible tide have come to despair, the lesson of Spartanburg remains with us. A handful of patriots prevailed in South Carolina against superior odds when the cause seemed abandoned and lost, when the armies that should have stood had broken and only a handful of rebels remained from what had once been a great cause.

America was built by handfuls of patriots doing their part in the right place at the right time. We remember the pivotal movements, but we often forget the length of the road to their victories.

All the statistics and information in this article came from one site, Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch.

On July 1st, 2007, Ann debuted her first post, a fact sheet on Refugee Resettlement. Ten days later, she recorded 200 views and commented that, “If the mainstream media won’t touch this issue, won’t investigate it or debate it, guess we will be going around them directly to you.”

Today Ann continues to drive the debate in directions the media doesn’t want. Her work has reached Gowdy’s attention and it has armed thousands of citizen activists with the information that they need to protect their homes, their communities and their country. She is an example of how we can all make a difference by tackling individual issues overlooked by many with thoroughness, clarity and depth.

“It was a little army and a little battle, but it was of mighty portent,” Hoover said of the Spartan Regiment and the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Even if we do not form great armies and fight great battles, we can all be little armies fighting little battles and it may be that we shall one day learn that these little battles were of mighty portent.

America faces battles on many fronts. The greatest of these is the battle for our identity. We fight for our right to be who we are. Who we always were. The mass migration is not immigration, it is colonization. Its goal is to destroy the American system by destroying the American spirit.

When we fight even the little battles for our way of life, we keep that spirit, the spirit of the Spartan Regiment, the spirit of Spartanburg, alive.