A Mission from God

A Mission From God

A Mission From God

An emergency press conference was called a couple of days ago to allow Refugee Resettlement Leaders to explain why the U.S. shouldn’t stop the admission of Syrian refugees in the U.S. They are concerned because the attacks in Paris have a growing number of U.S. Governors and national leaders calling for an end – or at least a moratorium on resettlement of refugees from Syria.

The representatives from the Refugee Resettlement sector were:

Kevin Appleby, Director of Migration Policy, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Linda Hartke, President, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Lavinia Limon, President & CEO, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
Naomi Steinberg, Director, Refugee Council USA (Moderator)

What was striking about the statements from every one of them is that in their view, the United States has a heavenly assignment to be the humanitarian leader of the world and as such, it is our obligation to take in refugees. Really? A mission from God?


The press conference was moderated by the Refugee Council, USA. RCUSA is the association of associations that lobbies Congress for laws favorable to “The Mission From God”. One of the conferees mentioned 9 agencies (VOLAGS) that are involved and every one of them – save for one is built on a foundation of religion. It kind of makes me want to break out in song:

During the call, the Refugee Act of 1980 was mention 3 or 4 times. The following is from the RCUSA history section:

The U.S. has a proud history of admitting refugees of special humanitarian concern into the country. Following the admission of over 250,000 displaced Europeans in the wake of World War II, the first refugee legislation enacted by the U.S. Congress was the Displaced Persons Act of 1948. This legislation provided for the admission of an additional 400,000 displaced Europeans.

Later laws provided for admission of persons fleeing Communist regimes from Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia, Korea and China, and Cuba. Most of these waves of refugees were assisted by private ethnic and religious organizations in the U.S. which formed the basis for the public/private role of U.S. refugee resettlement today.

In 1975 the U.S. resettled hundreds of thousands of Indochinese refugees through an ad hoc Refugee Task Force with temporary funding.

This experience prompted Congress to pass the Refugee Act of 1980, which incorporated the United Nations definition of “refugee” and standardized the resettlement services for all refugees admitted to the U.S.

The Refugee Act provides the legal basis for today’s U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and is administered by the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM) of the Department of State in conjunction with the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and offices in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Most of everything that was said in the conference call was SOS different day but there was something intriguing about Kevin Appleby, Director of Migration Policy for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops so I did a search on him and hit the jackpot. There is a profile of Appleby on the Georgetown University, Berkley Center website:

“Kevin Appleby directs the Migration and Refugee Services Office of Migration and Refugee Policy at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. In that role he assists the bishops in the development and promotion of migration and refugee policy positions within the context of the Church’s social and moral teaching; he also implements communication, public education/outreach and legislative strategies that foster greater advocacy, awareness, understanding, and support for the work of MRS and the vulnerable populations it serves…. Appleby has worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Russell Long of Louisiana and the Senate Select Committee on Iran-Contra.”

The big prize was finding a March 12th panel discussion on C-Span titled, Catholics and National Immigration Policy. I started to take clips out of it but soon realized I was probably going to cut ten minutes out of a ninety minute program so please do watch the whole thing. I did however take two short clips that focus on a very important subject.


In the first video clip, Todd Scribner is introduced and then he talks about the early history of immigration policy. I’ve included it because of his reference to port cities.

Understanding port cities is essential to understanding what is happening to our country. Because of that, I’m going to give some drive-by history.

In international commerce, the ability of ships to dock at foreign harbors becomes of paramount importance probably in the 16th century if not before. The timeframe is not as important as understanding that this requirement for trade was the beginning of international law. The British and East India Trading Companies are the most well-known of the early international trading companies because they were involved in the colonization of the United States. It’s my understanding that they were the originators of Admiralty Law for international trade.

On the high seas, the ship’s Captain is the supreme authority with all powers afforded to a supreme ruler. On land, there needed to be an authority with power equal to that of the ship’s captain. The Harbor Master became that authority. Because of the character and nature of ports, the jurisdiction of the Harbor Master was restricted to a district so essentially, an international port – a seaport became a separate and distinct jurisdiction recognized under Admiralty Law.


In 1919 at the end of World War I, the Versailles Treaty was signed creating the League of Nations inter alia. The Convention and Statute on the Regime of Navigable Waters (see 1.1.2) was signed in Barcelona, Spain as an Annex to the League of Nations Treaty in 1921. It’s called the Barcelona Declaration. It extended Admiralty Law to include navigable rivers connected to the ocean.


In 1921 through an Act of Congress, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was created as an overlay to land-based governments for the purpose building and maintaining transportation infrastructure. On this page, there is a map of the Port District that is the jurisdiction of the Port Authority.

All of the above is to lay the conceptual groundwork for understanding internationally connected governing structures over the top of existing land-based governments.

Getting back to the Catholic Church, in 1929, the Roman Catholic church signed the Lateran Pacts with Italian government under Mussolini’s control recognizing the Vatican as an independent city-state. The 1921 Barcelona Declaration provided the legal basis for the Lateran Pacts because the location of the Vatican is on the Tiber river – a navigable waterway making Vatican City an international port under maritime (Admiralty) law.


The point of all of this is to demonstrate unequivocally that Catholic Church historians have to have a very clear understanding of ports and maritime law to the extent of port districts under maritime law because of the history of the Vatican as an independent city-state. Whether or not it is the location of the true center of Catholicism is not for me to say except that apparently, it’s disputed by some. Anyway, this was an extremely interesting line of research that I can’t include here so I’ll set up a separate webpage for it: Seven Hills.

In the second clip of the Conference: Catholics and Immigration Policy, Todd Scribner gives a very good description of the political involvement of the Catholic Church as an institution. Then Kevin Appleby talks about the legislative agenda of the church as it pertains to immigration. Pay particular attention when he mentions 2001.

Appleby mentions Vincente Fox’s speech before Congress and how excited they all were because their agenda was moving. So what was that agenda?

Vincente Fox speech to a joint session of Congress on September 6, 2001

Vincente Fox had a plan: The Partnership for Prosperity.

And here is an interesting one about California and Mexico signing a trade pact. Of course that’s in violation of the U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 10 – but hey… they were a region now – a state no longer. Notice the intent to establish 15 trade centers at Community Colleges. It adds context to the piece I just finished – Saints, Sinners and the Marriage From Hell.

Mexico also had an economic development plan. See Losing Our Sovereignty #2, United Islands of North America. And towards the end, see the Marine Highways. I’m not sure how they did this but I suspect it was Ted Stevens defining the routes of the Alaska ferry system and connections – the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System – highways for transportation funding.

I have a lot more info on the above at my old website: Channeling Reality.

The other thing Appleby talked about which makes absolutely clear the political and unAmerican activities of his activities with respect to the Catholic Church was the Guest Worker program.

Guest Worker and Slave Management System

So what is the objective? If you are going to eliminate nation-states, you must eliminate national identity among the people – hence the “global citizen”. If you are going to bring down a country, you must have a foreign occupation force to run the operations formerly run by government. You don’t want nationals in key positions, you want foreigners loyal to the objective – or at least desperately loyal to the paycheck. And you want a replacement population large enough to swing the votes in a direction that allows you to do what you are doing – which is to bring down the nation-state. The refugee program does that and they’ve been doing that 65 years.

So how do I link all of this together? Vatican II. Vatican II was a reorganization of the church to “bring the band back together”. Who is the band? The Holy Roman Empire – with the elimination of nation-states. Port cities as centers of commerce connected to the global empire under the auspices of the United Nations. This is a link to a video of Sister Corinne giving a keynote speech at the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions… Serving the Underserved. (3rd video down). Vatican II got the Nuns out of the church and on The Street. Kevin Appleby explained why the church was involved in the immigration issue. He said, “Jesus was a refugee” and for 150 years, papal teaching has been to “Welcome the Stranger”. Put another way, welcome the invader. Stranger Danger.

1962 was the year the Marshall Plan – OEEC reorganized to become the OECD headquartered in Paris, France.

So is there anything we can do about this? Yes, absolutely. Understanding it is half the battle. I’m not going to include what we can do here because this is already too long. What I will say though is that these people are committing treason behind the mask of humanitarianism. Because of that, you must not think with your heart, you must think with your head and hide your heart.


Importing a Potential Epidemic

By now most Americans are familiar with the Obama administration’s ongoing effort to force-feed amnesty for illegals to a largely recalcitrant American public. The most egregious part of this effort occurred during last year’s border “surge” when the administration not only embraced the admittance of tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) into our nation, but the purposeful and secret dispersal of them into all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. What Americans don’t know is that the Obama administration ignored Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines that apply to legal immigrants and prevent the unvaccinated, or those with a “communicable disease of public health significance,” from entering the country. As a result, it is quite possible the outbreak of unknown diseases or those mostly eradicated in the U.S. for quite some time is no coincidence. The administration’s stance on the issue? A combination of silence, denial, or blame-shifting to the anti-vaxxer crowd.
We begin with last year’s outbreak of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), a disease that paralyzed and killed American children. That in and of itself should have elicited a media firestorm, along with demands for establishing the origins of the outbreak beyond a reasonable doubt. Yet coverage was scant. Reporter Sharryl Attkisson revealed the disease was first identified in California in 1962, but that outbreaks had been relatively rare. She further noted the CDC “hasn’t suggested reasons for the current uptick or its origin.” Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com attempted to correlate the outbreaks of the disease with the location of UAC shelters. And while part of his investigation was stymied by the reality that the administration kept many of those shelter locations secret, “there are significant numbers of them in both cities in which the current outbreak was first identified,” he explained.
Ultimately, it was the Daily Caller that reported the disease “was likely propelled through America by President Barack Obama’s decision to allow tens of thousands of Central Americans across the Texas border, according to a growing body of genetic and statistical evidence,” further noting “the epidemic included multiple strains of the virus, and that it appeared simultaneously in multiple independent locations.”

Nonetheless the CDC simply denied the link, despite the reality that the EV-D68 outbreak in 2014 infected at least 538 people in 47 states, even as a study published on the CDC’s own website reveals the disease “is one of the most rarely reported serotypes, with only 26 reports throughout the 36-year study period (1970 through 2006).”

Last July, the El Paso Times revealed that 89 illegals detained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, NM tested positive for tuberculosis. Officials were initially reluctant to tell the media because of the concern that it might spread fear. Last September at Providence Memorial Hospital in El Paso, TX, five infants tested positive for the tuberculosis infection, with an additional 700 infants and 40 hospital workers potentially infected. All of them were exposed to the disease by an unnamed hospital employee. Again, most Americans are unaware the U.S. Department of Education issued guidelines for school attendance by UACs, stating that such children cannot be excluded even if they fail to provide “requisite health or immunization information required of other students,” the memo stated. Last May, 28 people tested positive for TB at Olathe Northwest High School in Kansas.
All coincidental, or unrelated to illegal aliens? In Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, the three nations where most of last year’s border surge originated, the tuberculosis infection rate is nearly 10 times that of the United States.
In July of 2014, Former Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) wrote a letter to the CDC expressing concern about the “grave public health threats” posed by the influx of illegals, insisting that reports of illegal migrants “carrying deadly diseases…are particularly concerning.” The 30-year physician urged the agency to take immediate action to assess the risk and notify the public.
Unfortunately, the CDC is an agency with a credibility problem. Last year it bungled the handling of Ebola “index patient” Thomas Eric Duncan, resulting in two healthcare workers contracting the deadly disease. One of them was allowed to board an airliner despite calling the CDC several times to report early symptoms. This year a report compiled by 11 experts in biosafety, laboratory science and research, stated the CDC’s “laboratory safety training is inadequate” and the agency is “on the way to losing credibility.” Two incidents were highlighted. In May, avian bird flu samples were unintentionally mixed with the deadly H5N1 influenza strain and shipped to a USDA lab, and in June, dozens of employees risked exposure to anthrax because the agency did not follow proper sterilization protocols.
Thus when the CDC largely dismisses any connection between illegals and the surge of measles in 2014, (along with a 2015 pace on track to top it), one must remain skeptical, especially when the agency itself makes unprovable assumptions. “Although we aren’t sure exactly how this year’s outbreak began, we assume that someone got infected overseas, visited the Disneyland parks and spread the disease to others,” said Anne Schuchat, an assistant surgeon general and director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. That statement is hardly reassuring from the same agency that declared measles had been “eliminated” in America—defined as the absence of continuous disease transmission for 12 months or more in a specific geographic area—by 2000.
Media defenders are quick to point out that Mexico and Central American countries largely responsible for the illegal influx have higher vaccination rates than the U.S.

But as Border Patrol veteran Chris Cabrera pointed out last August, many potentially diseased illegals are “slipping through the cracks” because he and his fellow agents have been overwhelmed by the onslaught. “This problem isn’t contained in the border areas. [They] are coming in here, they’re going north, and it’s going to affect the entire country,” he warned.

A Fox News report last July brings another element to the mix. At Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, doctors and nurses working there were threatened with arrest if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at that illegal refugee camp. Members of BCFS, a security force hired by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS), likened themselves to Brown Shirts, and workers themselves were stripped of cellphones and other communication devices during their shifts. Anyone found with a phone was immediately terminated. Nonetheless, workers revealed camp children had measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat. “They’re going to crush the system,” warned a nurse who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. “We can’t sustain this. They are overwhelming the system and I think it’s a travesty.”
Thus the obvious question arises: how many other facilities involved with illegals and dangerous diseases are operating under the same veil of secrecy and threats? Sadly in an Obama administration dedicated to an amnesty onslaught by any means necessary Americans may never learn the answer to that question. And the administration will be aided and abetted by a leftist media more than willing to label any attempt to establish causation between illegals and disease as fear mongering and/or xenophobic.
Regardless, reality intrudes. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is another disease being attributed to illegals. “The big picture here is that we are getting all these diseases brought into the United States by the ‘imported disease people’ from Latin America,” insists Dr. Lee Hieb, past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. “We don’t generally test for dengue fever, because until recently we have not had hordes of people coming into the United States from areas of the world like Latin America where dengue fever is endemic,” she added.
Dengue fever, as well as the equally grim affliction known as the chikungunya virus, are spread by mosquitos. It is believed both diseases are fueled by people who became ill while traveling abroad, as well as illegals who brought them into the country on clothing, baggage, liquids, and food. In September, 120,000 cases and 60 deaths attributed to dengue fever were declared in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, and the CDC warns it is only a matter of time before native mosquitos are impacted. Their “solution” for both afflictions since there are no vaccines for either? “Avoid mosquito bites,” their website advises.
In their piece on EV-D68, the Daily Caller pressed a number of government researchers, health experts and academics to provide data exonerating Obama administration officials with regard to the possible linkage between the disease and the influx of UACs. The DC noted that all of them “refused to comment, or else urged self-censorship,” because “it could spike existing public opposition” to the efforts of a pro-amnesty president and his party, as well as Republicans beholden to their Chamber of Commerce and Silicon Vally masters, who want cheap labor as much as Democrats want guaranteed votes. The website further noted Democrats could make life exceedingly difficult “for grant-dependent American scientists who discover politically damaging information.”
And once again, if such dynamics apply to EV-D68, it stands to reason they apply to the rest of the “politically inconvenient” diseases that could derail so-called comprehensive immigration reform.
As for the media, their behavior is nothing short of reprehensible. Putting aside the politicization of the issue reduced to the banal idea of right-wing nativism versus left-wing compassion, the notion that establishing the causation of any disease threatening the health and well-being of the American public would be scrupulously avoided because it might not accrue to pro-amnesty sensibilities reeks of ideological bankruptcy bordering on totalitarianism. Since when have the deaths and paralysis of children been met with a collective media shrug? Why has the CDC, the agency that should be leading the charge in this arena, been given a pass for a series of denials, best exemplified by Steve Oberste, chief of the CDC’s polio and picornavirus laboratory branch who insisted the agency was “unaware” of any UAC testing positive for EV-D68? How does “unaware” establish no link at all?
And why has there been no media pressure put on the Obama administration? It isn’t hard to figure out that the deliberate dispersal of illegals throughout the nation—a dispersal that included the policy of handing children to family members who might also be illegals—would make virtually impossible to establish causation or lack thereof, even as that dispersal has the potential for exponentially affecting more and more Americans exposed to dangerous diseases. “As the unaccompanied children continue to be transported to shelters around the country on commercial airlines and other forms of transportation, I have serious concerns that the diseases carried by these children may begin to spread too rapidly to control,” Gingrey stated in his letter to the CDC.
For the pro-amnesty proponents a potential epidemic—courtesy of diseases previously eradicated in the United States–is seemingly a reasonable price to pay in order to maintain an illegal immigration policy that puts the Border Patrol on pace to catch “an additional 39,000 unaccompanied children and about 53,000 members of families on the southern border this fiscal year,” the LA Times reports. And while that surge is smaller than the one last year, it is still “large enough to overwhelm shelters and courts.” And so it begins—all over again. When is enough enough?

It’s Sunday morning, is your church supporting the resettlement of third-worlders, Muslims, to America?


Because we have so many new readers I decided to remind all of you that six of the nine major refugee resettlement contractors pretend they are working for all of you (good Christian and Jewish people) when they resettle thousands of refugees to hundreds of towns and cities across the country (and leave the refugees struggling on their own after only a few months!).

Welcome one and all to America! Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, M.Sp.S., auxiliary bishop of Seattle and chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Migration. Bishops cheer Obama: http://www.usccb.org/news/2014/14-196.cfm

If your church is affiliated with any of these ‘religious’ groups (federal government contractors all), you must begin to ask your local pastors, priests and rabbis what they are doing. I bet most have no clue about what is being done in their name!

Maybe tell them if they want to give real Christian and Jewish charity they can give time or money to help refugees where they live in the world, or bring a family to America, take care of them and assimilate them without passing their care, or the cost of their care, on to US and local taxpayers.

Now that would be real charity!

The groups in red are paid millions of your tax dollars to resettle refugees across the country. As members of the Refugee Council USA, they all lobbied Senators this week to support bringing in 65,000 Syrians very soon.

They all lobbied for the ‘Gang of Eight’ Senate (so-called) Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill and they all support Obama’s decision to spread the tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children across the country. And, no surprise, they endorsed Obama’s New Americans plan to “seed” your communities with “new” citizens.

~US Conference of Catholic Bishops (probably all Catholic Churches in America are ruled by the Bishops, correct me if I’m wrong!)

~Episcopal Migration Ministries (new name Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society) (Affiliates map)

~World Relief (National Association of Evangelicals) (Denominations):

Advent Christian General Conference
Anglican Mission in America
Assemblies of God
Brethren Church , The
Brethren in Christ Church
Christian & Missionary Alliance
Christian Reformed Church in North America
Christian Union
Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.)
Church of the Nazarene
Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
Converge Worldwide
Elim Fellowship
Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches
Evangelical Church , The
Evangelical Congregational Church
Evangelical Free Church of America
Evangelical Friends Church International
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Every Nation Churches
Fellowship of Evangelical Churches
Foursquare Church, The
Free Methodist Church USA
General Association of General Baptist
Grace Communion International
Great Commission Churches
International Pentecostal Church of Christ
International Pentecostal Holiness Church
Missionary Church, Inc.
North American Baptist Conference
Open Bible Churches
Presbyterian Church in America
Primitive Methodist Church USA
Salvation Army , The
Transformation Ministries
United Brethren in Christ
US Conference of the Mennonite Brethren Churches
Vineyard, USA
Wesleyan Church, The

~Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (Denominations/church bodies):

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA),

Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod LC-MS,

Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (LELCA).

~Church World Service (Denominations):

By the way, Church World Service does the Crop Hunger Walk. Your local church may be helping fund CWS through that.

~Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (see affiliates).

If you want to know more about how much money they receive, here is just a snapshot for one year (2012). Check out some of the salaries they receive mostly from you!

An afterthought: I plan to look into the Salvation Army’s involvement in World Relief. We thought it was one safe place to donate without fearing our money would go to a political agenda