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Jade Helm 15: Decoded

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Listen to this Ft. Bragg, NC  retired Senior Special forces non-commissioned officer, Tom Mead, explain jade helm.  He’s explaining what they’ll be doing in Howard county, texas this summer.  it’s ugly…


More Jade Helm

More info on the Jade Helm operations:

jade pic

And here’s a video of the exercise in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


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What is “Jade Helm” And Why Could it Ruin Your Summer

JADE Starting July 15th and running through September 15th, the Special Operations Command of the United States Military will be conducting a military training drill. But this is not going to be just any drill, its theater of operations will include much of the Southwestern United States, from California to Texas. So massive is the area of operations, it begs for a closer look at the objectives. On the surface one might think that it was an exercise that was set up in response to the huge maneuvers that Russia held earlier this year, but the fact is that this operation has been planned for much longer than the Russian operations. Continue reading