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Macy’s Lesbian Kiss Inflames Viewers

by Rev. Austin Miles

DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING: Macy’s Department Stores are now a showcase for perversion and disease. They sickly promoted homosexual acts as seen in the Thanksgiving Parade yesterday. It spotlighted an interracial lesbian couple’s deep throat kiss seen around the world. Remember, this parade is supposed to attract children and their families.

This was well planned since the TV cameras spent time showing that scene even though there was a full cast of the Broadway show, “The Prom,” that filled the street in front of the flagship store in New York City. So this camera shot was PLANNED well in advance to exhibit the ‘joys’ of lesbianism.

Yes, that TV camera had been scripted to feature the Lesbian couple. And why not? California schools, have now formed LGBTQ classes to teach about alternative sex, and part of the curriculum requires the viewing of homosexual porn films…yes in the classroom…as part of the Communist inspired government plans for the future of America. This is the Deep State we are hearing about.

So how do these tactics help the Communist Cause? The Reds know that perversion and pornography works to WEAKEN the nations where it exists.

When this writer spent time behind the Iron Curtain in earlier days, I was told that the Playboy Magazine was banned from all Communist countries because, specifically, by making pornography available, men are weakened to the extent that they would be useless as an enforcer for the Party or as an opponent.

Then I was told how the Communist government would see Playboy Magazine distributed throughout the United States, with heavy promotion, for that very reason. This is why the push for everything immoral upon all citizens is important to enemies

This is also why Communist leaders want no religion, churches, or Christians in general. So how do you think so many church people have been introduced and ensnared into pornography? It was not an accident. But it has weakened the church which was the goal.

Today there is porn available in hotel and motel rooms, gay pride parades that literally take over a city for that event with government officials many times as a parade chairman or riding a float to show ‘solidarity.’ They get by with such public filth due to the so-called, Main Stream Media that anoints the “Pride Parades”, as social advancement.

Remember too that Playboy Magazine instigated the publication of numerous other porn publications going in all sexual directions which could and can be seen on display everywhere.

It has become such an important issue that parents today can no longer ask to see the material and books their children will study in schools. Schools are in existence today to groom kids into perversion.

Transgender freaks in dresses and full garish make-up now have story hours in the public libraries, where they read gender-bending stories to children.

As for Macy’s, do not patronize them. There are many other stores that handle similar merchandise. Many chain stores are closing. You know what happened to Sears. And Macy’s has already closed many of their stores due to shrinking business.

Let’s see that they close ALL of them. Don’t patronize them or watch their televised parade.  Macy’s sell overpriced items, plus have an annual world-wide television program that absolutely promotes deviancy.

Forget the big balloons. You can see fabulous floats at the Rose Bowl Parade. Do not surrender your mind or your money to Macy’s garbage. Obviously Macy’s is a Democrat run company.

To think that Macy’s, knowing this parade symbolized the coming of Christmas, a very holy day of the year for Christians, which proclaims the birth of Jesus, would give their middle finger to God by exhibiting the very thing that is an abomination to God, to smear the meaning of that day before millions of viewers. It’s time to say goodbye to Macy’s and their televised parade.


Cabbie Ordered to Pay $15,000 After Telling Women to Quit Kissing or Get Out


When Christy Spitzer gave her girlfriend a kiss in the backseat of a cab, she wasn’t expecting the driver to demand the couple knock it off or leave.

“Keep that for the bedroom or get out of the cab,” New York City taxi driver Mohammed Dahbi told Spitzer and her girlfriend, Kassie Thornton. (Full disclosure: Spitzer is an employee of Pivot, TakePart’s sister company.)

That comment will cost Dahbi. After filing a complaint alleging discrimination against the couple’s sexual orientation, the women finally received their day in court in March, more than three years after the 2011 incident. A few weeks later, the residing judge recommended a ruling in their favor, awarding $5,000 in damages to each of the women, slapping a $5,000 fine on the city, and requiring an antidiscrimination course for Dahbi.

Under New York state law, public and private businesses are prohibited from refusing service based on sexual orientation. Yet, in Spitzer’s opinion, Dahbi doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Dahbi’s lawyer, Ali Najmi, claims that the driver often told heterosexual couples to quit fooling around in his cab because they were distracting him from driving. “My client never once mentioned anything about their sexuality and never threw them out of the taxi,” Najmi told the New York Post.

The women exited the cab after Dahbi’s comment and refused to pay the fare, after which he drove away hurling expletives at them.

Upset over how they were treated, the women contacted the Commission on Human Rights, which filed a complaint with New York City’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. Dahbi’s rebuttal response puts the blame on Spitzer and Thornton. He alleged the women made offensive comments about his ethnicity, and that they practically disrobed during the drive.

“We’re not the type of people who would ever use that type of language or even think that way, or behave in the way that he claims we did,” said Spitzer.

While Dahbi claimed the couple was so entangled they were distracting him from driving, Spitzer is certain she wasn’t able to give her partner more than a simple peck on the lips. Spitzer had just had some serious dental work done and a full-on make-out session wasn’t in the cards, owing to what she calls “severe mouth trauma.

Dahbi’s response made the women even more determined to continue with their case. “At that point, we just said that we’re going to continue to pursue this no matter what,” said Spitzer.

Because the case went through an administrative court, it’s up to the Human Rights Commission to make the final decision, potentially altering the decision or the amount of damages. However, the now-engaged couple isn’t too concerned about receiving payment.

“This has never been about any money,” said Spitzer. “We just want him to know that he did was wrong.”