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By Kevin “Coach” Collins
A veteran Heritage Foundation (HF) researcher who has studied data from North Korea has very serious news for all Americans:The North Koreans now have the capability to hit any place in the United States with a nuclear loaded warhead.
Thanks to the silly, bowing, scraping and time wasting charade the very phony John Kerry has carried out over his pointless tenure as Barack Obama’s Sectary of State, every single person in America is now in genuine danger.
The (HF) researcher concluded that since North Korea has successfully put another satellite into orbit she has the technological ability to launch an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) which could easily strike America’s capitol and any of our largest cities.
Moreover, the increase in North Korea’s ICBM capabilities is now moving at an alarming pace. The payload they successfully placed in space in their December 2012 launch indicates a capability large enough to propel a nuclear bomb 3,000 km further than intelligence sources had ever before attributed to the gangster regime. The (HF) researcher points out, “.. the U.S. commanders of U.S. Forces Korea, Pacific Command, and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) publicly assessed that North Korea has the ability to hit the United States with a nuclear weapon.”
The moves North Korea has taken are very serious violations of U.N Security Council restrictions and will continue to their logical conclusion in an attack on the western world at some point unless they are stopped.
Barack Obama’s culpability for this threat cannot be overstated. While he and the idiot Kerry have been “watching” a nonexistent threat in the Middle East a real and present danger has been growing at warp speed in North Korea.
How Obama and Kerry think the $150 billion bribe they gave Iran will be used is a question to which we may have an answer sooner than later since Iran and North Korea are players on the Hate America Team. Let’s hope this threat has not materialized until the next president is sworn in because if it is Donald Trump or Ted Cruz we’ll have a chance for survival. If it is Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton we will be at the mercy of a whole new group of lunatics who want to kill us.

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The Iran Nuclear Deal

Taught by Dennis Prager from PRAGERUNIVERSITY.COM


Iran nuclear deal now backed by 31 senators

My Comments:  The title of this article should read, “Iran nuclear deal now backed by 31 TRAITOROUS senators.

WASHINGTON U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, a Democrat from Oregon, said on Sunday he would support the nuclear deal with Iran, moving President Barack Obama a step closer to having sufficient backing to ensure the deal stands.

“I believe the agreement, titled the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is the best available strategy to block Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” Merkley wrote in a statement published on Medium.com.

To read the statement, see (bit.ly/1PFmSwz)

Obama is trying to muster 34 votes in the Senate to ensure lawmakers cannot kill the deal. Thirty-one senators, all Democrats and independents who vote with Democrats, have now said they will support it.

Congress must vote on the deal by Sept. 17. The following describes how votes are likely to play out:

• When Congress returns on Sept. 8 from its August recess, debate will begin on a Republican-sponsored “resolution of disapproval” against the deal.

• In the Senate, Republicans must gather 60 votes to move the resolution forward under Senate procedural rules. If they can, they will then need a simple majority of 51 votes in the chamber to approve the resolution. It would pass, because Republicans control a majority of Senate seats and most have already come out against the agreement.

• There is no similar procedural barrier in the House. The resolution is expected to easily win approval there. Republicans hold 246 seats in the 435-seat House.

• If both chambers approve the resolution, it would go to Obama’s desk for review. He has vowed to veto it.

• If he does so, opponents would then try to override the veto. This would take a two-thirds majority vote in each chamber. The Senate has 100 members; the House, 434, plus one vacant seat.

• Democrats could block an override in the Senate with 34 votes. So far, 31 senators have committed to voting in favor of the deal; 31 have said they will oppose it.

• In the House, if Republicans voted unanimously against the deal, they would need to get at least 44 Democrats to vote with them to override a veto.

• The Iran deal is not a treaty, so it does not need the two-thirds vote in the Senate to be ratified. The “resolution of disapproval” mechanism was included in a law Obama signed in May giving Congress the right to weigh in on the nuclear deal with Iran.

• If Congress were to pass a resolution of disapproval and override a veto, Obama would be barred from waiving most of the U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear program. Proponents of the agreement say this would kill the deal.

(Reporting by Alina Selyukh and Eric Walsh; Additional reporting by Alex Wilts, Susan Cornwell and Patricia Zengerle; Editing by Alison Williams)


Obama's Betrayals: The President's Secret Offer to Iran Before Negotiations

The White House conceded everything years before talks.

Obama’s Betrayals: The President’s Secret Offer to Iran Before Negotiations

The White House conceded everything years before talks.

Nuclear Conflict Of Interest – Best Man At Kerry Daughter’s Wedding To Iranian-American Was Son Of Top Iranian “Negotiator”

John Kerry’s a busy guy, fighting an imaginary war on climate change while simultaneously creating the prospects for an apocalyptic real one with Iran. It’s easy to see how maybe the most obvious things could slip his pre-occupied pro-Iranian mind. At a minimum we can understand how he might prefer to not have certain details mentioned, specifically those related to a blatant conflict of interest which would have forced anyone with an ounce of integrity to recuse themselves from the Iran negotiations at the outset.
John Kerry, who accused his fellow Vietnam veterans of barbarism equal of Genghis Kahn, proved long ago he is unencumbered by either integrity or patriotism. He is a man perfectly suited for the position of Secretary of State in the Obama regime.
Some quite revealing information was published on Tuesday in an article on Lt Col Allen West’s website, detailing information of connections between the Kerry family and Mohammad Javad Zarif, the current Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Zarif represented Iran as Kerry’s opponent in the farcical giveaway that was mislabeled as nuclear negotiations. John Kerry knows Zarif well, having first met more than ten years ago at a dinner party hosted by George Soros in his Manhattan penthouse. The connections get more intimate though, with the most startling revelation being that Zarif’s son was reportedly the best man at the 2009 wedding of Kerry’s daughter Vanessa. Dr Vanessa Bradford Kerry, Kerry’s younger daughter from his first marriage, is married to a first generation Iranian-American, Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahed.
Given the Valerie Jarrett connection to Iran and the Kerry relationships, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic interests’ infiltration of the White House and our intelligence agencies, it is troubling that this was not seen as sufficient grounds for recusal by Secretary Kerry. It’s even more concerning given the obvious Islamic sympathies displayed by the occupant of the White House.
The motivations for the secretive nature, huge giveaways and lack of verification in the Iran deal now begin to come more sharply into focus for anyone who might have had the misconception that John Kerry works for America.
Kerry’s a part of the anti-America Obama regime and he clearly still views the United States as he did in the sixties, as the enemy. His subversive actions prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.
Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us & www.truthburgers.com.

Analysis of Iran Deal and The Lies

8Dr. Raymond Stock,
Shillman Ginsburg Writing Fellow
Middle East Forum
During four and a half hours of testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on July 23 (along with Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew) about the recently concluded nuclear deal with Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry was not only deeply condescending to the body in which he spent decades as a member—dismissing them as “535 Secretaries of State”–he also told a number of outright untruths.
For example, he said that “no one” had ever talked about “dismantling Iran’s nuclear program,” when in reality he himself had said, at the outset of the negotiations, that dismantlement was the goal.
In addition, he said that when the negotiations began, Iran had its current level of 19,000 centrifuges to enrich uranium, blaming this on the Bush administration–noting that Iran had only 100 or so in 2003. In fact Iran has acquired 75% of its centrifuges on Obama’s watch (as noted by the great James Rosen of Fox News).
Kerry (and Moniz) also denied that the deal requires us to protect Iran’s nuclear program from sabotage or attack, even from an ally like Israel, when, as Senator Marco Rubio pointed out, a plain reading of the text proves that is not true. (Moreover, the agreement mandates that we train Iran how to protect its nuclear program from hostile acts, presumably those of Israel, other powers or even actions we might carry out ourselves if we find Iran has broken the deal.)
At the same, Kerry sought to reassure Rubio that “we” (presumably the U.S., not necessarily all the other signatories) would always act in full consultation with Israel in this regard (even though Israel was not a party to the deal, the terms of which it has vigorously rejected, and was not even briefed in the final weeks of the talks).
Kerry was also wrong when he insisted that the language in Monday’s Security Council resolution lifting the sanctions on Iran was in effect the same as in a previous resolution (1929) and in the agreement itself regarding the prohibition on Iran from conducting work on its ballistic missiles program. In fact, rather than “shall not,” as in 1929, the new resolution substitutes the much weaker “calls upon”–which is not binding, of course. Given that the new resolution supersedes all previous resolutions and even the text of the agreement itself, Kerry clearly misled the Senate committee on this point.
Kerry further claimed that Iran had lived up to the Interim Agreement signed in Geneva in November 2013, and that its enriched uranium stockpile had gone down since then. In fact, Iran Watch reported in April 2015 that its stockpile had actually increased since that time.
Moniz descended into farce when he told the committee Iran would be required to tell the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) when it chose to build any new nuclear facility, even at the planning stage.
But you can see how well that worked out in their secret facility at Fordow, which the negotiators know was hidden and operated secretly for years, even under the formerly rigorous sanctions regime.
When Senator Robert Menendez pressed Kerry on the question of who is responsible for collecting the material samples for testing at sites such as Parchin, where Iran had previously tested nuclear explosives detonators, he said that was confidential between the IAEA and Iran (being part of one of the two separate, secret agreements negotiated between the agency and the Islamic Republic), and that it is classified.
In other words, he could not deny reports that Iran would be allowed to collect its own samples for testing at sites where illegal activity is suspected. As Senator James Risch had pointed out earlier in the hearing, not even the NFL would allow its players to provide their own urine samples to test for banned substances–or as Menendez put it, that’s like “the fox guarding the chicken coop.”
Shockingly, when Sen. Ron Johnson mentioned the threat of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) against our electrical grid by Iran–and noted Iran had tested the use of missiles to launch such an attack from ships–Energy Secretary Moniz was not aware of this fact. Moniz was also unaware of the 15 recommendations by the Critical National Infrastructures Commission to prevent EMP attacks issued in 2008.
How could this man negotiate with Iran, especially resulting in a deal that will let it continue to develop ballistic missiles, without even knowing that Iran has already practiced using them in order to destroy our entire electrical infrastructure, perhaps irretrievably?
Sen. Barbara Boxer made the point that all fifteen members of the Security Council had approved the deal by their vote last Monday–and they are not stupid, as both she and Kerry stated. But neither of them noted that the representatives of those countries had less than a week to study it before their vote—while the Congress is prudently taking sixty days before casting its own.
Indeed, as Corker and Risch also pointed out, taking the agreement to the Security Council before the U.S. Congress has reached its decision dramatically reversed Iran’s role—the international “pariah” before the deal was signed—and that of Congress, which is would now be the rogue if it rejects it in the end. This means that the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism is now legitimized, while our own legislative branch—even the U.S. itself—would be outside the pale of international law if it backed out of the deal, regardless of the reason why.
But the most telling moment comes at the end of the hearing, when Menendez reminds Kerry he had said that sanctions were not stopping Iran from getting close to nuclear breakout before the deal was signed–and yet the agreement relies on the “snap-back” of sanctions to ensure Iran doesn’t break the agreement and go for the bomb anyway. At the same time, because the U.N. has approved the deal, the credible threat of military action is now effectively off the table (probably) forever, thus we now have only the threat of sanctions left–to which Kerry replied that they would be an adequate deterrent (even though they weren’t before).
That is, by taking this deal to the U.N. before it was debated in Congress, he deliberately created a situation in which we have to trust Iran–which has never kept any of its nuclear agreements to date–to abide by this one, because we have no reliable means left to make them comply: This, despite Kerry’s statements ad nauseam that the deal “is not based on trust.”

Since John McCain Brought It Up – Why Did He Obstruct Pro-POW Legislation, Why Do So Many Despise Him?

Veterans, House Members and Senators are featured in this discussion of the record and anti-veteran behavior of Senator John McCain, particularly after his release from his North Vietnamese captors.
They remark how odd it is that John McCain, once held as a POW himself, would be so bitterly opposed to efforts on behalf of those who might have been left behind by our nation and still be being held in captivity. Those acts include blocking the release of classified intelligence regarding the issue of POW/MIA’s. Former Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) describes information being deliberately withheld from a Select Committee on POW/MIA affairs by the U.S. federal government.
Veterans raise the question of whether or not McCain was a collaborator with the enemy, as is strongly rumored, and whether it is out of concerns for damaging information being revealed that McCain is so protective of the still classified information.
There is evidence that the United States is complicit in actively covering up information relating to POW’s and MIA’s in both Korea and Vietnam, and their subsequent transfer to other nations, such as China and the former Soviet Union, now Russia. McCain and John Kerry are exposed as assisting in that cover-up.
Another interesting point about John Kerry that is revealed by Tracy Usry, a former US Senate Chief Investigator, is that the Heinz Family, which is John Kerry’s wife’s Ketchup Empire, was given sole rights for the negotiation of all real estate issues within Vietnam. If that is true, there could not be a more egregious conflict of interest imaginable.
There is also information regarding McCain’s reputation and nickname given by his captives of the “Songbird,” which refers to his willingness to sing like a bird, telling all he knew from the very beginning, and without the need for torture.
John McCain has never had these questions raised on a national stage before. In spite of the complicit media doing their best to condemn Donald Trump and rally to McCain’s assistance, thereby eliminating a serious campaign threat to the status quo of non-representative government, the truth may be leaking its way out of the tightly held grip of McCain, Kerry and their anti-American collaborators.
McCain may wish he hadn’t picked a fight with Donald Trump. There are lots of people who have come to that realization the hard way. With a reelection fight due 2016, McCain may have introduced issues into the debate he would have preferred had remained outside of the public domain and discussion.


Famous Last Words

death to America

Kerry Proves Trump Was Right, Begs Iran for Humiliating Concession Hours After Nuke Deal

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly accused President Barack Obama of negotiating with the Iranian regime out of desperation. His argument was that Obama was willing to do anything to secure a deal.
It turns out that Trump spoke truthfully. Only hours after Obama finally reached a deal with Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry begged Iran to release three Americans — Robert Levinson, Amir Hekmati, and Saeed Abedini — that it has been holding hostage for quite some time.
This raised a fundamental question, one that, according to The Hill, Trump brought up while speaking with Fox News yesterday.
“We have four people over there, prisoners that they’re keeping — hostages, whatever you want to call them — that’s not part of the deal,” he said. “Why isn’t that part of the deal?”
The deal contained a litany of concessions to the Iranian regime but absolutely nothing for the United States and its allies.
For instance, the deal rolled back billions in sanctions and also prevented us from inspecting Iran’s nuclear facilities whenever we want. Instead we must contend with a 24-day waiting period, which means the Iranians will have more than enough time to cheat.
According to an official who spoke with reporters, Kerry apparently hoped that Iran would make “a humanitarian gesture to” release the hostages and allow them to come home (H/T WZ).
The fate of the hostages therefore lies in the hands of Iran, a terror-sponsoring regime that just got done virtually destroying us with a deal that many analysts suspect will lead to disaster.
Call me crazy, but I imagine that we would have wound up with a much better deal had the author of “The Art of the Deal” been president.