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Pro-Obama Writer Who Called Conservatives “Idiots” Thinks Spielberg Killed Dinosaurs to Make Jurassic Park



This joke featuring Steven Spielberg in a relaxed moment while filming Jurassic Park has been going around social media for a while. So sooner or later it was bound to fetch up in the timeline of a properly famous idiot.

And now that idiot has been found.


Joyce Carol Oates is a living example of why famous literary types should stay off social media. It destroys whatever artificial mystique is built around their mediocre self-involved literary efforts by showing them to be utter idiots.

Oates is a lefty Obama supporter who received a medal from the Great Leader himself. Her Twitter rants are predictably stupid to everyone except her. But Oates, like all good liberals, thinks she’s far smarter than those dumb conservatives.



Joyce Carol Oates can’t spell “astronomy” and thinks that dinosaurs still walk the earth, but is convinced that the Tea Party is ignorant of science.

That reminds me of this poll which found that Democrats were the least likely to know that the earth revolves around the sun.

Or this master class in liberal ignorance and arrogance.