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Amazon Bans Confederate Flags, Still Sells Nazi Merchandise


Online retail giant Amazon’s Monday decision to ban the sale of merchandise depicting the Confederate flag has many Americans scratching their heads, as a quick review of Amazon’s site reveals the company still sells Nazi flags.

For just $7.35, Amazon shoppers can pick up this Nazi SS flag, depicting the symbol of Adolf Hitler’s “Schutzstaffel” who helped carry out Germany’s annihilation of 6,000,000 Jews during the Holocaust:
Amazon also offers this swastika-bearing 3’x5’ flag, which can be found under the listing “Nazi SS flag, 3rd Reich Hitler,” now available for $19.47:
Coffee drinkers may instead prefer this “#hitler” mug, which comes in several styles and colors, now available for $20.99 with free shipping.
There’s also this 18×12 Einsatz steel sign for $19.95:
Currently out of stock is this steel swastika men’s ring, which has an average 3.5 star customer review:
Amazon has yet to announce if and when it plans on banning these and several other Nazi-related items depicting symbols associated with the slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews.

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