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But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, evendenying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. -2 Peter 2:1

Ted Cruz is a silver tongued “slickster.” Why do I say that? Because he could sell every American family a Yugo, and make them think they bought a Cadillac. However, Ted wasn’t so slick in college, where his roommate, Craig Mazin, now a successful screenwriter, tells what people thought of Ted back then. Mazin called Ted a creepy, greasy 18 year old. Obviously, between then and now, Ted Cruz has polished his act.

The Senator also stepped in it at the last debate where he disparaged and insulted New Yorkers. The New York Daily News had a strong response in an article entitled, “Drop Dead Ted.”

There is so much about Ted and his family, that it would take a book to cover it all, so here’s just a bit more for you to chew on.

Ted Gives Carly Fiorina $500,000

QUESTION: Cruz hired Cambridge Analytica for psychometric data mining and paid them $750,000. Cruz’s Keep the Promise I ($11 million PAC, June) was funded mostly by donor, Robert Mercer, owner of Cambridge Analytica. It was Cruz’s Keep the Promise I PAC that gave Carly Fiorina $500,000. Did Cruz PAC give Carly $500,000 to help his data mining agenda with Cambridge Analytica which creates psychometric dossiers on American citizens? Cruz Partners with Donors ‘Psychographic’ Firm.

Carly KNOWS NSA data collection to a “T.” She was chairman of the CIA’s advisory board helping the NSA to develop privacy invading spy networks on American citizens after 9/11. Hewlett Packard was the private business that supplied the government with the spy hardware and software. Carly knows everything.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

It is particularly hypocritical for Texas Ted Cruz to spin a fairy tale about he and his wife, an employee of Goldman Sachs, cashing in all their worldly possessions to fund a run for the U.S. Senate; a run founded in part on criticizing the financial sector, the banking industry, and Wall Street in particular.

As Ted Cruz tells it, the story of how he financed his upstart campaign for the U.S. Senate four years ago is an endearing example of loyalty and shared sacrifice between a married couple. “Sweetheart, I’d like us to liquidate our entire net worth, liquid net worth, and put it into the campaign,” he says he told his wife, Heidi, who readily agreed. [Link] But it was a lie.

Now it is revealed that Ted Cruz and his wife secured a significantly large loan from Mrs. Cruz’s employer and Wall Street financial giant Goldman Sachs to fund Ted’s Senate campaign. Likely aware that even Texas voters would see the hypocrisy in taking Wall Street money while criticizing Wall Street, Cruz failed to disclose that loan and one from Citibank as required in his campaign finance reports. [Link]

This picture appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Sunday, January 17th.

Cruz is Left of Center

Republican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, says he’s not in favor of sending agents out to round up undocumented immigrants to deport them. [Link]

Cruz is a co-sponsor of S. 306 that categorizes home schools as private schools and allows Title 1 federal dollars to follow the students to private schools. Fed regulations follow all fed dollars. There is NO Constitutional justification for this. It’s time to take a stand against ESEA and end federal involvement in education. S. 306 does the opposite and creates a NEW entitlement and tightens the noose on home and private schooled students.

Cruz has stated that “School Choice is the most compelling civil rights issue of the 21st century. Right Teddy, once choice is passed, all federal regulations will go with the federal tax dollars. [Link]

Ted Cruz is pushing UN AGENDA 21 New World Order goals, This one is called the WILDLANDS PROJECT! He is coming in through a partial truth in the back of your heart – that states want their federal confiscated lands returned. He then is on your side. Then he says – states have to maintain these and if they can’t THEY CAN SELL THEM. So the land will be sold to foreign entities for minerals and logging etc. We the people lose our resources and our land. This is all part of the Wildlands Project to aggregate the land into NWO globalists hands and steal it from the people. [Link]

Cruz also spoke out in favor of a number of policies as well as two constitutional changes: a balanced-budget amendment and the so-called Madison amendment that would give states expanded powers to propose constitutional amendments. The BBA guts our Constitution and doesn’t reduce spending, it legalizes the unconstitutional spending. Cruz is all for the American Legislative Exchange Council’s changes to our Constitution. [Link]

Ted Cruz backed allowing Syrian refugees in the US as recently as February of 2015. Before the attacks in Paris, he wanted the United States to continue accepting them and said he thought it could be done safely. “We have to continue to be vigilant to make sure those coming are not affiliated with a terrorist, but we can do that,” Cruz said in a interview on Fox News that was on his website and was first picked up by the Huffington Post.

What is more than interesting is the Ted Cruz fund raiser by Mary Matalin and James Carville at their home in New Orleans. [Link]

Cruz’s “Homeschoolers for Cruz” will be co-chaired by none other than Michael Farris’s Home School Legal Defense Association. Farris has long been pushing a Constitutional Convention as well as his Parental Rights Amendment which would allow men to delineate in our Constitution, our God given parental rights, rather than leaving those rights between parents and God. [Link] Cruz will be very beholden to Dominionist Farris, especially since Farris has endorsed him. [Link]

Senator Cruz is just another puppet of the establishment. What do you really expect from a Bush lawyer and advisor with a Goldman Sachs/Council on Foreign Relations Bush advisor wife, who just so happened to co-write the CFR’s blueprint for the North American Union? This man even argued in his own amicus brief to the Supreme Court that assault weapons bans in certain states are “reasonable regulations” for crying out loud.

Remember, Senator Ted Cruz was so honored to “hang out” with war criminal Henry Kissinger, that he posted it on his facebook page. He said, “Honored to share a few moments with Dr. Kissinger and hear his thoughts on the challenges facing our nation.”

Saul Anuzis: Meet Ted Cruz’s Hezbollah-Lovin’ Michigan Campaign Chief who is tight with CFR Jihad Grover Norquist–you know the guy that took money from Al-Qaeda front groups (which were raided by U.S. Customs) and got an Al-Qaeda fundraiser’s son a job in the Bush White House. Norquist is also the Director of Michael Farris’s Parentalrights.org.

Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz is a pastor based in North Texas serving as the Director of Purifying Fire Ministries, ministering in the U.S., Mexico and Central America. He is his son’s best campaign surrogate. He has never pastored a church, and he did not fight communism. [Link] In fact, Cuban peers dispute Rafael’s story of fighting for Castro. [Link]

Purifying Fire Ministries was founded by Suzanne Hinn, ex-wife and then wife again of Trinity Broadcasting Network televangelist, Benny Hinn. (Watch Suzanne Hinn preach about the Holy Ghost Enema). Hinn is a preacher of the Prosperity Gospel (also known as Word of Faith), a false teaching that Christians can receive massive amounts of wealth, physical healing from illness, beauty, fame, miracles, and financial prosperity by “sowing a seed” or sending money to Hinn’s ministry.

Hinn’s preaching deals in faux emotions and invented manifestations of the Holy Spirit at the most convenient and opportune fundraising moments. They also know where the money is today, and have hitched their wagons to the New Apostolic Reform, (NAR) or Dominionism.

So has Rafael Cruz. He delivered a sermon in August, 2012, where he discusses how Christians should “take dominion over the earth.” Cruz goes on to define what that means, saying “dominion is over every area — society, education, government, economics…” That particular moment happens 1 hour and 12 minutes in, if you care to watch. It’s instructive to see him deliver that line with dictatorial passion. Rafael Cruz preaches about the anointing of priests and kings and how we should take dominion over the marketplace as kings and queens in God’s kingdom. (Ever wonder who invented Dominionist? [Link])

Joseph Mattera of Mattera International Ministries, stated in a letter, ” Shekinah is a network of pastors in the Dominican Republic, Latin America and the USA founded by Apostle Rafael Cruz.” Calling Cruz an “Apostle,” is part of the NAR beliefs in that there are new present day apostles. [Link]

Phony Christian Right

In Timothy Goeglein’s 2011 book, he reveals that back in 1999, Ted Cruz already had high level national, political connections that helped make Bush Jr. president. Those connections were most likely developed when Ted worked as a legal aid for Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist. Ted became close friends with Paul Weyrich, the grand poobah of the secretive Council for National Policy, first president of the Heritage Foundation (controlled opposition), head of Free Congress Foundation, and founder of American Legislative Exchange Council.

Ted’s father, Rafael, has some deep connections to the current movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation. That movement is really a rebranding of what we know as the “Religious Right,” as they were called in the days of Reagan, but with a 21st century dominionist twist. Rafael was a member of theReligious Roundtable in the 1980s, an activist group of Christians who were committed to engagement in politics. Ed McAteer was head of the Roundtable, and he and many other Dominionists signed the notorious Coalition on Revival manifesto. [Link]

Rafael boasts in the following interview of serving on the state board of that organization as well as stating that God has his son, Ted, destined for greatness:


Rafael Cruz indicated that his son was among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as “kings” to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the “Seven Mountains” mandate, and “bring the spoils of war to the priests”, thus helping to bring about a prophesied “great transfer of wealth”, from the “wicked” to righteous gentile believers. (Wouldn’t that be nice.)


Discussion of the now-notorious speech by Rafael Cruz has missed the fact that Ted Cruz was subsequently publicly blessed and anointed, with the laying on of hands, by prominent Dominionist pastors, in effect as a “king” in the political/governmental sphere. This was done at a special blessing ceremony at the Marriott Hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, at a July 19th-20th, 2013 rally designed to draw pastors into politics.

One of the pastors blessing and laying his hands on Cruz’s shoulders was head of the sponsoring organization the Iowa Renewal Project — David Lane. Lane’s project is heavily funded by Don Wildmon’s Dominionist organization, American Family Association. Another pastor laying hands on Senator Cruz was David Barton, former vice chairman of the Texas GOP, who is a very close friend of Ted Cruz. [Link]


Ted Cruz is a member of a strict fundamentalist branch of the Southern Baptist Church with deep roots in Dominionist theology. His wife, Heidi, is a Seventh Day Adventist. Here are a few samplings of references to Cruz’s beliefs.

Ted Cruz, Dominionism and Jesus
Crazy Ted Cruz
Rafael Cruz Declares Son Ted Cruz ‘The Anointed One’
Why Walid Shoebat is Against Ted Cruz

If you are unsure what Christian Dominion Theology is, but would not wish to live in a modern theocracy complete with the death penalty for LGBT persons, stoning of heretics, adulterers and the like, then you need to read up on the belief system here: Dominion Theology.

This is truly scary stuff for all who value liberty guaranteed by our US Constitution, particularly when Ted Cruz wants to be President of the United States. God forgives sinners when they repent, Dominionists wouldn’t give them that chance.

As Christians we are to be salt and light, and we are to judge them by their fruits. Senator Cruz is a smooth talker, but when you look behind the curtain, it’s the same old globalist activity we’ve seen for decades with an added heretical Christian doctrine.

For Clintons, a Hedge Fund in the Family

By and

Since marrying Chelsea Clinton five years ago, Marc Mezvinsky, a money manager, appears to have settled into his life as Bill and Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law. He has regularly appeared at charitable events, once introducing the former president at the Clinton Foundation’s celebrity poker tournament by dryly saying, “You may have heard of my father-in-law.” And at the recent N.B.A. All-Star Game, Mr. Mezvinsky took a seat next to Mr. Clinton and his partner in charitable endeavors, Dikembe Mutombo, the former basketball star.

Beyond the glamour, being part of the Clinton family has provided Mr. Mezvinsky with another perk: access to wealthy investors with ties to the Clintons.

When Mr. Mezvinsky and his partners began raising money in 2011 for a new hedge fund firm, Eaglevale Partners, a number of investors in the firm were longtime supporters of the Clintons, according to interviews and financial documents reviewed by The New York Times. Tens of millions of dollars raised by Eaglevale can be attributed to investors with some relationship or link to the Clintons.

clintonMarc Mezvinsky, right, with his father-in-law, former President Bill Clinton, and the N.B.A. star Dikembe Mutombo in February.Credit Elsa/Getty Images

The investors include hedge fund managers like Marc Lasry and James Leitner; an overseas money management firm connected to the Rothschild family; and people from Goldman Sachs, including the chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein. Some of the investors in Eaglevale have contributed campaign money to the former president and Mrs. Clinton, who is widely expected to run for president again in 2016. Some have also contributed to the family’s foundation.

Identifying who put money into Eaglevale, a roughly $400 million fund that has had underwhelming returns for much of its brief history, is difficult because hedge funds do not publicly disclose their investors. Still, the overlap between at least some of Eaglevale’s investors and backers of the Clintons illustrates how politics and finance can intersect and shows the fine line the Clinton family must navigate as their charitable and business endeavors come under scrutiny in an election cycle.

There are several examples of Eaglevale investors with relationships with the Clintons. Rock Creek Group, a Washington-based investment advisory firm, placed $13 million from the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and another public pension fund with Eaglevale in late 2011 and early 2012. Rock Creek’s chairwoman, Afsaneh Beschloss, attended state dinners at the Clinton White House in the late 1990s and was a panelist in the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in September in New York. (Her husband, Michael, is a well-known presidential historian and occasional writer for The Times.)

Mr. Lasry, a co-founder of the big hedge fund Avenue Capital and a longtime friend and financial backer of both the former president and Mrs. Clinton, said he invested $1 million in Eaglevale. In an interview in his Park Avenue office, adorned with many photos of him with the former president, he said that he recommended that his relative by marriage, Craig Effron, another hedge fund manager, also invest in the fund.

“I gave them money because I thought they would make me money,” said Mr. Lasry, whose $13 billion firm was one of the first places Chelsea worked after graduating from Stanford.

A number of other investors reached by The Times declined to be interviewed.

Some investors in Eaglevale, and other people briefed on the firm’s management, said that Mr. Mezvinsky’s more veteran partners, Bennett Grau and Mark Mallon, have played crucial roles in raising money for the fund. Mr. Grau and Mr. Mallon have long track records as successful traders at Goldman, and Mr. Grau’s involvement was said to be a particular draw to financial investors who run other hedge funds and money management firms. Mr. Mezvinsky worked for Mr. Grau at Goldman for a while.

Mr. Mezvinsky and his partners declined to be interviewed for this article.

Kamyl Bazbaz, a Clinton Foundation spokesman, said, “Where our supporters choose to invest is obviously their personal prerogative and has nothing to do with the foundation in any respect.”

Mr. Mezvinsky, 37, is the most prominent executive at Eaglevale, a so-called macro fund that makes trades based on global economic and political events. The fund is a relatively small one in an industry with roughly $3 trillion in assets.

Mr. Mezvinsky is a Stanford graduate who is the child of political parents himself. His father, Edward M. Mezvinsky, was a two-term member of Congress from Iowa, and his mother, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, served a term in Congress from Pennsylvania.

Mr. Mezvinsky worked at Goldman Sachs for eight years before moving to a private equity firm. He is widely credited with spearheading Eaglevale’s big bullish bet on Greek bank stocks and Greek debt. Unfortunately for investors in Eaglevale — named after a bridge in Central Park — that trade has largely resulted in disappointing returns.

When Mr. Mezvinsky worked on Wall Street, his responsibilities included pitching investment ideas to hedge funds before he moved onto the trading desk. Among his partners, Mr. Mezvinsky is the one most at ease with appearing on panels to discuss investment strategies, one of which was the firm’s bet on beaten down Greek banks. In 2013, he took part in a small private meeting a Wall Street bank arranged in New York for a number of hedge fund managers with Greece’s prime minister at the time, Antonis Samaras.

Goldman Sachs, where Mr. Mezvinsky and his partners had met years earlier, was also important to Eaglevale’s start.

Goldman has a close connection to the Clintons, and its executives have been political contributors over the years. More recently, Goldman has made donations of more than $1 million to the family’s foundation, which in recent years has leased office space in a Goldman building downtown. (A Goldman spokesman, Andrew Williams, said the foundation had asked to break its lease, but the Wall Street company refused.)

Mr. Williams, though, said Mr. Blankfein had invested with Eaglevale because of his friendship with Mr. Grau, a longtime colleague and the fund’s chief investment officer.

In 2012, Eaglevale raised $15 million from an investment vehicle in the domain of Jacob Rothschild, who with members of his far-flung family has donated to the Clinton Foundation. The investment, financial records show, came before President Clinton spoke at a conference in Oxford that was sponsored by the Rothschild Foundation, of which Mr. Rothschild is chairman.

Mr. Rothschild declined to comment through Tom Burns, a spokesman for his firm, RIT Capital Partners. A person briefed on the matter and close to Eaglevale, but not authorized to speak publicly, said Mr. Clinton’s appearance at the conference had nothing to do with the investment from the Rothschild-managed firm, Trading Capital Holdings.

Eaglevale’s flagship fund, with about $380 million in assets, is up about 10 percent this year, but that follows a poor performance in 2014. Last year that fund lost 3.6 percent largely because its bets on an economic recovery in Greece failed to pay off. By comparison, hedge funds using the same kinds of macro strategies as Eaglevale on average rose 5.62 percent in 2014, according to Hedge Fund Research, an industry performance tracking firm.

Eaglevale had worse luck with a fund that raised $25 million solely to bet on a recovery in Greece. Its 40 percent plunge last year was previously reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Some investors in Eaglevale have withdrawn from or reduced their investments. The investment linked to the Rothschild fund, for example, withdrew about half of its allotment.

The two public pension investors that invested in Eaglevale at the recommendation of the Rock Creek Group are out of the fund altogether. Calpers left the fund as part of a retreat from hedge fund investments. The other pension fund, whose identity could not be determined, left because of the firm’s poor performance, said another person briefed on the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

In letters to its investors month after month last year, Mr. Mezvinsky and his partners sounded an upbeat and confident note that Greece would soon be on the path to a “sustainable recovery.” It was not until the end of last year that Eaglevale finally acknowledged, “Our recent predictions regarding Greek politics have proved incorrect.”

Eaglevale’s flagship fund has since withdrawn from much of its Greek trading. The firm is now betting big on the United States dollar to outperform a number of foreign currencies.

That is a trade some investors attributed largely to Mr. Grau.

Ted Cruz is No Larry McDonald – Part 3

“We, like those in all emergent totalitarian states, have been mentally damaged by a carefully orchestrated historical amnesia, a state-induced stupidity. We increasingly do not remember what it means to be free. And because we do not remember, we do not react with appropriate ferocity when it is revealed that our freedom has been taken from us. The structures of the corporate state must be torn down. Its security apparatus must be destroyed. And those who defend corporate totalitarianism, including the leaders of the two major political parties, fatuous academics, pundits and a bankrupt press, must be driven from the temples of power. Mass street protests and prolonged civil disobedience are our only hope. A failure to rise up—which is what the corporate state is counting upon—will see us enslaved.”….Chris Hedges

Cruz and the Phony Religious Right

The September 8, 2013 Politico story from Stephanie Simon documented U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’ ties to pseudo-historian David Barton (one of the more influential national middle-aged leaders on the Christian right). Let’s take a quick look at David Barton. He is an informal advisor to neo-cons, Mike Huckabee who had endorsed fellow neo-con, Lamar Alexander for his third term in the Senate,  Huckabee also believes Americans should be forced at gunpoint to listen to David Barton (video link), and fellow pro-Dominionist (via her close affiliations, with Francis Schaeffer and John Eidsmoe  Link) Michele Bachmann, as well as Third Waver, and Alvin and Heidi Toffler supporter, Newt Gingrich. Barton’s endorsement of Cruz was widely seen as a big boost for his upstart campaign to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate. Barton also campaigned for Florida Senator Marco Rubio in 2010 and has long backed Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry’s ties to the Dominionist New Apostolic Reform were evident at his August, 2011 prayer fest prior to his announcement as a presidential candidate. Link Mr. Barton, whose academic degree is in Christian Education from Oral Roberts University, has been labeled a biased amateur who cherry-picks quotes from history and the Bible. Both secular critics and Christian scholars have denounced Barton as a fraud who manipulates and misrepresents history to serve his political goals. In his book, The Jefferson Lies, he portrayed Jefferson as an orthodox Christian. Link

From Thomas Kidd at World News Service:

Jay W. Richards, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and author with James Robison of Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before It’s Too Late, says in recent months he has grown increasingly troubled about Barton’s writings, so he asked 10 conservative Christian professors to assess Barton’s work. Their response was negative. Some examples: Glenn Moots of Northwood University wrote that Barton in The Jefferson Lies is so eager to portray Jefferson as sympathetic to Christianity that he misses or omits obvious signs that Jefferson stood outside “orthodox, creedal, confessional Christianity.”

A second professor, Glenn Sunshine of Central Connecticut State University, said that Barton’s characterization of Jefferson’s religious views is “unsupportable.” A third, Gregg Frazer of The Master’s College, evaluated Barton’s video America’s Godly Heritage and found many of its factual claims dubious, such as a statement that “52 of the 55 delegates at the Constitutional Convention were ‘orthodox, evangelical Christians.'” Richards emphasizes that he and the scholars he consulted about Barton are politically conservative evangelicals or Catholics. They largely agree with Barton’s belief that Christian principles played a major role in America’s founding, but Richards argues that Barton’s books and videos are full of “embarrassing factual errors, suspiciously selective quotes, and highly misleading claims.”

A full-scale, newly published critique of Barton is coming from Professors Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter of Grove City College, a largely conservative Christian school in Pennsylvania. Their book Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President (Salem Grove Press), argues that Barton “is guilty of taking statements and actions out of context and simplifying historical circumstances.”

Because Barton’s research has often been shown to be in error, he has become a favorite target of skeptics who point to his errors and use it as ammunition in attacking believers. In short, carelessness or lack of integrity is counterproductive to the cause we would advance.

As well, in a shocking interview with Jon Stewart, in May of 2011, Barton is totally comfortable with Shariah law and claims it is compatible with our Constitution. Link

Last November, 2013, David Barton sat in for Glenn Beck on his program. He spent the entire hour on the Constitution, and on an Article V call for a convention. Like many of the phony right, as well as the George Soros’ leftists, Barton is pushing a con-con. Link

It is not surprising that David Barton is a Cruz supporter, as he and Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, are dominionists who believe in the Seven Mountains mandate.  This fits well with both Barton’s and Cruz’s belief systems wherein a Christian theocracy should rule. Here and here are definitions of Dominionism/Reconstructionism.

Reverend Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz is a pastor based in North Texas serving as the Director of Purifying Fire Ministries, ministering in the U.S., Mexico and Central America. Purifying Fire Ministries was founded by Suzanne Hinn, ex-wife and then wife again of Benny Hinn. The Hinns are preaching heretical doctrines, dealing in faux emotions and invented manifestations of the Holy Spirit at the most convenient and opportune fundraising moments. They also know where the money is today, and have hitched their wagons to the New Apostolic Reform, or Dominionism.

The Bible does not promise a miracle-working revival at the end of the church age before the return of Christ. It promises, rather, great deception (Matthew 24:24; 2 Thessalonians 2:7-10; Revelation 13:13,14). Many gullible people are deceived by miracles, but the Bible warns that miracles can be counterfeited. As we see in the above cited verses, every time the New Testament mentions miracles at the end of this age, it refers to them as deceptions. Miracles do not impart faith. Most of the people who witnessed Christ’s miracles did not believe. Faith comes only by hearing the Word of God, the Bible — “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). Hebrews chapter 11 also tells us that faith comes through God’s Word. It is the miracles that are recorded in Scripture that give faith (John 20:30,31).

I could find nothing that indicated Rafael Cruz has a divinity degree, and Purifying Fire Ministries apparently has no church buildings. Rafael is also allegedly a professor of Bible and Theology, and the president of Kingdom Translation Services. Again, I could find no documented evidence of where he is a professor and where he went to school/seminary.

Senator Cruz has kept his 74 year old pastor father involved with his political shop, using him not merely as a confidant and stand-in, but as a special envoy. He is Cruz’s preferred introductory speaker, his best messenger with evangelicals, and his favorite on-air sidekick. Ted Cruz says his firebrand father doesn’t speak for him, but the senator’s aide is booking Rafael Cruz’s speaking gigs. Link

In an August 2012 sermon at an Irving, Texas, mega church that helped elect Ted Cruz to the United States Senate, Rafael Cruz, indicated that his son was among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as “kings” to take control of all sectors of society. This is an agenda commonly referred to as the “Seven Mountains” mandate, and “bring the spoils of war to the priests,” thus helping to bring about a prophesied “great transfer of wealth,” from the “wicked” to righteous gentile believers. That would be particularly nice…especially to have Soros/Gates and other wealthy elitists’ monies transferred to Christians.

The Seven Mountains mandate refers to Christians being instructed to conquer the seven “mountains of culture” that have seldom been in Christian control since the Reformation. These seven mountains are business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family, and religion. All this started back in the 70s with two charter members of the Council for National Policy, Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, and Loren Cunningham of Youth With a Mission (YWAM). As the story goes, Cunningham and Bright each had a spiritual experience in which the vision was imparted to them by God of “seven chief categories of society” where the church needed to “concentrate” to “turn the nations back to God.” Link

Here is a video of Rafael Cruz describing the “great transfer of wealth” and the role of anointed “kings” in various sectors of society, including government, who are to “bring the spoils of war to the priests.” Jesus never emphasized the need for money in preaching the gospel, in sending His own out, or even in their day to day affairs.


What Raphael Cruz didn’t say, was that Ted Cruz was subsequently blessed and anointed by prominent dominionist pastors, in effect as a “king” in the political/governmental sphere, at a special blessing ceremony at the Marriott Hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, at a July 19th-20th, 2013 rally designed to draw pastors into politics. See this video


Coffee with Kissinger

One would think Raphael Cruz would inform his son about Soviet Agent Kissinger, but apparently that was not the case. Senator Ted Cruz uploaded this image to his official Facebook page on January 29th of himself having coffee with Henry Kissinger, with the tagline, “Honored to share a few moments with Dr. Kissinger and hear his thoughts on the challenges facing our nation.”

Cruz and Kissinger

Cruz undoubtedly would agree with Kissinger on trade. He says in the below video that he is for “fast tracking” trade agreements and supports Obama doing same. Apparently Cruz cares little about American jobs, and even less about American sovereignty. Video


Sleeping With the Enemy

Ted Cruz met his wife, Heidi, while working on the George W. Bush presidential campaign of 2000. Cruz’s wife is currently head of the Southwest Region in the Investment Management Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. Link Check out Matt Taibbi’s article in Rolling Stone magazine, “The People vs. Goldman Sachs.” Ms. Cruz began her career as an investment banker with JPMorgan in New York, focusing on international structured finance and subsequently on Latin America mergers and acquisitions. Heidi also worked in the White House for CFR member, Condoleezza Rice. She has a Harvard MBA, was raised a Seventh Day Adventist, and is a vegetarian. Ted is on Heidi’s Goldman Sachs’ health care plan.

Heidi is also on the Council on Foreign Relations’ infamous “North American Union” task force and is co-author of same. Link   Heidi Cruz is a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). See this map of the CFR.


I would love to write an article about true old-right conservatives who are staunch Constitutionalists and are fighting to restore the Republic. Sadly, this is not the case. Anyone who still believes we are safe with men or women who have an “R” behind their names has not been paying attention to the presidents and Congress criminals who have given us the unconstitutional and draconian laws in the last 100 or more years.

Just look back a few decades. Do you remember Bob Dole’s failure to repeal the Assault Weapons Ban? Link How about George H.W. Bush’s famous lie, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”? Link   We are now stuck with W’s Patriot Act signed in 2001. Link Just think about George W. Bush’s bailout packages which cost American taxpayers thousands of dollars per citizen….Link The RNC runs presidential candidates like John McCain, and Willard Romney, neither of whom have ever felt it necessary to follow the Constitution. There are no jobs in America today, the manufacturing industry is gone…why? Because Republican President George H.W. Bush formalized NAFTA in 1986. In 1994, Bill Clinton was President when it went into effect.

Those mentioned, along with the majority of Republican congressmen and women have not had the interests of the American people in their hearts or minds. I keep hearing them referred to as RINO’s, but they are in fact, neo-conservative Trotskyites.

Forty or fifty years ago or more, those who have become leaders in today’s Republican party drifted away from Trotskyism and began to identify themselves as democratic socialists. Still later, under the guise of neo-cons Irving Kristol and William F. Buckley, who emasculated true old right conservatism, they slithered into the Republican party as “moderates.” They stole the name of “conservative” and seized intellectual control of the true conservatives, as well as the entire Republican party.

Leon Trotsky must not be ignored. Trotsky, unlike Stalin and Lenin, favored the slow and patient imposition of Marxist socialism without murders and gulags. Trotsky wished for the people to “choose” Marxism, rather than having it forced upon them. Irving Kristol, father of Bill Kristol, stated, “I regard myself as lucky to have been a young Trotskyite and I have not a single bitter memory.”

The current followers of Trotskyite socialism and internationalism are the neo-conservatives. Most have no objection to steering America away from personal freedom and national independence and literally undermining and eroding the people’s freedom. There are several books which expose the reality of the Republican neo-con Trotskyites. Undeniably the best, is John McManus’s brilliant book, “William F. Buckley, Pied Piper for the Establishment.” This book is so well documented, you will want to keep it in your library for reference.

As for Ted Cruz, his list of supporters and affiliations should give any true old-right conservative Constitutionalist pause. Unfortunately, without money and connections, honest men and women will find it very difficult to attain any political office. Nevertheless, when one sells one’s soul to attain the political office or power, they are then owned by those who put them there. Ted Cruz is no different.

Part 1, Part 2