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The Holocaust – We Must Remember – Jack and Rochelle, a Holocaust Story of Love and Resistance

Holocaust -Jack & Rochelle


30-Hour Series of Interviews broadcast on the Roger Fredinburg Radio Program

12-10-1997 Sixth Program in Series

Guests:   Author, Larry Sutin with Parents, Jack & Rochelle Sutin

JACK and ROCHELLE: A Holocaust Story of Love and Resistance

ISBN-10: 1555975038 and ISBN-13: 978-1555975036

In this show Roger Fredinburg interviews Larry Sutin, author of “Jack and Rochelle” along with his parents, holocaust survivors Jack and Rochelle Sutin.  Here is a clip of this dynamic interview:

Roger:    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!   I am Roger Fredinburg, radio’s regular guy! This evening we’re continuing with Part 6 of our ongoing series, The Holocaust: We Must Remember. Fascinating stories, just some wonderful history! I’ve learned so much the last several weeks and have been brought, literally, to tears so many times. It’s a difficult subject, I know; but, that’s the whole purpose, ladies and gentlemen, to ensure the kinds of tragedies and horrible inhuman acts that were perpetrated upon mankind during World War Two never happen again.

Today I’ve been reading a book that has brought me to laughter and tears a number of times, written by a son about his mother and father who were Jewish resistors in Poland during the time of the war. Fascinating story! I’d like to bring these folks forward and introduce them. First, the son, Larry Sutin, who wrote the book, “Jack and Rochelle: A Holocaust Story of Love and Resistance.”   Larry, welcome to the show!

Larry Sutin:  Hi, thank you! Thanks for having us!

Roger:  It’s really a pleasure to have you here, sir! And welcome to Jack and Rochelle Sutin who are the subjects of the book! Jack, Rochelle, hello!

Rochelle and Jack Sutin: Hello, hello!

Roger: It’s a pleasure to have you folks aboard!   Larry, first of all, you wrote the book because of the compelling stories you heard throughout your life as a child, is that right?

Larry Sutin:   Right! I had grown up hearing the stories of my parents’ childhoods and their work as partisans during the war, their struggle, I should say.   There were some stories that were very happy; but, also stories of tragedy. It all added up to what I thought was not only a touching story; but, important history. The fact that there was Jewish resistance during the war is something people are still relatively unaware of. My parents had the good fortune to find themselves in a situation where they could resist. Many Jews did not have that good fortune. They did find themselves in that situation after a great deal of misery and they resisted! They also fell in love during the war so there was that aspect, too. There’s a genuine love story of what I thought was depth, not just because they’re my parents. While I think readers of the book confirm that, I think there is something about the nature of their love story that is quite unique as well.

Roger:   I found it rather fascinating, Larry, that a lot sons of WW II heroes have gone on to write books about the historical events. I think you’ve done a wonderful job with the book! I’d like to meet your folks in the same vein the book is written in.   I’d like to talk to your mother first. Continue reading