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State Department’s Mission: Coup d’etat

State Department's Mission: Coup d'etat

Posted By: Vicky

On July 21, 1993, Tim Wirth gave a talk to employees of the State Department on the new direction for State.   Wirth explained that for the last 50 years the organizing principle for the United States had been the Cold War.  The end of the Cold War left a vacuum and the Department of State needed to define a new mission and a new organizing principle for the Department of State.
The world revolved around the Cold War.  For the most part, it was remote from domestic life in the United States because the “war” – was nation-state against nation-state and the players in the spy game were military, the CIA, and the State Department acting mostly in secret.   Only the propaganda reached the public and the main message was be afraid – be very afraid.
Wirth announced that a new unit was being established within the Department of State to define the new mission and to establish the organizational structure to carry it out.  Wirth was appointed to head up the new unit which was the Office of Global Affairs.   The new mission would be comprised of promoting and advocating for:

  1. Democracy & Human Rights
  2. Population – reduction
  3. Environment
  4. Sustainable Development

The clue that the new mission had been in the planning for a long time was when Tim Wirth mentioned the Global 2000 Report and a “basket of issues”.   The production of the Global 2000 Report was ordered by Jimmy Carter and the “basket of issues” refers to the Helsinki Final Act that was signed by Gerald Ford in 1975.  The following are links to prior research that will begin to explain a little about both but I have a lot more than just these two:
Discovering History:  The Helsinki Final Act, A New World Coming into View
The Smart Grid:  Rest of the Story, Part 5, The Nut… Farmer from Georgia
Those two references are prima facie evidence of premeditation in what has been an attempted coup d’etat on the nation-state we know as the United States.  When the implications of that evidence are combined with what Tim Wirth had to say concerning working with multilateral organizations and the development of domestic constituencies to advocate for State Department policies, it’s really no different than a foreign power attempting a coup d’etat on the United States.
The State Department has no business operating domestically.   Since the Refugee Resettlement program is a program of the United Nations through the State Department, it has to be considered that this is a State Department move to build their constituency.  Their constituencies are foreigners – not Americans.   That’s treason.
Of course I’m not saying that on the basis one appearance on a C-Span program 23 years ago.  I’m saying it on the basis of my years of research since ~ 2003.  The following is one piece of the puzzle that supports what I’m saying:
Samuel “Sandy Burgler” Berger: Nexus between 9/11 and the North American Union (NAU).
I took a clip of what I thought were the most significant things Tim Wirth had to say but theentire one hour program should be viewed.