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Public School Teachers Cruelly Kill Animals In Front of Class!!

by Rev. Austin Miles

OCALA, Florida–You read that headline right. This is why this writer suggested some time ago that Animal Legal Rights and Courts be established. Thankfully, due to those stories, three have already been formed and more will be established. Animals who are treated cruelly now have legal courts to protect them and to hand out severe punishment to those who abuse them.
Check out this outrage, caught on video by a student, showing Ocala, Florida’s Forest High School teacher DEWIE BREWTON-(caps used to make sure this name is remembered)-having students fill up buckets of water to fill an execution chamber, a large garbage can.
Two living raccoons and an opossum, described by that public school teacher, DEWIE BREWTON, as ‘nuisance creatures,’ were then forcibly submerged into the water, and students held sticks to push them down under water if they came near the top. DEWIE BREWTON is a science-agriculture teacher in the public school system and this is what he is teaching in the government public schools? Oh yes, they also teach little boys how to wear skirts.
Even though that “progressive” teacher caused cruel deaths in front of children, he was NOT charged. WHAT?? In that case the public is commissioned to deal with DEWIE BREWTON by calling on the animal protection courts. These animals were killed simply for being animals.
It is to be noted that before snuffing out the lives of three innocent animals, TEACHER DEWIE BREWTON said the students were forbidden to video anything. This is a generality in any and every public school. However, one student DID. So the proof is undeniable.
It doesn’t stop there. These things are happening regularly. In March, the State of Idaho charged a middle school teacher with animal cruelty for allowing a snapping turtle to eat a terrified live puppy! And children were present to see it.
Preston Junior High School BIOLOGY TEACHER ROBERT CROSLAND who did this horrible thing, was charged with a misdemeanor (should be a felony) for animal cruelty, reported The Washington Post.
At least in this case, the State charged the trash bag who did this. A tip of the beret for Idaho.
Readers, we MUST work to get rid of the government propaganda schools. Christians, meet with your pastor and encourage him to form a Christian School at the church. It is not complicated to do, but can have an everlasting influence upon your children. For the sake of your children and society at large, please do this.
Earlier it was pointed out that we now have animal courts of law to deal with those who mistreat animals.
The animal legal defense fund has sent out this notice regarding a FREE webinar for those like this writer who is an advocate for animals. All online sessions are again, free and open to anyone interested in animal law, current and future law students, attorneys, legal professionals and animal advocates.

  • On July 10th at 12:00 pm PST, hear from Amanda Howell and Lindsay Larris, attorneys at the Animal Legal Defense Fund, about the latest developments in litigation and legislation related to captive wildlife.
  • On August 3rd at 12:00 pm PST, David Casslelman, trial attorney and Founder of the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and Executive Producer of “Love and Bananas,” an Elephant Story,” will discuss the ten years he spent litigating pro bono against the Los Angeles Zoo in an effort to protect the elephants housed there.

Again, registration is free, but spots fill up early! Register for one or all of this year’s Animal Law Summer School Sessions. If you can’t make one of the sessions, don’t worry. Recordings will be available on the Animal Legal Defense Fund website.
Signed For the Animals,
Stephen Wells,
Executive Director
525 East Cutati Avenue
Cotati, California 94931
Personal Note to Readers: Please treat all creatures humanely. All animals have feelings. When you see two birds fighting, notice how they are glaring, one at the other, with their beaks open. This is displaying anger. Anger means feelings. And that includes feelings of pain and fear. They physically feel every injury incurred. Please remember that.


Education in the 21st Century

Why the GOP Establishment Hates Trump

Wake up, it’s our last chance to save America. Please, make this article to go VIRAL.

After the insiders have established the United Socialist States of America (in fact if not in name), the next step is the Great Merger of all nations of the world into a dictatorial world government. … The Insiders’ code word for the world superstate is “new world order,” a phrase often used by Richard Nixon (and Bush Sr.). The Council on Foreign Relations states in its Study No. 7: “The U.S. must strive to: A. BUILD A NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDER.” … A world government has always been the object of the Communists. Gary Allen American journalist 1936-86, Source, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, p.121

Just why does the GOP hate Donald Trump? That’s easy to answer, because he’s thrown a monkey-wrench into the plans of the New World Order. (To understand the NWO, read Dr. Dennis Cuddy’s chronology of same.) Who would have thought that an outsider, like billionaire Donald Trump, would capture the attention of the American people, and at the same time, infuriate the GOP, DNC, and MSM, but mostly his own party! To the GOP, DonaldTrump is not only a pariah, but a wild card. Americans who are sick and tired of the same old, same old from the Republican party are thrilled to hear someone speak the same language we speak to each other.

What is it that Trump stands for that makes the GOP so desirous of destroying him? It’s the opposite of what the New World Order gang wants! And that gang includes both the left and the right, and has for over 50 years now. If the Republicans had attacked President Obama with the same gusto as they’re going after Donald Trump, Mitt Romney would be running for his second term in the White House. Yet, if there’s one thing the GOP hates worse than Mr. Trump — it’s their base, (that’s us, the conservative electorate) and by now, we all know that instead of governing as Republicans, they kowtow to Democrats. Just think back to the 2010 and 2014 elections…as Hillary would say, “What difference did it make?” Absolutely NONE! Every one of those Tea Party people elected were co-opted within six weeks. Check out the many articles on the web by the Republican elite on how to take down Trump. Here are just a few…. [Link], [Link], [Link]

Club For Growth’s War Against Trump

The poll that placed Trump in second place in Iowa was a fake, paid for by the notorious Club For Growth Action (CFG) and differs from the NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll over the weekend that has Trump in first place in Iowa by five points.

Remember that CFG asked for a million dollar donation from Trump, and he refused. From that point on, CFG was after Trump. CFG’s partners and allies include the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Peterson is chairman emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations and former chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Another ally is the US Chamber of Commerce, who is so behind the invasion of illegal aliens on our southern borders.

CFG has spent a million dollars on anti-Trump ads in Iowa claiming Trump loves eminent domain and takes people’s’ property for his own use. The only problem with this is that the Iowa Christians listen to this rubbish and actually believe it. (Believing lies without doing your own research, is precisely why Obama got elected) The real facts are far from what CFG would have us believe. In 1986 Trump helped save Annabel Hill’s farm that had been in the family for five generations. “We give a lot of money to foreign countries that don’t give a damn about us, but we don’t help the American farmers,” Trump said.

Guess who CFG is backing for president? You guessed it! Globalist, pro-amnesty, pro-common core, pro-free trade (off shoring more American jobs and American sovereignty), Jeb Bush. Soviet Agent Henry Kissinger is endorsing Bush.

Coming soon: Watch for a follow up article on this very subject and why Christians are so gullible.

Jeb Bush with David McIntosh, president of Club For Growth.

Here’s part of an article I would urge you to read in its entirety…it’s well worth it.

Truth spoken from The Conservative Tree House

Without Trump in the race, the Globalist, Wall Street, Corporate Media and RNC/GOP delivery of Jeb Bush would ultimately be the outcome. All they had/have to do is follow the exact same plan which worked in 2012. The electorate, including us, unknowing of the Potemkin Village landscape (animpressive facade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition), would simply follow along the yellow brick road pre-paved with the intentions of interests unseen. Not a big deal.

We’d have a choice of Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton….

When we fully understand this reality, we simultaneously also understand why Donald Trump entered the 2016 presidential race. Like us, you, Trump sees the Potemkin construct and said, “Enough,” “Someone’s got to get in this race to change the outcome.”

Step one in Trump’s campaign was to tear down the facade of the phony Village in order to awaken a larger understanding of who is actually behind these constructs.

Thus, Trump was immediately effective at exposing the deceivers amid our own ranks. Immediately Donald Trump drew inbound fire from those who hold a vested interest in retention of the ruse and maintenance of the path, and the New World Order progress.

So, Mr. Donald Trump has struck fear in the hearts of the elitist globalists, and Donald is beholden to no one…not one special interest, nope, not one.

Donald Trump’s Platform Strikes Fear in New World Order Hearts

Donald Trump says he’ll send the Syrian migrants back when he becomes president. Doesn’t that sound great to all taxpaying citizens of America who are on the hook for supporting these Islamists we should never have taken into our country? The NWO crowd doesn’t like the sound of that at all. Their plan is to make us a 3rd world country.

Trump successfully pressures Ford to move their plant back to America from Mexico, and he did this before he’s even president. His constant criticism of Ford outsourcing jobs to Mexico has caused the auto tycoon to change course and bring the $2,000,000,000 plant back to the United States. We all know the GOP isn’t happy about this because they simply love “free trade,” which has destroyed millions of American jobs and sent them to foreign countries.

Recently, Breitbart had an article entitled, Trump: Revoke Passports For Those Who Go To Fight For ISIS, Would ‘Look At’ Closing Certain Mosques’. If that doesn’t simply infuriate every Islam promoting Republican, I don’t know what does. The NWO plan is to destroy the white Europeans who migrated to America, and to make us a third world country with a majority population of Islamic immigrants.

Second Amendment – Obama and many republicans demand more useless gun control measures and spout that anyone not agreeing with him are reprobates. Trump has a plan calling for Nationwide Concealed Carry and an End To Gun Bans.

“Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice. The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own…” -Donald Trump

This certainly does not fit with the NWO plan of disarming all American citizens. Personally, I don’t believe we even need a carry permit according to the Constitution.

Saving Persecuted Christians – Donald Trump Declares: “The Bigger Issue Is That Obama Is Waging A War Against Christians In This Country. Their Religious Liberty Is At Stake.” I have yet to see any Republican in Congress stand up and demand that we save the persecuted Christians rather than these young Islamic men who claim they’re refugees. Not a one. Trump is right, the destruction of our Judeo-Christian society and culture is happening before our eyes and our NWO loving Republican controlled Congress says nothing.

Pro-Life – Trump stands firm on pro-life, He states, “I have evolved on the abortion issue, we should ban all late term abortions. The only exceptions on abortion are for rape, incest or health.” (Jun 2015) In Feb. of 2011, Trump stated, “I am pro-life, we need to fight Obamacare abortion funding.”

The NWO gang is fully in the bag for United Nations Agenda 21, which calls for the elimination of 85% of the world’s population. Pro-life certainly does not fit with the NWO plans of the GOP or DNC.

Education – Trump says Common Core is a disaster. He wants to cut the Department of Education way, way down, eliminating it would be even better. Our schools should be teaching American roots, and we should study our ancestry. Trump wants comprehensive education instead of limited subjects, as well as teaching citizenship, the Constitution, and American history. He wants an end to creative spelling.

The Republicans like Jeb Bush have been in the tank for Common core, and the total and thorough destruction of our once academic teaching. Remember it was Republican Reagan who signed two US/Soviet education agreements which changed our academic teaching into Pavlovian/Skinnerian behavioral dog training. Teaching to the test is the standard today. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and his Republican cohorts want to control the children from infancy, all for the NWO global workforce.

Obamacare – Trump has stated that “Obamacare can’t be reformed, salvaged, or fixed. It’s that bad. Obamacare has to be killed now before it grows into an even bigger mess, as it inevitably will. If it’s not repealed, it will be more than just another failed government entitlement program–it will be the trillion-ton weight that finally takes down our economy forever.”

Obamacare is a heat-seeking missile that will destroy jobs & small businesses; it will explode health-care costs; and it will lead to health care that is far less innovative than it is today. Every argument that you’d make against socialism you can make against socialized health care, and any candidate who isn’t 100% committed to scrapping Obamacare is not someone America should elect president. Repealing Obamacare may be one of the most important and consequential actions our next president takes.

Remember that every Republican voted against Obamacare, but knew it would pass since they were the minority. They still tout this fact today, but what they don’t tell you is that when they had a majority, they failed to defund Obamacare. One of the Marxist tenets is to control health care, and the neo-con Republicans are all for it.

Illegal Immigration Donald Trump announced his five point plan about illegal immigration. The 5 points are very specific, and would turn the tide against two terms of President Barack Obama’s amnesty agenda!

He is focused on the 14th Amendment, which falsely grants citizenship to babies born in America of illegal aliens. He wants to change that, and has 5 ideas on how to secure the border.

1. Build a fence, deploy 25,000 additional border agents, utilize Predator drones.
2. Enforce immigration law.
3. No more cozy detention centers.
4. Oppose “DREAM Act.”
5. No future tuition benefits.

None of these points fit with any of the Republican candidates, nor the majority of the Republican congress. The NWO plan of a pathway to citizenship fits right in with not only NAFTA, but the North American Union. The latter was drafted at the Council on Foreign Relations by none other than Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi.

Every issue mentioned by Trump has met with vicious and vitriolic responses from the GOP candidates as well as the entire Republican party. They are the number one attack dog, with the Democrats and MSM close behind. Don’t forget about Fox News with the first debate, and the ridiculous questions tossed by Megyn Kelly.


The criticisms of Trump are amazingly missing something. They are lacking in negative stories from those who work for him or have had business dealings with him. After all the employees he’s had and all the business deals he’s made, there is a massive void of criticism. In fact, long term employees call him a strong and merciful leader and say he is far more righteous and of high integrity than people may think.

Trump is a man unlike the rest of the GOP candidates. He gives to people unconditionally, and he doesn’t talk about it, nor does the news media, who should.

Remember the California family with the three year old child, Andrew Ten, who needed to get to a doctor in New York? The regular airlines wouldn’t fly the child because he needed oxygen as well as other medical equipment tomake the trip. The family called Trump, and the Donald sent his private plane to California for that family and took them to the New York physicians. [Link]

Donald Trump quietly helped out Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who was left to rot in a Mexican prison for 214 days, and who Obama ignored. A source told Top Right Newsthat the “money” Trump sent Tahmoreesi was “very substantial,” and included paying all of the family’s legal bills, financial needs while he was held prisoner for nearly a year, and cash to get him back on his feet.

This next story was verified by Mr. Trump on his show, The Apprentice, when someone asked him if it was true. Apparently his limo had a flat tire on the New Jersey highway, and an elderly couple stopped to help. Donald asked what he could do for the man who helped them, and he said, “Send my wife a bouquet.” The man had handed Donald his card, which included his address. Allegedly, Trump sent a beautiful bouquet, but also paid off their mortgage. [Link] This is the one story I cannot verify, but Mr. Trump claimed it was true.

As for Trump’s religious beliefs, he may not have the type of Christianity others think he should have, but I will tell you this. When he and his wife, Melania lived in Palm Beach, Florida in the Mar-a-lago estate and club, he and his wife attended church every Sunday. The only reason I know this is because I have very close personal friends who also attend this very same church, and saw them every Sunday.

If you want to know what Donald Trump stands for and believes, here is an article from Doug Johnson’s, Horse Sense blog that spells it out clearly and succinctly, and should make every conservative thrilled to have Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential Candidate for 2016. I know I will sleep a lot better with Mr. Trump in our White House.

Wake up, it’s our last chance to save America. Please, make this article to go VIRAL.


Guess Which Ones!

john pearl school


PART 1 of 2

By Anita Hoge
August 11, 2015

All Americans Should Fight the Reauthorization of ESEA Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Could it be that something happening in education will impact gun ownership? Is President Obama ensuring his legacy to transform America by disqualifying individuals for gun ownership? Does your local school district log information on the social, emotional, and behavioral data of your child and feed anecdotal psychological observation information into federal databanks? Is adjustment of attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions to the State’s image the main aspect of the Reauthorization of ESEA, Elementary and Secondary Education Act? Will federal databases eventually disqualify citizens from owning a gun? Yes, emphatically yes! Read on.

The following four reports, two released this past week, and the ESEA Reauthorization legislation moving forward for passage this Fall, reveal that, by tramping on our Constitution, President Obama is transforming America into a collectivist state. Analyzing the intersection of these key initiatives will bring into focus the total scheme changing America into something that most Americans won’t recognize. You need to fight against this totalitarian goal.

Please read the following analysis and pray that it is not too late.

FIRST Blow To Gun Rights

Concurrent with the restructuring of society through education President Obama has engineered a plan to re-organize neighborhoods. Leo Hohmann, WorldNetDaily, July, 2014, first exposed this plan in his article detailing how President Obama is re-structuring housing. The Hohmann article, “New Obama Rule Could Force Cities To House Illegals, Regulation fits perfectly in line with promise to transform America,” offers a glimpse of how President Obama is restructuring ZIP codes. Hohmann rightly calls President Obama’s move the “Common Core for local zoning.”

Paul Sperry, in an article, July 18, 2015, from the New York Post, “Obama Collecting Personal Data For a Secret Race Database,” reports how HUD (Housing and Urban Development) plans to integrate illegal immigrants, minorities, and felons into EVERY neighborhood through ZIP CODE analysis. President Obama’s plan for equity in housing is to relocate minorities and illegal aliens into your neighborhood if your town or city is 50% or more white. This is a giant leap away from privacy and the ability to live your life free of government control and free from fear of reprisal. According to Sperry there are five areas that will be analyzed for patterns of “racial disparities and segregation” — Housing databases, Mortgage databases, Credit databases, Employment databases, and School databases.

Quoting from the Sperry article.

A key part of President Obama’s legacy will be the fed’s unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans by race. The government is prying into our most personal information at the most local levels, all for the purpose of “racial and economic justice.”

Unbeknown to most Americans, Obama’s racial bean counters are furiously mining data on their health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods, even how their kids are disciplined in school — all to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites.

This Orwellian-style stockpile of statistics includes a vast permanent network of discrimination databases, which Obama already is using to make “disparate impact” cases against: banks that don’t make enough prime loans to minorities; schools that suspend too many blacks; cities that don’t offer enough Section 8 and other low-income housing for minorities; and employers who turn down African-Americans for jobs due to criminal backgrounds.

Federally funded cities deemed overly segregated will be pressured to change their zoning laws to allow construction of more subsidized housing in affluent areas in the suburbs, and relocate inner-city minorities to those predominantly white areas. HUD’s maps, which use dots to show the racial distribution or density in residential areas, will be used to select affordable-housing sites. [Emphasis mine]

HUD plans to drill down to an even more granular level, detailing the proximity of black residents to transportation sites, good schools, parks and even supermarkets. If the agency’s social engineers rule the distance between blacks and these suburban “amenities” is too far, municipalities must find ways to close the gap or forfeit federal grant money and face possible lawsuits for housing discrimination.

Civil-rights groups will have access to the agency’s sophisticated mapping software, and will participate in city plans to re-engineer neighborhoods under new community outreach requirements. [Emphasis mine]

…Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing database, which the Department of Housing and Urban Development rolled out earlier this month to racially balance the nation, ZIP code by ZIP code….will map every US neighborhood by four racial groups — white, Asian, black or African-American, and Hispanic/Latino — and publish “geospatial data” pinpointing racial imbalances.

The agency proposes using nonwhite populations of 50% or higher as the threshold for classifying segregated areas. Cities and towns that accept federal funding will be pressured to change zoning laws to allow construction in affluent neighborhoods, and relocate inner-city minorities to those predominantly white areas. HUD’s maps, which use dots to show the racial distribution or density in residential areas, will be used to select affordable-housing sites. (Emphasis mine)

The National Mortgage Database Project compiles 16 years of lending data broken down by race, individual credit scores, employment records, all credit lines, credit cards, student loans, car loans, and anything reported to credit bureaus. The FHFA*collects data on personal assets, debts, bankruptcies, even square footage and lot size of your home and your interest rate.

Through its mandatory Civil Rights Data Collection project, the Education Department is gathering information on student suspensions and expulsions, by race, from every public school district in the country. Districts that show disparities in discipline will be targeted for reform.

…even if there is no other evidence of racism, the numbers themselves will “prove” that things are unfair. Such databases have never before existed. Obama is presiding over the largest consolidation of personal data in US history. He is creating a diversity police state where government race cops and civil-rights lawyers will micromanage demographic outcomes in virtually every aspect of society.

* Federal Housing Finance Agency

Explaining how this will impact your town or city, Stanley Kurtz’s articles in National Review, July 8, 2015, called, “Massive Government Overreach- Obama’s AFFH Rules Are Out,” and July 20, 2015, called, “Attention American Suburbs, You Have Just Been Annexed,” explains how America’s suburbs will be federally re-engineered in nearly every American neighborhood “nullifying municipal boundaries.” Is it the government’s job to diversify neighborhoods by income level and “undo America’s system of local government and replace it with a ‘regional’ alternative that turns suburbs into helpless satellites of large cities?”
(Source 1 and Source 2)

The consolidation of these named databases intersect all aspects of our lives in every ZIP code, in every city, town, and hamlet in the United States.

SECOND Blow To Gun Rights

The next step is to re-define who is mentally disabled and who can own a gun. President Obama now pushes to include SSI beneficiaries, deemed being no longer able to “manage their own affairs” in the broad definition of what is a “mentally deficient” person. President Obama collects data on ex-military or anyone receiving benefits from the government who would meet these same definitions from the Social Security Administration. This data would be logged into the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System, decidedly removing the right to purchase a firearm. The following key question must be answered: What is the definition of mentally deficient or mental illness?

In Alan Zarembo’s article in the Chicago Tribune, July 18, 2015,”Obama pushes to extend gun background checks to Social Security” he quotes the following information: (Source)

Seeking tighter controls over firearm purchases, the Obama administration is pushing for a ban on Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, a move that could affect millions whose monthly disability payments are handled by others.

The push is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with laws regulating who gets reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, which is used to prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the country illegally and others. A potentially large group within Social Security are people who, in the language of federal gun laws, are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.” [Emphasis mine]

Social Security would generally report names under the same “mental defective” category. The agency is still figuring out how that definition should be applied, LaVelle said. [Emphasis mine]

The NRA issued a statement from its chief lobbyist, Chris W. Cox, saying: “If the Obama administration attempts to deny millions of law-abiding citizens their constitutional rights by executive fiat, the NRA stands ready to pursue all available avenues to stop them in their tracks. [Emphasis mine]

THIRD Blow to Gun Rights

These four reporters – Mr. Hohmann, Mr. Sperry, Mr. Zarembo’s, and Mr. Kurtz – need to extend their research of President Obama’s agenda into the education area. Why? President Obama is already pushing equity in education, and has already redefined who is poor under Title I and who is disabled under IDEA (Special Ed) – to gain control of ALL children and to label them as “mentally deficient” under the Common Core mental adjustment banner!

The results are staggering. The targeting of mostly white neighborhoods and the controlled relocating of minorities and illegals into every ZIP code will effectually artificially inflate the poverty statistics in education. Title I guarantees schoolwide one-on-one interventions with EVERY CHILD if the poverty threshold is met. This will be guaranteed with ZIP code population redistribution. This means that in every school district accountable to federal guidelines EVERY child will now be labeled a child “At-Risk” of failing to meet government standards – even if his/her parents are millionaires and the child has 120 or higher IQ. For part two see the next article.

Massive Government Overreach: Obama’s AFFH Rule Is Out

My Comments:  This is Agenda 21 on steroids and it is called MIXED HOUSING.  It will destroy suburbs and residential areas.  We are seeing it over and over again in the very county that I live in now.
By Stanley Kurtz for NATIONAL REVIEW
Today, HUD Secretary Julian Castro announced the finalization of the Obama administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule. A front-page article preemptively defending the move appears in today’s Washington Post.
The final rule is 377 pages, vastly longer than the preliminary version of the rule promulgated in 2013. AFFH is easily one of President Obama’s most radical initiatives, on a par with Obamacare in its transformative potential. In effect, AFFH gives the federal government a lever to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood — imposing a preferred racial and ethnic composition, densifying housing, transportation, and business development in suburb and city alike, and weakening or casting aside the authority of local governments over core responsibilities, from zoning to transportation to education. Not only the policy but the political implications are immense — at the presidential, congressional, state, and local levels. It is a scandal that the mainstream press has largely refused to report on AFFH until the day of its final release.
The rule has been out in preliminary form for two years, and well before that the Obama administration’s transformative aims in urban/suburban policy were evident. Three years ago, when I wrote about Obama’s policy blueprint in Spreading the Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, the administration’s efforts to keep this issue under the radar were evident.
Only last month, an admission of the stealth relied on by advocates to advance this initiative was caught on video. Obama has downplayed his policy goals in this area and delayed the finalization of AFFH for years, because he understands how politically explosive this rule is. Once the true implications of AFFH are understood, Americans will rebel. The only prospect for successful imposition is a frog-boiling strategy of gradual intensification.
The last day the frog will be able to jump is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Fundamentally, AFFH is an attempt to achieve economic integration. Race and ethnicity are being used as proxies for class, since these are the only hooks for social engineering provided by the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Like AFFH itself, today’s Washington Post piece blurs the distinction between race and class, conflating the persistence of “concentrated poverty” with housing discrimination by race.
Not being able to afford a freestanding house in a bedroom suburb is no proof of racial discrimination. Erstwhile urbanites have been moving to rustic and spacious suburbs since Cicero built his villa outside Rome. Even in a monoracial and mono-ethnic world, suburbanites would zone to set limits on dense development.
Emily Badger’s piece in today’s Washington Post focuses on race, but the real story of AFFH is the attempt to force integration by class, to densify development in American suburbs and cities, and to undo America’s system of local government and replace it with a “regional” alternative that turns suburbs into helpless satellites of large cities. Once HUD gets its hooks into a municipality, no policy area is safe. Zoning, transportation, education, all of it risks slipping into the control of the federal government and the new, unelected regional bodies the feds will empower.
Over time, AFFH could spell the end of the local democracy that Alexis de Tocqueville rightly saw as the foundation of America’s liberty and distinctiveness. At this point, municipalities across the country need to seriously consider refraining from applying for Community Development Block Grants and other grant programs sponsored by HUD. Take one dollar of HUD money and you will be forced to submit to its demands, which can reach far beyond housing. Unfortunately, this is a highly imperfect solution, and not only because municipalities would be surrendering money taxed from their citizens’ pockets.
The recent Supreme Court decision in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project has provided the federal government with a second club to use against municipalities seeking to escape HUD control. (See my piece on Inclusive Communities in the latest issue of National Review.) Ultimately, only a Republican president acting in concert with a Republican Congress can stymie AFFH and undo the damage of the Supreme Court’s recent housing decision. This brings us to politics. As noted, AFFH is a largely unacknowledged attempt to force economic integration on every neighborhood in America. Yet in a recent Rasmussen poll, 83 percent of respondents said it was not the government’s job to diversify neighborhoods by income level, while only 8 percent say that this is an appropriate task for government.
Now you know why the Obama administration and a compliant press corps have kept this initiative quiet. It will take time to collect the data on which HUD’s new demands for local governments all over America will be based. While important enforcement will begin under the Obama administration, the major impact of AFFH will come under President Hillary Clinton, should she be elected. And Obama’s AFFH enforcer, Julian Castro, is widely touted as a likely vice-presidential running mate for Hillary. That means AFFH is going to be an issue in the next presidential campaign.
And the political implications go deeper still, to every level of government. Westchester County, New York, where AFFH has had a dry run of sorts, is now administered by Republican county executive Robert Astorino. Many forget that before the Obama administration tried to force Westchester County to cast aside its own zoning laws and build high-density, low-income housing at its own expense, Westchester was a liberal Democratic county run by liberal Democrats. After all, this is where Bill and Hillary Clinton live.
At the local level, the Obama administration drove Westchester into the arms of the Republicans. The same thing could happen nationally, at every political level. But only if the frog wakes up and jumps by November of 2016. Even with AFFH now public, the Obama administration and the press corps will do everything in their power to obscure the real issues at stake in the massive AFFH power-grab. Don’t let that happen.

The newest liberal idiocy: Segregating 3rd-graders

Besides the official subjects our children study in school that are brainwashing them to be useful idiots in the not so brave new world, we have the silliness of political correctness gone amok (yes, I agree that it is already berserk so should have said it’s more amok).  If there weren’t enough reasons to homeschool, this piece from the New York Post should be enough to push some over the line.  


Can racism be stopped in the third grade?”
That’s the question asked in this week’s New York Magazine cover story by journalist Lisa Miller. The short answer, of course, is that it all depends on how you define racism.
At the Fieldston Lower School, a $43,000-per-year Riverdale institution, the administration sees racism everywhere. Just consider the “microaggressions” that have been uncovered.
According to the piece: “A girl puts her hands in another girl’s hair; a boy asks his Asian friend where he’s really from. A number of years ago, a white student in a fourth-grade biography unit delivered a presentation on Jackie Robinson while in blackface.”
Here’s a news flash, folks: This is not racism. It’s children being curious about the way their friends look and trying their best to look like an American hero.
If you want it to stop, you can tell them that it’s not appropriate to touch other people without their permission, that many people who look different were born in this country. and that if you’re going to dress up as someone else, you don’t have to change the color of your skin.
You want to know what real racism looks like? Try this. In response to these incidents, as well as a whole bunch of multi-culti-educational mumbo-jumbo, Fieldston has decided to institute a policy of … segregation. Yes, that’s right. We have finally come full circle.
The new liberal solution to the problems of racial tension in America today is to have third-graders fill out a questionnaire identifying their races and then spend time once a week with people who look just like them.
Because people who look alike also think alike. And let’s face it, you can only really feel comfortable with people who look like you.
So what is the goal of this program? As Miller explains: “Disinhibited by the company of racially different peers, the children would, the school hoped, feel free to raise questions and make observations that in mixed company might be considered impolite. The bigger goal was to initiate a cultural upheaval, one that would finally give students of color a sense of equal ownership in the community.”
There’s nothing like a little social engineering to separate the true believers from the people who just think of themselves as liberal.
“I was like, ‘Wait. What?’ remembers one mother. Another quizzed her 11-year-old daughter as they were driving. ‘We have to go in our race groups’ was how the girl explained it. The mother hoped her daughter had misunderstood.”
Alas, no. She understood perfectly. When the racial “affinity groups” meet, they are asked questions like: “How do you see other people? How do other people see you? What assumptions do you make based on appearances?”
They are told to stare at groups of kids of other races and then share the things they wonder aloud. Said one boy, “We talk about how it’s important to know what your race is. We talk about the difference between being prejudiced and being racist.”
Wait, what’s the difference again? Oh, never mind. The point of this exercise is once again to re-emphasize the racial differences among kids.
Because not to do so, according to the experts, is to “exacerbate the problem by papering it over.” Instead the school wants kids to have “authentic” conversations about race.
But if you allow 8-year-olds to have an open dialogue about race, they might do things like ask about another kid’s hair or heritage. Can you imagine all the microaggressions that might occur if someone recorded the group of black or white kids being asked to “wonder” about kids of a different race?
At least some of the parents at the school are thrilled with this program and seem to feel it will help prepare their students for life after Fieldston.
One mother describes the sense of exhaustion and frustration she felt being a black student at Exeter coming from the Bronx.
When she saw all the white people, she asked her mother if she could come home. What really “broke” her, she says, was a class called “Black Experience in White America,” in which she was consistently asked to explain black perspective to her white classmates.
She thinks an “affinity group” will help prepare her daughter for this experience.
Perhaps. But this is not a problem that happened in math class or English lit. The demands that a black student represent his or her race in class comes from courses that focus on race and teachers who think a teenager’s personal experience is worthy of academic study.
Like so much of education from kindergarten all the way through a doctorate these days, the affinity groups are really just another way to encourage narcissism.
Because what matters most for the future of this country — for justice, for equality, for racial harmony — is how you feel.


The article below was written in 2002 and is about a document written 83 years ago but the information in it is more relevant today than many articles written about education and what the government is doing to our children. Read it, share it. Seek out his other articles if you like this one; he is a wonderful researcher and writer about the issues that affect us now.

By Dennis L. Cuddy Ph. D.
June 15, 2002

The Florida Forum Editor’s note: This article is a very valuable document showing the goals of the NEA nearly 70 years ago in 1932. This is about the time that William Z. Foster wrote Toward Soviet America and the Humanists wrote their First Manifesto. It should be read and kept as a clear understanding of the subversive plans the NEA had for using America’s schools. Many people think of these goals as recent. This article should serve to set them straight.

Concerning the movement toward a one-world government today, if the power elite are to accomplish their objectives, traditional values would, of course, have to be undermined. In that regard, education has played a critical role for many years, and a typical example can be found in The Tenth Yearbook of the National Education Association’s Department of Superintendence, published in February 1932, and titled Character Education, in which one reads:

“Relativity must replace absolutism in the realm of morals as well as in the spheres of physics and biology.

“…If the individual is to be happy in the contemporary order, he must be open-minded with respect to new values and new arrangements.

“…Loyalty to the family must be merged into loyalty to the community, loyalty to the community into loyalty to the nation, and loyalty to the nation into loyalty to mankind. The citizen of the future must be a citizen of the world.

“…Also, within the limits of a particular society, individualistic and competitive impulses must be subordinated increasingly to social and cooperative tendencies.

“…Interdependence rather than independence is the rule of life.

“…Under the condition of freedom and plenty generated by industrial society, the youth of the country are abandoning the severe sex taboos of the past; the sanctity of the marriage relationship is being challenged; the dogmas and ceremonies of the church are losing their power.

“…Until we have a more equitable distribution of property and income in this country, great numbers of families will remain totally unfit agencies of character education.

“…The church seems never to have been able to win either the masses or the statesmen of the Western nations to the Christian way of life. “…The position of the church today is one of confusion and uncertainty. It has lost much of the authority with which it at one time was clothed.

“…Only when it employs the outworn dogmas of the past and appeals to certain of the traditional prejudices of the people does it appear to have confidence in its own pronouncements.

“…This analysis shows a need for statements of objectives which….stimulate the creation of new moralities in accord with our changing society.

“…The center of attention is not to be some traits to be expressed, some rules of conduct, some ideal of truth or beauty. The center of attention is to be the situation.

“…The old structure passes. Religion, morality, business, family, school, and state change.

“…Emotional conditioning does determine a great deal of one’s attitudes toward persons, things, and ideas, and is responsible for a large part of one’s outlook on life. Conditioning is therefore a process which may be employed by the teacher or parent to build up attitudes in the child and predispose him to the actions by which these attitudes are expressed.

“…It is probable that the chauvinistic teaching of much of the history of the home country is responsible for a good share of the international friction and conflict.

“…An eminent teacher of ethics, Professor George Herbert Palmer (said): ‘Many here (New England) carry a conscience about with them which makes us say, “How much better off they would be with none!”‘

“…Education must be redirected if it is to become the chief means whereby society will attempt to remake itself.

“…School life will begin with the nursery school and extend to include adult education in various forms. “…It may come to be, in this changing world, that society will come quickly to support and control a program of education extending, for the individual, from the cradle to the grave.

“…As need arises, it will offer the individual opportunity to change quickly or slowly from one vocation or profession to another.

“…The question of demand and supply of workers in the various professions and occupations may in time also become a part of our social planning.
“The objective of character education is to teach the child that he will do the best possible thing in each situation, old and new.

“Presumable the person which has specialized in child psychology and other sciences is better prepared to engineer a group of boys and girls in certain socialized activities than is the lay parent….”

Does this sound like the sexual liberation, situation ethics, social engineering, lifelong learning, school-to-work, redistribute-the-wealth, interdependence, and world citizenship promoted and accepted by many toward the end of the 20th century?

The world government of the power elite will be Socialist in nature, and thus during the 1930s, the United States began to move toward Socialism at the national level. In 1940, former Indiana Congressman Samuel Pattengill authored Smoke-Screen, in which he wrote: ”
I have not believed the immediate threat is Communism. The outright confiscation of property, and the overnight destruction of liberty are not likely. The danger today is something else. It is creeping collectivism.

“…The progress will be gradual but the end inevitable. There will be no sudden coup d’etat. The march will be step by step, and by muffled tread. It will move under the smoke-screen of laudable ‘objectives’ to its hidden goal. That goal is National Socialism.

“…We are yet a long way from National Socialism of the Hitler species. We will probably never get that variety. But that we are moving toward some form of National Socialism and away from our form of government seems hard to not believe.

“…What is really at stake in America today is our form of government. The issue is “Freedom or Feudalism.”

Congressman Pattengill’s reference to the march being “step by step” and his warning about a future feudalism are striking, because in the April 1974 edition of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Foreign Affairs, Rhodes Scholar and CFR member Richard Gardner declared that “the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. “…but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

Gardner in this article went on to explain how GATT would be part of this, and the GATT’s World Trade Organization has today become something of a feudal mechanism whereby the global elite are managing labor serfs in a global economy.

The plan developed many decades ago was that in order to achieve International Socialism with a World Socialist Government, nations (including the U.S.) would first have to move toward the National Socialism about which Congressman Pettengill warned, and then those National Socialist nations could more easily be merged under an International Socialist World Government. Likewise, regional economic arrangements (e.g., NAFTA, the European Community, etc.) would be formed and then merged into a world economic structure such as the WTO, which the power elite would then say had to be managed by a World Socialist Government.

Most people are already familiar with how the global economy has caused American jobs to go overseas to third world nations and how the WTO has coerced the U.S. Congress into changing our laws. Senior writer for the Chicago Tribune, Richard Longworth, in Global Squeeze (1998) wrote that “…the big story of the twenty-first century will be globalization’s impact on the nations of the world. But already, secure jobs at ever-rising wages are becoming a thing of the past.

“…The poor (in the U.S.) are getting poorer, and there are more of them.

“…This is the ‘race to the bottom,’ a process that drives income ever lower.

“This is the dehumanization of labor. No other major country treats its workers as commodities in this way, as raw materials or components that can be bargained to the lowest price.

“…Globalization has already weakened the ability of the governments to control their own economies.

“The global economy is a reality and cannot be denied. But uncontrolled, it can destroy these civilizations, to the point that we will wake one day to discover that we are neither consumers nor producers nor citizens at all.”

How does this bargaining of workers to the lowest level play out in the cities and towns of Florida and all across America? Let’s say there’s an influential businessman who has a grass-cutting or carpet-cleaning or fast food business or one of many other enterprises. And let’s say he gets work permits for 10 migrant workers whom he lodges in a 2 bedroom house. He then goes to his 10 lower middle-class American workers, each of whom has a wife and children and small houses with mortgages, and tells his workers that they are being let go because he can pay his migrant workers a lot less because they share expenses (each would pay only $10 per month on a $100 electric bill, for instance). All it takes is for one businessman in an industry in a community to do this, and others in the same industry in the community are forced to do likewise if they are to remain competitive. This type of thing is happening all across America, and the consequences for American workers and their families are traumatic.

Of course, if we are to have a world government, there will have to be an enforcer. And in that regard, the U.N. tribunal’s arrest of former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic is precedent-setting. Some years ago, the World Federalist Association, which promotes world federal government, outlined a plan for the U.N. to have agencies such as the International Criminal Court whereby national sovereignty would be gradually eroded and a world federation established. President Clinton wrote a letter to the WFA wishing them in general “future success,” and Clinton, of course prosecuted the war against Milosevic over Kosovo. Recently, the Bush administration threatened to withhold reconstruction aid unless Yugoslavia turned Milosevic over to the U.N. tribunal at the Hague on the charge of crimes against humanity. Though the current head of Yugoslavia protested, leading Serbians turned Milosevic over for trial. Of course this is hypocritical, because while current President Bush and former Presidents Bush and Clinton have approved of this action, they at the same time have applauded Mikhail Gorbachev even though he prosecuted the Soviet war against Afghanistan, which included exploding toys that maimed and perhaps even killed some Afghan children. Also, it raises the question of whether Henry Kissinger will be turned over to a U.N. tribunal for what Cambodian leaders have called his illegal war against them 30 years ago. And since the vast majority of the international community was opposed to former President Bush’s invasion of Panama, could he be taken to a U.N. tribunal for trial?

But how would such a U.N. tribunal get around Americans’ Constitutional rights? I’ve said for some time that it would be through crises. Recently, more than one mother has killed her children, and so the cry goes up for the government to monitor families carefully because children may be at-risk. Furthermore, eco-terrorists have recently been committing arson in the northwest, and on June 25, the CBS Evening News showed one of the victims saying:
“A month ago, if you’d asked me, I would have said I didn’t want to live with security systems ruling my life because I didn’t want a fortress mentality. And now I welcome them.”

Crises cause Americans to be more willing to give up Constitutional privacy rights. And every time there’s a shooting, there are calls to limit our Second Amendment right to bear arms. and without that right, how can we defend ourselves if a U.N. tribunal comes after us?

© 2002 Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph. D., All Rights Reserved


By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.

There is a great controversy today over the current educational reform movement known as Common Core (CC). Many people have offered specific criticisms of the movement, but they generally look at CC in isolation. However, it is important to understand the back ground of CC, and a good starting point for that begins with the Illuminati, which began on May 1, 1776.

The fundamental purpose of the Illuminati was to do away with existing authority (e.g., monarchical, religious, etc.) and adopt the principle of its founder, Adam Weishaupt, which was that they, the Illuminati or Enlightened, knew what was best for people. The leaders of CC today also believe they know, even better than parents, what is best in education for children in the United States. Relevant to education, certain members of the Illuminati became tutors to princes, who would then become czars, kings, etc. (e.g., Alexander I of Russia) and be under the influence of the Illuminati.

In terms of what we know today as elementary and secondary education, Illuminati member Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (a Swiss, code-named Alfred) had the greatest influence. According to Will Monroe’s HISTORY OF THE PESTALOZZIAN METHOD IN THE UNITED STATES (1907), the educational ideas of Pestalozzi began to be printed in journals and textbooks in the United States in 1806. They began to be used in some school systems, especially in New England where they were viewed favorably be the intelligentsia of Horace Mann’s day. This was the first half of the 1800s, and Mann became known as the “Father of the American Public Education.”

Utopian Socialist Robert Owen visited Pestalozzi at Yverdon, Switzerland in 1818, and applied the Illuminist’s educational principles in Britain and America. In 1825, Owen established the first commune in the United States in New Harmony, Indiana. Joining Owen in 1828 was Frances Wright (formerly Madame Francoise D’Arusmont from France) who, with Owen’s son Robert Dale Owen and Orestes Brownson, formed the Workingmen’s Party in New York.

According to A CONCISE HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC (vol. 1) by Samuel Morison, Henry Steele Commager, and William Leuchtenburg, Frances Wright became “a lecture-platform apostle of…a system which she called ‘National, Rational, Republican Education, Free for All, at the Expense of All, Conducted under the Guardianship of the State,’ apart from the contaminating influence of parents.” After Brownson became a Christian, he revealed in THE WORKS OF ORESTES BROWNSON (20 volumes) that their plan in establishing their political party was as follows: “The great object was to get rid of Christianity, and to convert our churches into halls of science. The plan was not to make open attacks upon religion, although we might belabor the clergy and bring them into contempt where we could; but to establish a system of state—we said national—schools, from which all religion was to be excluded, in which nothing was to be taught except such knowledge as is verifiable by the senses, and to which all parents were to be compelled by law to send their children. Our complete plan was to take the children from their parents at the age of 12 or 18 months, and to have them nursed, fed, clothed, and trained in these schools at the public expense; but at any rate, we were to have godless schools for all the children of the country….The plan has been successfully pursued…,and the whole action of the country on the subject has taken the direction we sought to give it. One of the principal movers of the scheme had no mean share in organizing the Smithsonian Institute.”

Brownson further revealed that the connection between the Workingmen’s Party, Robert Owen (father of Robert Dale Owen), Pestalozzi and Horace Mann is very important. In HORACE MANN: EDUCATIONAL STATESMAN, Heidelberg College (Ohio) Prof. E.I.F. Williams wrote: “The ‘workingmen’s movement’ was an organization of the liberals in opposition to the conservative order….Its members were the radical wing of the Jacksonian democracy. In 1831 a large convention (of the Workingmen’s Party) made up of farmers and workmen was held in Boston….Leaders such as Horace Mann (in Massachusetts)…urged their cause. Education was advanced as the surest and best method of advancing their aspirations….Labor leaders were enthusiastic about education in tax-supported schools….Education soon took first place among the reforms they demanded. They urged the necessity of an ‘equal, universal, republican system of education.’…Reform was the watch-word of the day….More than two hundred communists Utopias were established….For two or three decades, they centered the attention of the country on socialistic and communistic schemes for human betterment. One of the most famous of the communities was established at New Harmony, Indiana by Robert Owen.”

Part 2

In HORACE MANN : EDUCATIONAL STATESMAN, E.I.F. Williams related that Robert Owen “brought William McClure, ‘father of American geology,’ to organize his school. He first introduced the Pestalozzian system into the United States….Later, the Pestalozzian movement spread to other sections (of the country), and among its enthusiastic champions were Horace Mann….Very soon (after New Harmony) another society based on Owen’s principles was begun at Yellow Springs, Ohio, where Antioch College was to be founded.” Horace Mann was president of Antioch College from 1853 until his death on August 2, 1859. In 1837, Mann had established the first “normal” (public) school in the United States as part of his effort to promote non-sectarian education.

In 1848, the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO was published, including Plank No. 10, which provided for a “Combination of education with industrial production” (a type of school-to-work approach). Nine years later in 1857, the National Education Association (NEA, until 1870 called the National Teachers Association) was founded and emphasized the importance of teachers in children’s education. Following this, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction John Swett in 1864 declared: “The vulgar impression that parents have a legal right to dictate to teachers is entirely erroneous….”

In 1879, Illuminati member Kirchenrat Karl Kasimir Wundt’s (code name Raphael) grandson, Wilhelm Wundt established the first laboratory in experimental psychology at the University of Leipzig (Pavlov studied there in 1884). The first of his American students was G. Stanley Hall, who would become John Dewey’s mentor at Johns Hopkins University (where Dewey received his doctorate in 1884). Educational experimentalists James McKeen Cattell, Charles Judd and James Earl Russell also received doctorates from Wundt. Dewey later become known as the “Father of Progressive Education,” even though Dewey himself used that appellation in reference to Francis Parker, who had studied the ideas of Pestalozzi when in Europe.

Twelve years after receiving his doctorate, Dewey established in January 1896 his own laboratory school at the University of Chicago, an institution of higher learning well-endowed by John D. Rockefeller, Sr. This oil magnate in 1902 chartered the General Education Board, and appointed Frederick Gates (a Baptist minister) as chairman. Gates wrote Occasional Letter, No. 1 (published in THE WORLD’S WORK in 1912) in which he remarked: “In our dream, we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand. The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk.”

On October 12, 1917, THE NEW YORK TIMES published Judge John Hylan’s comments about a letter by Dr. Abraham Flexner (Secretary of the General Education Board and formerly of the Carnegie Foundation describing a “secret conference” of New York City Board of Education’s members to elect a board president who would institute a type of school-to-work outcome-based education program. Five years later, THE NEW YORK TIMES (March 27, 1922) covered a speech by Judge Hylan after he had become mayor of New York City.

In the speech, Mayor Hylan said: “The warning of Theodore Roosevelt has much timeliness today, for the real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, State and nation….The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States Government for their own selfish purposes….These international bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and magazines in this country.” Mayor Hylan quoted from Frederick Gates’ paper mentioned above, and then said “This is the kind of education the coolies receive in China, but we are not going to stand for it in these United States. One of my first acts as Mayor was to pitch out, bag and baggage, from the educational system of our city the Rockefeller agents and the Gary plan of education to fit the children for the mill and factory.”

Part 3

Following the theme of the Illuminati and Common Core proponents that “they know what is best for the rest of us,” Arthur Calhoun in `1919 authored the third volume in his series, A SOCIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN FAMILY, which became a widely used social service textbook. In it, he noted that “the child passes more and more into the custody of community experts,” and he also elaborated that “the new view is that the higher and more obligatory relation is to society rather than to the family; the family goes back to the age of savagery while the state belongs to the age of civilization. The modern individual is a world citizen (a view of the Illuminati), served by the world, and home interests can no longer be supreme….As soon as the new family, consisting of only the parents and the children, stood forth, society saw how many were unfit for parenthood and began to realize the need for community care….As familism weakens, society has to assume a larger parenthood.

The school begins to assume responsibility for the functions thrust upon it….The kindergarten grows downward toward the cradle and there arises talk of neighborhood nurseries….It seems clear that at least in its early stages, socialism will mean an increased amount of social control….We may expect in the socialist commonwealth a system of public educational agencies that will begin with the nursery and follow the individual through life….Those persons that experience alarm at the thought of intrinsic changes in family institutions should remember that in the light of social evolution, nothing is right or valuable in itself.” Remember the above references to “cradle” and “follow the individual through life” when reading a later part of this series describing a letter written by National Center on Education and the Economy president Marc Tucker on November 11, 1992 to Hillary Clinton about Bill Clinton’s presidential victory giving them a chance to implement their “cradle to grave” plan for everyone.

In the 1920s, “Father of Progressive Education” (and later National Education Association honorary president) John Dewey went to the Soviet Union and authored an article in the December 5, 1928 edition of THE NEW REPUBLIC, in which he described “the marvelous development of progressive educational ideas and practices under the fostering care of the Bolshevist government…the required collective and cooperative mentality….The great task of the school is to counteract and transform those domestic and neighborhood tendencies…the influence of home and Church….In order to accomplish this end, the teachers must in the first place know with great detail and accuracy just what the conditions are to which pupils are subject in the home (remember this when reading about Common Core’s collection of large amounts of personal data)….One of the most interesting pedagogical innovations…to discover the actual conditions that influence pupils in their out-of-school life…(is using) the themes of written work, the compositions of pupils, and also a detailed study throughout the year of home and family budgets….The institution of the family is being sapped indirectly rather than by frontal attack….There is no word one hears oftener than Gruppe, and all sorts of groups are instituted that militate against the primary social importance of the family unit.

In consequence, to anyone who looks at the matter cold-bloodedly, free from sentimental associations clustering about the historic family institution, a most interesting sociological experimentation is taking place….Our special concern here is with the role of the schools in building up forces and factors whose natural effect is to undermine the importance and uniqueness of family life….The earliest section of the school system, dealing with children from three to seven, aims to keep children under its charge six, eight, and ten hours a day, and in ultimate ideal this procedure is to be universal and compulsory….Reference to this phase of Soviet education may perhaps be suitably concluded by a quotation from Lenin: ‘We must declare openly what is concealed, namely, the political function of the school….It is to construct communist society.'”

The next year (1929), Edward Thorndike (trained by Wundtians in the United States) and Arthur Gates authored ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES OF EDUCATION, in which one reads: “Traditionally the elementary school has been primarily devoted to teaching the fundamental subjects, the three R’s, and closely related disciplines….Artificial exercises, like drills on phonetics, multiplication tables, and formal writing movements, are used to a wasteful degree. Subjects such as arithmetic, language, and history include content that is intrinsically of little value….”

(In an upcoming part of this series, NEA president Catherine Barrett will make a similar comment in 1973.) Pursuing these “progressive education” attitudes, Thorndike will produce new spellers, math texts, dictionaries, and textbooks on education and educational testing.

A year later (1930), the “Dick and Jane” basal reading series begins, using the “look-say” or “whole word” method of reading instruction Up until this time, there was a high rate of literacy among the people of the United States, but the consequences of “progressive educators” using the “look-say” approach (instead of the highly successful intensive phonics method) will prove disastrous, causing a growing problem of illiteracy.

How our Federal Constitution Secures our Unalienable Rights

by Brent Parrish


Since our public schools no longer teach civics, in any meaningful way, many Americans are utterly clueless when it comes to the U.S. Constitution and the enumerated powers contained therein. When the American people no longer know their rights, then any manner of usurpation and violation against those rights is possible by an overreaching federal government.

In cooperation with Publius Huldah, I have put together a series of slides written by Publius Huldah in the hope that they will be shared with others so Americans can begin to reclaim their God-given rights, and gain a better understanding of the enumerated powers spelled out in the U.S. Constitution.

Enumerated-Powers-PH-3 Enumerated-Powers-PH-4 Enumerated-Powers-PH-5 Enumerated-Powers-PH-6 Enumerated-Powers-PH-7 Enumerated-Powers-PH-8