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Never Give In, Never Yield, Never Quit

By Jim O’Neill
“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.  Never yield to force.  Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
Winston S. Churchill
Again, and again, in letters to Congress and to his officers, and in his general orders, [George Washington] had called for perseverance – for “perseverance and spirit,” for “patience and perseverance,” for “unremitting courage and perseverance.”  …Without Washington’s leadership and unrelenting perseverance, the revolution almost certainly would have failed.  [Italics added]
David McCollough “1776”
“Never, ever give up, never quit…if I give you one message to hold in your hearts today, it’s this,” said the president, “Never, ever give up.”
President Donald J. Trump
Judge Jeanine Pirro was in rare form during the opening statement of her show last night.  “Lock her up!” she said of Hillary Clinton.  She added, “Starting Monday this has to happen, Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller must be fired immediately” (along with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein).  Pirro opined that former FBI Director James Comey “needs to be the target of a federal criminal investigation.”
Did I leave anybody out?  Oh yeah — Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Andrew McCabe, Jeff Sessions….  The list is somewhat lengthy actually.  Regarding Mr. Sessions my jury is still out…but as the old saying goes “If you lie down with dogs, you rise up with fleas.”  Sessions served twenty years in Congress – plenty of time to pick up a few fleas.  I believe Sessions is a good man…but the republic does not need a man who is merely good at the helm of the DOJ, America needs a good person who can also kick ass and take names.  I have some doubts about Jeff Sessions in that regard.
In any event, what in God’s name has become of the FBI?  Mueller, Comey, McCabe, and who knows how many other FBI head honchos, have shot their own organization in the foot – crippling its effectiveness and badly tarnishing it once sterling reputation.  They have allowed the FBI to be used as a tool to further corruption and an ideological/political agenda.  For that reason alone, these people should be investigated, and jailed if found guilty of criminal activity.
The very first accomplishment of note that the Mueller investigation has been able to come up with is a leak!  A leak to CNN – timed, as anyone with half an un-brainwashed brain knows, to distract from the mounting furor over the real Russian collusion, between the Democrats and Russia.  I can hear the message that was sent down the pike: “Mueller give us something, ANYTHING, and do it NOW dammit!”  Or words to that effect.
It doesn’t matter one bit what the bone is that Mueller throws to the MSM propaganda outlets tomorrow, as long as it gives them something to gnaw and focus on besides the all too obvious culpability and corruption of the Democrats – flagrant and systemic.  And o yes, I must not forget to include the various establishment Republican Never Trumper factions.
The emperor is without clothes, the curtain has been drawn aside from the Great Oz, and the seedy political underbelly of Washington DC stands revealed in all its disgusting rottenness.  The establishment, the Deep State, the Powers That Be, whatever you wish to call them, are frantically erecting last minute defenses.
They will be throwing everything, including the kitchen sink and all its plumbing, at us – you know it and I know it.  First Mueller’s bogus distraction will fill the news-cycle tomorrow and then…then we can expect an increase in “protests” and demonstrations, starting with Antifa on November 4th (the anniversary of the 1979 Muslim attack on the US embassy in Iran and the kidnapping of the Americans who worked there).
This is not a time for “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” – hence this article’s title and opening quotes.  This is a time for American patriots to, not simply stand firm, but to advance, to take the battle to the enemy, boldly and rapidly.
By that I mean prosecuting the corruption in DC quickly, fearlessly, and ruthlessly.  Support President Trump and anyone who is fighting the good fight on behalf of the American republic and We the People.  Let them know that we have their back and will never give in, never yield, never quit!

President Trump and Perkins Coie

By Jim O’Neill
Marc E. Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to conduct the research.
After that, Fusion GPS hired dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community, according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Elias and his law firm, Perkins Coie, retained the company in April 2016 on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC.
Adam Entous, Devlin Barrett, Rosalind Helderman (“The Washington Post”) “Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier
Well finally.  The nefarious nature of the so called “Russian dossier” has come to light, and its salacious (read that as lewd and crude) allegations against President Trump will soon be shown for the slanderous falsehoods that they always were.
It is important to note that the DNC, Clinton, Christopher Steele, and the Russians, came into the picture after the original investigation by Fusion GPS was started and then dropped by an as yet unnamed Republican.  The entire Steele/Russia dossier is wholly owned by the Democrats.  (Which Republicans assisted in disseminating it is another matter).  The company that “investigated” the material in the dossier, Fusion GPS, was hired by the law firm Perkins Coie.
As my colleague Andrew McCarthy notes, it’s a clever arrangement. The use of the law firm adds a layer of deniability, and when controversy arises, Fusion GPS is able to appeal to attorney-client privilege to shield itself from scrutiny.
David French “The Russia Dossier Story: A Perfect Storm of Clinton Deception, Media Irresponsibility, and Democratic Moral Blindness
Besides reportedly being involved with the Clinton/Comey/McCain/Russia/Trump dossier imbroglio, the Seattle based law firm of Perkins Coie (founded 1912) is reputed to have been largely responsible for the legal firewall erected around much of Barack Obama’s past.
Perkins Coie is counsel of record for the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Leadership Council, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Other political clients include nearly all Democratic members of the United States Congress. It has also represented several presidential campaigns, including those of John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.
Wikipedia “Perkins Coie
As you’ll recall, Obama’s American citizenship (or lack thereof) was a cause celebre among conservatives prior to the 2008 presidential election, and especially in the years immediately afterward.  At the center of the controversy were two forensically disputed birth certificates shown on the Internet.  The controversy has never been resolved to the satisfaction of those doubting the veracity of the documents.
It is not a question of whether Obama was born in Hawaii, Kenya, Tasmania, or wherever, it’s a question of the legitimacy of the birth certificates…and a number of other pertinent questions.
One of the people concerned about these questions was Donald Trump.  I wrote about it at the time (2011) in an article with the New York Post-worthy title “Help Trump Dump the Chump!”  The fact that someone with the nationally recognized status of Donald Trump was questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificates added an exposure and gravitas to the issue that it had previously lacked.
When [Obama White House counsel] Robert Bauer got up to speak, one of the reporters asked him, “Bob, can you explain why President Obama let this drag on for four years?  Was it Donald Trump who prompted you to issue this?”  One month earlier, Trump was a guest on the TV show The View and had asked, “Why does Obama refuse to show his long-form birth certificate?”
Ronald Jay PollandObama Revealed More Than His Birth Certificate Last Year
During Donald Trump’s campaign to, first win the Republican nomination, and then the presidency in 2016, the MSM made hay with the remarks he had made concerning Obama’s birth certificates in prior years.  Time will tell if their snarky remarks come back to bite them in a manner similar to what is presently happening in regard to their fake Trump/Russia collusion narrative.
In closing, let me state that I am definitely not accusing Perkins Coie of any wrongdoing.  I am simply pointing out that Perkins Coie and President Trump seem destined to butt heads from time to time.  Who, if anyone, will come out the winner is impossible to say…personally I’m betting on President Trump.

James Comey, The FBI’s, And Clinton’s Politically Corrupt Dirty Cop

Contrary to numerous false press accounts leading up to today’s hearing, Mr. Comey has now finally confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told the President privately:  The President was not under investigation as part of any probe into Russian interference.  He also admitted that there is no evidence that a single vote changed as a result of any Russian interference. Marc  Kasowitz, President Trump’s personal lawyer
How does a man with absolutely no law enforcement experience become the head of the most modern crime fighting organization in the United States? 

James Comey has proven himself to be a poisonous swamp snake who was paid to deliberately provide cover for high-level corruption by the Clintons and Obama.  And now he has been offered a $10 million-dollar book deal following his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, with a movie to follow making this louse out as a hero.
We know that Comey has been central in trying to destroy the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration. He is as dirty as they come in DC.  His level of cover, the FBI, was deep into an effort to dump Trump.  And what Trump and Sessions’ DOJ did was spectacular.  When Comey was 3,000 miles away, they fired him and dumped his entire office.  Trump moved quickly, and exactly at the right time to cut off the head off the snake of this traitorous Obama/Clinton insider.  Superb inside job by Trump and Sessions!
Comey’s Clinton Connections
James Comey was also director and board member of HSBC Bank until 2013, which is tightly connected to the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation received up to $81 million from clients of the controversial bank. This is the same HSBC that was accused of laundering drug cartel money, was heavily involved in the LIBOR scandal (huge price fixing scandal), and who knows what else, and all while our esteemed FBI Director James Comey says “she didn’t intend it.”  Yeah, right!
Top that off with Loretta Lynch telling Comey to call the Hillary investigation a “matter,” because the words “criminal investigation” insinuated that a crime had been committed.  Uh, yeah, it had.  Comey admitted to colluding with Loretta Lynch to falsify his statements to benefit Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Limbaugh asked where the Republicans were on Comey’s admissions about Loretta Lynch?  Not a word from them…other than Louis Gohmert.
Remember the Whitewater Investigation?  Twenty years ago, Comey, an attorney on the Senate Whitewater Investigation, was looking into the conduct of President Bill Clinton and the first lady, Hillary.  The investigation was to determine whether Bill used his political position as Governor of Arkansas in the 80s to push through an illegal loan to benefit their business partner in Whitewater.  Several people involved went to jail, but no criminal prosecution came down for the Clintons.  James Comey was the Deputy Special Counsel for the investigation.
Remember all those last-minute Bill Clinton pardons right before he left the White House? The list was supposed to be given to Congress for approval well ahead of Bill’s last day.  Among the many questionable pardons was billionaire Marc Rich (who traded illegally with America’s enemies, including Iran).  The whole deal reeked of impropriety after learning that Rich’s wife donated $450,000 to the Clinton Library.   Again, James Comey oversaw investigations of the pardons, and he did not recommend charging Clinton in any of these matters.  Barbara Olson exposed this in her book, The Final Days.  She was my friend, and died on 9/11 in the plane that hit the Pentagon.
Remember the interesting chance meeting of Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport where they allegedly spoke about their grandchildren?  Shortly after the meeting, FBI Director Comey released his decision not to press charges on Hillary.  He couldn’t wait to exonerate Hillary Clinton, and he said, “I can’t find any intent on her part to share classified data, and therefore no prosecutor would do so.”

AND, in an unprecedented move, he imposed a gag order on all the agents involved with the Hillary email investigation.  Suspicious?  You bet!
So, we have Lynch, previously appointed by Bill Clinton, and formerly an employee of the law firm that is connected to Hillary’s email scandal, in charge of the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal.  The lead investigative agency is led by a man who twice investigated the Clintons and both times found them not guilty of wrong doing.  He was also appointed by the current President, Obama, who appointed Lynch, who is Comey’s boss.  Comey and Lynch have known each other for decades as well.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.
Trump Never Under Investigation
President Trump was never under investigation and Comey told him that three times, beginning in January.  Marco Rubio even made the point that everything in the administration had been leaking except that Trump was not under investigation! That didn’t leak, and of course, we know why.
The entire Senate and House Intelligence communities have known since January that Trump was not under investigation.  Every socialist Democrat as well as the Republicans, have known this. Comey had told everyone in a closed session up on Capitol Hill that Trump was not under investigation.
Many of the Democrat Senators knew our President was not being investigated, yet they continued to make those false media charges.  And guess who the worst ones were…Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren.
Dan McLaughlin, National Review: Just think how many times Schumer made the charge while knowing all along it wasn’t true. All these Democrats charging Trump, alluding to it, alleging. Some of them saying they haven’t seen any evidence of collusion. They were honest about that. But they did not divulge that they knew Trump was not under investigation. This is a huge media scam. Contrast this with Hillary.
Now the Dems are claiming they never said that Trump was under investigation by the FBI.  However, it is blatantly false, their claims appeared in numerous leftist rags.
Again, where were the Republicans shouting for the cameras, for the people, the idea that Trump had not been a target for three months and that everybody knew it? Where were the Republicans on TV excoriating this investigation and chastising the Democrats for perpetrating this fraud? Where are the Republicans?  Silent, and capitulating as usual.
Comey a Big Leaker
He leaked data, property of the FBI, to the New York Times via his professor buddy.  He’s a leaker, and for that he should be charged.  His on-camera admission was stunning.
And, while testifying, Comey stated nine times that he might be wrong. “Although I could be wrong. I might be wrong. I could very well be wrong.” Nine times. Like Limbaugh said, he was definitely covering his arse.
Here is the Director of the FBI, the nation’s top cop, and what does he do?  He acts like a whiny school boy and plays very dastardly games behind the scenes.  So, when he testifies, he tries to explain it away by saying that he was afraid of President Trump.  The guy is 6’8” tall, and he’s afraid of Trump…really?
Comey said he only started writing memos after he met Trump, because he said he thought Trump was a liar and a mean person.  He’s lying again.  He also wrote memos when he spoke to George W. Bush, and admitted it in the book, Angler, which he helped Barton Gellman write about Dick Cheney.  Perhaps he decided he’d collect info on presidents to keep in files just like those of J. Edgar Hoover.
He claimed Trump was lying about him and lying about the FBI, and that he was afraid of Trump.  So, what did he do? He called a buddy of his at the Columbia School of Journalism, Columbia University, and asked him to “share” the memos, his inside private information from talks with our President. This is not “sharing” anything; this is leaking!  And he hoped his buddy would leak it to the media.
Mark Bauerlein, writes, “During his testimony, James Comey didn’t sound like the head of a fearsome investigative agency. He sounded like a middle manager in business who’s just attended a human resources seminar on inappropriate behavior in the workplace.”
No Russian Collusion
There never was any evidence that votes were tampered with by Russia, and Comey admitted it over and over again.  So, if Trump was never part of any investigation, what is all this fake news about Russian involvement in the presidential election.  It’s horse hockey promoted by the commie Democrats and media, and we all know it.  What a waste of taxpayer dollars on this fake news garbage investigation.
Dershowitz: Dem Pundits Endangering Civil Liberties
Democrat Alan Dershowitz, a strict interpreter of the law, has been stellar in exposing the truth.  This is the crowning glory of truth to the lying leftist media from a fellow Democrat who knows the Constitution.  He has made mincemeat of the leftist commentators who haven’t a clue of what our Constitution says.  Watch his interview with Anderson Cooper.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovlo8hehqh8]
Dershowitz’s article, Comey Confirms That I’m right — and All the Democratic Commentators Are Wrong, explains everything constitutionally.  Here’s part of what he said:
The left seems to believe the FBI Director has powers independent of the President which is totally untrue.  (Dershowitz has pointed out over and over again that the left does not understand our Constitution.)
Look, when Obama was president, he ordered the FBI to do exactly what he wanted done, and no one spoke against it.  That’s the president’s privilege.
Comey confirmed that under our Constitution, the president has the authority to direct the FBI to stop investigating any individual. The president can, in theory, decide who to investigate, who to stop investigating, who to prosecute and who not to prosecute.  The president is the head of the unified executive branch of government, and the Justice Department and the FBI work under him and he may order them to do what he wishes.
As a matter of law, Comey is 100 percent correct.  As I have long argued, and as Comey confirmed in his written statement, our history shows that many presidents—from Adams to Jefferson, to Lincoln, to Roosevelt, to Kennedy, to Bush 1, and to Obama – have directed the Justice Department with regard to ongoing investigations. The history is clear, the precedents are clear, the constitutional structure is clear, and common sense is clear.
Yet virtually every Democratic pundit, in their haste to “get” President Trump, has willfully ignored these realities.  In doing so they have endangered our civil liberties and constitutional rights.
Now that even former Director Comey has acknowledged that the Constitution would permit the president to direct the Justice Department and the FBI in this matter, let us put the issue of obstruction of justice behind us once and for all and focus on the political, moral, and other non-criminal aspects of President Trump’s conduct.
Donald Trump cannot be prosecuted for exercising constitutional authority.
Kasowitz Files Complaint
President Trump’s personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz will file a complaint with the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General asking for an inquiry into James Comey over his leaking the details of his conversations with the president and the memos about those conversations, according to a source close to the Trump legal team.
Kasowitz is also drafting a similar submission to be sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the former FBI director’s Senate testimony and “other matters,” according to ABC news.
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For Clintons, a Hedge Fund in the Family

By and

Since marrying Chelsea Clinton five years ago, Marc Mezvinsky, a money manager, appears to have settled into his life as Bill and Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law. He has regularly appeared at charitable events, once introducing the former president at the Clinton Foundation’s celebrity poker tournament by dryly saying, “You may have heard of my father-in-law.” And at the recent N.B.A. All-Star Game, Mr. Mezvinsky took a seat next to Mr. Clinton and his partner in charitable endeavors, Dikembe Mutombo, the former basketball star.

Beyond the glamour, being part of the Clinton family has provided Mr. Mezvinsky with another perk: access to wealthy investors with ties to the Clintons.

When Mr. Mezvinsky and his partners began raising money in 2011 for a new hedge fund firm, Eaglevale Partners, a number of investors in the firm were longtime supporters of the Clintons, according to interviews and financial documents reviewed by The New York Times. Tens of millions of dollars raised by Eaglevale can be attributed to investors with some relationship or link to the Clintons.

clintonMarc Mezvinsky, right, with his father-in-law, former President Bill Clinton, and the N.B.A. star Dikembe Mutombo in February.Credit Elsa/Getty Images

The investors include hedge fund managers like Marc Lasry and James Leitner; an overseas money management firm connected to the Rothschild family; and people from Goldman Sachs, including the chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein. Some of the investors in Eaglevale have contributed campaign money to the former president and Mrs. Clinton, who is widely expected to run for president again in 2016. Some have also contributed to the family’s foundation.

Identifying who put money into Eaglevale, a roughly $400 million fund that has had underwhelming returns for much of its brief history, is difficult because hedge funds do not publicly disclose their investors. Still, the overlap between at least some of Eaglevale’s investors and backers of the Clintons illustrates how politics and finance can intersect and shows the fine line the Clinton family must navigate as their charitable and business endeavors come under scrutiny in an election cycle.

There are several examples of Eaglevale investors with relationships with the Clintons. Rock Creek Group, a Washington-based investment advisory firm, placed $13 million from the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and another public pension fund with Eaglevale in late 2011 and early 2012. Rock Creek’s chairwoman, Afsaneh Beschloss, attended state dinners at the Clinton White House in the late 1990s and was a panelist in the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in September in New York. (Her husband, Michael, is a well-known presidential historian and occasional writer for The Times.)

Mr. Lasry, a co-founder of the big hedge fund Avenue Capital and a longtime friend and financial backer of both the former president and Mrs. Clinton, said he invested $1 million in Eaglevale. In an interview in his Park Avenue office, adorned with many photos of him with the former president, he said that he recommended that his relative by marriage, Craig Effron, another hedge fund manager, also invest in the fund.

“I gave them money because I thought they would make me money,” said Mr. Lasry, whose $13 billion firm was one of the first places Chelsea worked after graduating from Stanford.

A number of other investors reached by The Times declined to be interviewed.

Some investors in Eaglevale, and other people briefed on the firm’s management, said that Mr. Mezvinsky’s more veteran partners, Bennett Grau and Mark Mallon, have played crucial roles in raising money for the fund. Mr. Grau and Mr. Mallon have long track records as successful traders at Goldman, and Mr. Grau’s involvement was said to be a particular draw to financial investors who run other hedge funds and money management firms. Mr. Mezvinsky worked for Mr. Grau at Goldman for a while.

Mr. Mezvinsky and his partners declined to be interviewed for this article.

Kamyl Bazbaz, a Clinton Foundation spokesman, said, “Where our supporters choose to invest is obviously their personal prerogative and has nothing to do with the foundation in any respect.”

Mr. Mezvinsky, 37, is the most prominent executive at Eaglevale, a so-called macro fund that makes trades based on global economic and political events. The fund is a relatively small one in an industry with roughly $3 trillion in assets.

Mr. Mezvinsky is a Stanford graduate who is the child of political parents himself. His father, Edward M. Mezvinsky, was a two-term member of Congress from Iowa, and his mother, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, served a term in Congress from Pennsylvania.

Mr. Mezvinsky worked at Goldman Sachs for eight years before moving to a private equity firm. He is widely credited with spearheading Eaglevale’s big bullish bet on Greek bank stocks and Greek debt. Unfortunately for investors in Eaglevale — named after a bridge in Central Park — that trade has largely resulted in disappointing returns.

When Mr. Mezvinsky worked on Wall Street, his responsibilities included pitching investment ideas to hedge funds before he moved onto the trading desk. Among his partners, Mr. Mezvinsky is the one most at ease with appearing on panels to discuss investment strategies, one of which was the firm’s bet on beaten down Greek banks. In 2013, he took part in a small private meeting a Wall Street bank arranged in New York for a number of hedge fund managers with Greece’s prime minister at the time, Antonis Samaras.

Goldman Sachs, where Mr. Mezvinsky and his partners had met years earlier, was also important to Eaglevale’s start.

Goldman has a close connection to the Clintons, and its executives have been political contributors over the years. More recently, Goldman has made donations of more than $1 million to the family’s foundation, which in recent years has leased office space in a Goldman building downtown. (A Goldman spokesman, Andrew Williams, said the foundation had asked to break its lease, but the Wall Street company refused.)

Mr. Williams, though, said Mr. Blankfein had invested with Eaglevale because of his friendship with Mr. Grau, a longtime colleague and the fund’s chief investment officer.

In 2012, Eaglevale raised $15 million from an investment vehicle in the domain of Jacob Rothschild, who with members of his far-flung family has donated to the Clinton Foundation. The investment, financial records show, came before President Clinton spoke at a conference in Oxford that was sponsored by the Rothschild Foundation, of which Mr. Rothschild is chairman.

Mr. Rothschild declined to comment through Tom Burns, a spokesman for his firm, RIT Capital Partners. A person briefed on the matter and close to Eaglevale, but not authorized to speak publicly, said Mr. Clinton’s appearance at the conference had nothing to do with the investment from the Rothschild-managed firm, Trading Capital Holdings.

Eaglevale’s flagship fund, with about $380 million in assets, is up about 10 percent this year, but that follows a poor performance in 2014. Last year that fund lost 3.6 percent largely because its bets on an economic recovery in Greece failed to pay off. By comparison, hedge funds using the same kinds of macro strategies as Eaglevale on average rose 5.62 percent in 2014, according to Hedge Fund Research, an industry performance tracking firm.

Eaglevale had worse luck with a fund that raised $25 million solely to bet on a recovery in Greece. Its 40 percent plunge last year was previously reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Some investors in Eaglevale have withdrawn from or reduced their investments. The investment linked to the Rothschild fund, for example, withdrew about half of its allotment.

The two public pension investors that invested in Eaglevale at the recommendation of the Rock Creek Group are out of the fund altogether. Calpers left the fund as part of a retreat from hedge fund investments. The other pension fund, whose identity could not be determined, left because of the firm’s poor performance, said another person briefed on the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

In letters to its investors month after month last year, Mr. Mezvinsky and his partners sounded an upbeat and confident note that Greece would soon be on the path to a “sustainable recovery.” It was not until the end of last year that Eaglevale finally acknowledged, “Our recent predictions regarding Greek politics have proved incorrect.”

Eaglevale’s flagship fund has since withdrawn from much of its Greek trading. The firm is now betting big on the United States dollar to outperform a number of foreign currencies.

That is a trade some investors attributed largely to Mr. Grau.