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New California School Books Slam-DumpTrump!

by Rev. Austin Miles
Why Churches MUST open Christian Schools. Public Schools now the Devil’s Domain to Promote Evil
Our schools today are not places of higher learning but government re-education camps of propaganda to further the One World Order agenda where the world would live under the orders of one dictator.  Never has this columnist seen such malfeasance as that being practiced in today’s schools, used to brainwash students and to control the very thoughts of them. Leftist thoughts that is.
In our public schools today, there are mandatory LGBTQ classes to indoctrinate minds that gay is OK and perversion is strength. No student is allowed to opt-out of these sick classes. This is shocking, destructive and downright nasty. No one could even think of such things happening in our schools back in the days when Communism and homosexuality were hidden and virtue expected.
As usual, California is the leader of dingbat rulings that then spread throughout the nation like a fast moving plague. What happens in California unfortunately does not stay in California.
The public schools, totally run by Communist Democrats, use valuable class time where classic education has been obliterated and replaced with indoctrination of left wing politics. Graduating students come out knowing absolutely nothing but pushing back on all things decent and joining protest marches.
The latest school ‘history’ books in California describe our legally voted-in president, Donald Trump as a “racist’ and ‘mentally ill.’ Over 68 million people voted Trump into office. This is who the majority of voters wanted in The Oval Office. But the leftist immediately began trying to “impeach” our duly elected President so that one of them could take over. Trying to impeach a just elected president is ridiculous. Especially since he immediately began to accomplish everything he promised.
The earlier  schools taught manners, discipline, respect, Love of God and patriotism.  But that all ended in the 60’s when we allowed atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair to complain, take to court and persuade that court-The Supreme Court- to abolish prayer in schools because she simply did not believe in God. So others should not believe in Him either. Kicking God out of our schools was not the most brilliant decision. This turned Satan loose to rampage and begin his unending evil which is now seen every day.
Todd Starnes was the first to publish this latest outrage that Advancement Placement students, beginning in California, are going to be taught that President Trump is mentally insane and his supporters, all of whom are mostly older, often rural or suburban, are also overwhelmingly white. That did it by golly.
In other words, Advanced Placement students are going to be taught that President Trump is mentally insane and his supporters are a bunch of irredeemable deplorables. Such descriptions would be laughable, but this garbage is being shoved into the minds of impressionable American teenagers.
Worse yet, a Pearson (Textbook Publisher) spokesperson defended the textbook, claiming it underwent “rigorous peer review to ensure academic integrity.” Academic Malfeasance would be a more accurate description.
Then there came SNOPES, the organization to correct phony news, so they say. That organization is owned partly by George Soros, who controls all the media and has Snopes to debunk any stories that he disagrees with. Snopes attacked this columnist who had learned that shortly after 9-11, Islam was being taught in the public schools, and wrote a world wide feature on it, after getting copies of the lesson plans and handouts. The media came down on me, and The Pittsburgh Gazette, had a Muslim writer tear me apart, calling me a liar and by name in the headline of their story.
Snopes said that the story was a hoax, that the entire story of Islam being taught in the public schools was a lie, in order to kill the story and keep it from the public.  Interesting, Soros controls the news media and the organization that tears apart legitimate stories to keep the public in the dark.
This latest attack on public school books slamming President Trump serves two purposes by the Soros Snopes: (1) It takes a major story, makes the story its own by slamming it, which brings Snopes more click bait with all public attention on their version of a major event, and (2) It serves to discredit anyone they want to bring down.
When pinned down, SNOPES stated that it was a lie that Pearson Textbooks teach that President Trump is a mental case. No, by golly, they say that ‘during polls taken during the pre-election, some persons said that Donald Trump was mentally insane and racist.’ Well that’s a big difference doncha know. Someone else saying this to someone else is not textbook publishers stating this, but random people.  Notice how Soros managed to get that idea out.
The Muslim indoctrination courses forced upon seventh grade public school students that this columnist attempted to stop, has expanded. Islamic and Muslim ideology has multiplied to the extent that we now have 50 Muslims in national political offices. Muslims now speak in public schools and in front of community organizations. And the public have been so blinded that they allow this.
Meanwhile despicable crimes are being committed by Muslims throughout the United States. I think of the three Muslim kids who raped a 3 year old and then urinated on her. This took place in an Idaho Falls  apartment building they had been placed in by do-gooders who want to prove they love everybody. Residue of a bull! Forget these fantasies and deal with life itself honestly.
Americans have seemingly taken leave of their senses by voting Muslims into U.S. political offices. This is more than dumb. It is downright stupidity since it results in national suicide. Look at France and Germany.
One of those Muslims ‘voted’ into public office, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) returned to her home district in Minnesota last week to visit some area schools.  She spoke at Saint Anthony Middle School in Minneapolis and it was reported that parents and press were NOT ALLOWED to attend. Activist Mommy,  Elizabeth Johnston, an excellent website, made this known. The school stuck to their guns and shuttered doors to parents and the press.
What does Omar have to hide? What does the school? What gives them a right to host such a highly controversial speaker without allowing for press and parental oversight? This is highly disturbing. And just plain nuts!  As a public servant, anytime she is speaking to the public she should be on the public record.
Public schools are becoming nothing more than indoctrination factories for children. If you hope your child will be able to think freely for themselves one day and use facts to guide them (versus feelings), now might be the time to consider alternatives to public school!
We want ladies and gentlemen to graduate from our schools, not sexual deviants, anti-Americans, anti-God misfits and criminals.
There is so much more garbage sweeping into the public schools.  There is only one solution. Get your kids OUT of Public School!
READERS, contact your pastors and persuade them to open a Christian School in their churches. PASTORS, listen to them. It takes virtually nothing to open a Christian school. It is not complicated. This columnist taught in Christian School for a couple of years and saw first hand what an excellent choice that was for students.

Evangelicals Pray for Prez in W.H.–Dems O U T R A G E D !!!

by Rev. Austin Miles

It was a spontaneous event with historical significance.  According to Faith Leader Johnnie Moore, a group of ministers were in the White House for an all-day meeting on policy that did not involve the leader of the free world.  President Trump learned that they were there and insisted that they come to the Oval Office to say “hi.”
President Trump, who has an excellent relationship with faith leaders was more than willing when they offered to lay hands on him and pray for his success and safety as well as thanking God for placing him in the most powerful office in the world by overpowering a totally rigged election. That election was so rigged that the world was shocked when the results came in.
California Governor Moonbeam (Jerry Brown) made a rule that all illegals in the state could vote since voting is taking a valid part in a country you wish to be a part of. And vote they did. Over 2-3 million illegals cast their votes for Hillary. A knuckle-headed Virginia governor ordered a bill that would allow, now listen to this, all convicted felons to vote (for Hillary).That resulted in over 40,000 additional votes for the Hill on the Hill.
(A convicted felon loses his right to vote.)  Voting machines, manufactured by George Soros flipped votes from Trump to Hillary…this has been documented. We’ve done our homework.
Of course the George Soros owned news media pulled every possible slam technique to make every single line with Trump in the story negative. With this latest nonsense one can see that the Soros Democrats can even turn praying for someone into a negative.
Clergy praying for the President of The United States was a part of America from her founding.  They wanted a country of morals, integrity, character, honesty, and a belief and love of God, They wanted our lives to be patterned on the principles of The Bible. The founders, many of them clergymen understood fully that a country based upon the above noted principles would be a strong country, even in the face of enemies who may try to do us harm. And no country could defeat us until we began mocking God, celebrating perversion and riotous living while working to get the Bible out of sight.
It became illegal to have Bibles and prayer in schools. The term, Christmas, was banned and Christmas programs became, ‘Winter Celebrations.’ The following year after the banning of the Bible and Prayer, the crime rate increased over 300%.That percentage has continued to climb ever since.
As the result, our country became a land of chaos. Child rape is not only a common occurrence but indeed an expected one. RECENTLY three immigrant Muslim kids who had been brought into America and put up in an apartment, viciously and violently raped a little five year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Not content with that these Muslim savages also urinated in the little child’s mouth.
We have just learned the outcome of that outrage. Those punks did not get one day in prison or even at a juvenile facility. They were simply let go with no punishment. Even more outrageous, the Obama appointed State Attorney General made a public statement that anyone who makes a negative statement about the Muslim refugees will be charged and punished.
This is a result of pushing God, the Bible, morality and Christianity out of our lives. There was a time when people showed respect for each other, were polite, honest and did not parade their sins publicly for the world to see. Talk about thumbing ones’ nose at God. That will not continue without severe consequences.
So at last, during the worst time of our history, we saw clergy laying their hands in prayer over our new President. Some photos were taken by Johnnie Moore, a former vice president of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, one used in this story, and a couple of others were released on Twitter. This group included Vice President Mike Pence and top Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner . Moore is the author of: “Defying ISIS: Preserving Christianity in the Place of its Birth and in Your Own Backyard.”
Interesting, it is OK to defile the White House with rainbow colors celebrating the sin of homosexuality covering the People’s House, and to bring in anarchists and criminals, but bring in God and all hell comes alive. Here are some of the reactions from the Communist Democrat-progressives regarding praying in The White House:
CNN (Communist News Network) jumped into action immediately when that tweet got out about the prayers in the White House, by tying to convince their sucker-audiences that this proves the allegations of collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government, which authorities believe (no “authorities” listed”) conducted a cyber war and hacking campaign in a bid to disrupt the November election.
How’s that again? What does one have to do with the other? This is nuts!  So praying for someone proves that Trump colluded with Russia to swing our election over to Hillary? Now we’ve heard it all. What’s more, other idiotic comments state that this entire prayer business in the White House is a cover up for “Russian Collusion,” and “this has all knocked the entire White House off Balance,” preached The Washington Post and The New York Times--All the fake news that’s not fit to print. We suppose this statement would prove that prayer is powerful.
It gets even nuttier. When the twitter photo went out, the Dems went into a hissy fit sending vulgar curse words to Johnnie Moore who said these were the vilest messages he had ever received. And this was all over him praying with the president.
The image of prayer in the White House immediately sparked an angry backlash, including allegations that Moore is somehow racist for having a better relationship with Trump than with his predecessor. We knew racism had to get in here somehow.
The Democrats, who are experts at twisting every event in our society, are conniving, cunning schemers who are so uneducated that they have no idea how this New One World Government that they are pushing so hard to achieve will affect their own lives.
They are so misled and uninformed that they would probably try to get rich selling Songs without Words. Wait! Isn’t that basically what they are doing now?
What we saw at the White House this past Tuesday was totally correct, proper, and encouraging. I’m sure those pastors who prayed with the President also gave thanks to God for performing the miracle that put him in office, yes, I too believe, with the deck stacked the way it was for the most wicked candidate in history, almost fool proof, that prayers were answered as millions upon millions of people were up early every morning playing an Abrahamic prayer asking God’s intervention.
And against all odds, God stepped in and answered those prayers, the prayers that astonished the world. Russia had nothing to do with Trump’s victory. It was The Hand of God that stepped in and propelled millions of voters to head to the polls.
Moore said evangelicals “have a wide open door like never before into this administration,” and suggested progressives will have to make peace with the fact that the president of the United States openly prays with leading evangelicals. This is good news for millions of people, with the exception of the Democrat Communists, Satanists, LGBT, Progressives and deviants.
“This wasn’t the first time, it won’t be the last time,” Moore said. “And the principle promise that evangelicals have made to the president, the vice president, and the administration is that millions of us will be praying for him every day.”
All of us have a profound duty to pray for our president, to get back to church-if you hear a distortion of The Holy Scriptures or any of that New Age crap at any time, RUN, don’t walk to the nearest exit, then go find a church that preaches the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then join a Bible study group. Base your life on the principles of the Bible.
We now have a president who will stand with the Christians and the ministers.  We have been miraculously given a second chance. Let’s not blow it. Let only God be the authority of your life
Our thanks to journalist David A. Patten for writing the original story for NewsMax, one of the very few places where you can read the REAL news.

Elderly Nazi Flails Columnist

My comments:  The Old Nazi who wrote to Pastor Miles is an obvious anti-Semite if he believes in the Russian forgery of the protocols.  I’ve written about the origins of that filth many times.  Thanks to the Pastor for allowing us to see this.
by Rev. Austin Miles
This columnist receives a thousand emails a day which makes it impossible to respond to every one. The majority are positive and supporting while many others are attacks from readers who just want to fight and bring attention to themselves, as all columnists will attest.
While touring with The Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show where I served as Chaplain and gave the historic narration (to earn my keep), General Patton was credited for saving the Lipizzaner’s from the Nazis during World War 2 who planned to kill them and basically make hamburgers out of them.
At many of the arenas we performed in, especially in Canada, elderly Nazis would come back stage by one or two to confront me and demand that I not include that in the historical narration. “That is wrong!” they thundered indignantly, “The Nazis had nothing to do with that.” But they very much had something to do with that, indeed everything to do with it. I was intimately familiar with that history.
The email below came from an elderly Nazi who took me to task for comparing hunting for sport with Nazis and others who actually enjoy torturing captives which was detailed in my piece, “Trophy Hunter Dies in Fall while Stalking Animals,” which was published on News With Views. It was that comparison that lit this man’s fuse.
Here is his email to me exactly as written. Notice his misuse of Christian references:
From: Reinhold Sommerstedt <reinhold@wealthkeeper.net>
To: chaplainmiles <chaplainmiles@aol.com>
Sent: Sun, Jan 8, 2017 8:06 pm
Subject: Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness
Dear Chaplain Miles,
I have read your judgmental article about career and accidental death of Italian trophy hunter, Luciano Ponzetto.  I generally agree  that in these days hunting merely to boast is highly inappropriate.  The Commandment makes a clear distinction between “killing” and “murder.”  You have made such a case.  We do not celebrate nor condemn to hell any sinner.
However, your slanderous statement about Nazis in the excerpt from your text below is far more reprehensible, destructive and deadly than shooting game for sport.  It is also an abominable violation of the Command of our Father.
Excerpt  You Wrote:  “It is to be noted that these mentally unstable people actually enjoy causing living creatures to suffer. They seem to enjoy that feeling of ‘power,’ the same as the Nazis who tortured their captives.   In countries like Venezuela, young soldiers are taught that when they torture someone, causing them to suffer, they become a man.”
The Commandment:   “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”   Though it may be unwitting,  your violation of this commandment  is nevertheless  rendered even more abominable when presented by one professing to be a Christian minister, scholar, historian and analyst.  Your readers presume and trust that you have been diligent about what you express in your teachings.  Especially when making purported statements of historical fact.  
I can understand  that you have been subjected to continual false reports. especially about the Christian Nationalists of the German Third Reich.   Yet, because you are a professing scholar there can be no excuse for bearing false witness and not conducting a diligent search to discover the truth.  Our Savior Yeshua promised,  “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”   When you bear false witness you proliferate the falsehoods that drive the deceptions of the Synagogues of Satan.
There exists a vast body of knowledge and genuine history about the German Third Reich.  No honest scholar can refute the revisionist historical review without reading such texts and presenting valid arguments that substantiate the truth of the all too common conventions that allow false witness and slander upon which to predicate your commentary such as cited above.
I am confident that you often make such reference to support your sophomoric commentary.  Most people grasp the significance of the ultimate excuse:  “The Devil made me do it.”
Consider this private admonition my first step of Christian discipline as rehearsed in the Word given here below:
Deuteronomy 19: 15-20   “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.  And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.  Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
Again I say unto you;That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
Just about everything you have been told about the German Third Reich and American History is false. This Great Deception is designed to destroy Christendom.
You may choose to consider my challenge to be that of a hateful man.  That response will have been programed by the Enemy of Christ.
If you accept my challenge I shall do my utmost to help you conduct your own diligent inquiry.    The Bible teaches all of this.  In addition, one must be circumspect to diligently investigate actual history to become able to rightly divide the truth.  To unravel this particular deception there is a place to begin in secular history, just prior to the year 1900 and proceeding through that century and continuing until the present day.
READ:   ” A Short History of The Balfour Declaration”    www.banesreview.org
From that resource you can deduce the cause of the recent 100 years of continual wars of aggression that destroyed vast areas of human habitation,  murdered more a than 100 million innocent people and enslaved billions even now.  To understand who is doing this you need only to understand this simple Christian Principle:   “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path.”   With such trustworthy guidance you can become an overcomer in this tormented world beset by the Legions of Satan.
READ also:   “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of  Zion”   A free interactive copy is available at:  www.bibleblebelievers.org
Wikipedia:  Bible Believers is the website of the Bible Believers’ Church of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Because the website reprints antisemitic material such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Henry Ford’s The International Jew,[1][2] and Holocaust denial material from authors such as Bradley Smith and Mark Weber, a complaint was lodged under Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act.[2][3][4][5] In 2007, Justice Richard Conti of the Federal Court of Australia ordered Anthony Grigor-Scott to remove from the website antisemitic claims that Jews deliberately exaggerated the number of Jews killed during World War II.[3][6] However, the order was overturned on appeal due to a legal technicality: “Bible Believers Church” could not be sued, since it lacked legal personality, and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 (Cth) (HREOC Act) would not permit (in the same proceeding) its substitution with another defendant who could be[7]
Bible Believers were described as “[o]ne of the most visible of the plethora of eccentric pseudo-Christian groups in Australia” and “extremist” by the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) in their 2008 report on antisemitism in Australia.[8]
Americans cannot repent because American will not confess
In His name and by His power.
A response to this nonsense was necessary, especially since he tried to pass himself off as a Christian which he is not, nor was Adolf Hitler as the atheists try to claim as a club against Christianity. My anonymous minister friend, after reading this, emailed:  “Unfortunately the man is troubled, confused and seeking to use the Bible to defend the indefensible!  I was surprised to see him place New Testaments scriptures in Deuteronomy but yet I shouldn’t be surprised, but recognize that God is not the author of confusion!”
Here is the response I sent to the Nazi: 
Mr. Sommerstedt,
My father was a fighter pilot in WW 2 and brought back photos of the victims of Nazi torture which was so inhuman it made me sick. Plus, the Nazis were smiling as they made life miserable for their victims. Again I saw those photos, plus heard the stories personally from those who were so horribly treated by your people.
So please do not attempt to deceive me regarding history that I am totally familiar with. Plus, I was in Venezuela when this outrageous statement was given regarding torturing a human being ‘made a man’ out of you. 
So I’ve done my homework, sir. Do not attempt to contradict me. And do not contact me again as your mail will automatically go to spam.
Rev. Austin Miles
To see the original story that prompted this outburst, click the link below:  http://www.newswithviews.com/Miles/austin107.htm
It is to be noted that many German soldiers who were captured proudly carried photos of the atrocities they had committed against American soldiers and many have been seen. One my father took from a Nazi showed a young American soldier screaming in agony after being hung upside down by his testicles and the Germans watching were laughing.
It is also to be noted that there are many former Nazis who have given their hearts to Jesus, turned their lives around and have become model Christians. THAT is the good news.

Vlad Kicking ISIS Butt. Our Media Won’t Show. Wonder Why?

So we’ve been bombing ISIS forever to no avail. Vlad comes in and about wipes em out in about a month. So either skippy and our Military is totally inept, or for some reason we did not want them gone. You be the judge. Oh yes skippy is inept, but not our Military.

More than 800,000 refugees RETURNING to Syria as Putin OBLITERATES Islamic State

PUBLISHED: 06:11, Fri, Oct 30, 2015 | UPDATED: 09:15, Fri, Oct 30, 2015
Go Vlad!

Go Vlad!

Last month Moscow launched a bombing campaign against the twisted State terror group, which controls vast swathes of Syria and has forced thousands of people to flee the country.

Many desperate asylum seekers have made their way to Europe via boats to Greece, with David Cameron agreeing to let 20,000 in Britain over the next five years.

But Russia’s bid to wipe out ISIS has been so successful that almost a million Syrians are elected to return to their homeland, Russian politician Dmitry Sablin claimed.

The senator, who recently visited Syria, said: “[Syrian president Bashar al] Assad praised the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria.

“He said thousands of terrorists are now fleeing Syria, and refugees are returning.”

Russian fighter jets have destroyed 285 ISIS and al-Nusra Front targets in the war-torn country over the past three days, according to Russian media.

The al-Nusra Front – the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda – was formed in 2012 during the on-going Syrian civil war.

Putin’s military operation began on September 30 after an official request from Assad, his long-time ally.

There have been major changes in the country since Sablin last visited in May, the senator revealed.

He said: “People in Syria are now discussing their future. They want to rebuild their country.

“People are now walking safely through the streets of Damascus. There are fountains and restaurants open.

“Before Russia engaged it was terrifying to live there.”



Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from the Arab World

My Comments:  Islam will not stop with the murder of Jewish folk, their goal is to murder anyone who doesn’t bow to Islam, Jews, Christians and any other “infidels.”  We need another Thomas Jefferson.

ethnic cleansing of Jews

Pope Follows Example Set by Jesus.


~Steve~                      H/T Hujonwi

Roseburg Paper Tells Obama Stay Home. Don't Play Silly Games Here.

Nope folks The Roseburg Beacon publisher David Jaques has told skippy stay the hell out of Roseburg. Apparently most in town feel the same. This is a very pro second amendment town. It was amazing to see even the survivors  saying more laws are not the answer. Other than the  gunman’s “Idiot Father” who sounds like another “Useful Idiot” The good people of Roseburg sound like good strong folks. Please say a few prayers for them while they grieve.

Beacon Publisher Says Obama Is Not Welcomed in Roseburg After Politicizing the Tragedy

Barack Obama and his ilk are using the tragedy in Oregon to attack the Second Amendment. His argument is completely illogical but people are so desperate to stop these horrific murders that they will buy into it without truly thinking about the impossible logic of eliminating every gun and the illegal gun trade. They won’t consider that the gun grabbers will go after knives next as former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg did during his reign.
The people of Roseburg will not go along with Obama’s agenda. This is one tragedy he won’t be able to fully exploit.
The Roseburg Beacon publisher David Jaques says Obama is not welcome after his comments politicizing the shooting death of nine people at Umpaqua Community College.
More Here http://www.independentsentinel.com/beacon-

Roseburg Paper Tells Obama Stay Home. Don’t Play Silly Games Here.

Nope folks The Roseburg Beacon publisher David Jaques has told skippy stay the hell out of Roseburg. Apparently most in town feel the same. This is a very pro second amendment town. It was amazing to see even the survivors  saying more laws are not the answer. Other than the  gunman’s “Idiot Father” who sounds like another “Useful Idiot” The good people of Roseburg sound like good strong folks. Please say a few prayers for them while they grieve.

Beacon Publisher Says Obama Is Not Welcomed in Roseburg After Politicizing the Tragedy

Barack Obama and his ilk are using the tragedy in Oregon to attack the Second Amendment. His argument is completely illogical but people are so desperate to stop these horrific murders that they will buy into it without truly thinking about the impossible logic of eliminating every gun and the illegal gun trade. They won’t consider that the gun grabbers will go after knives next as former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg did during his reign.

The people of Roseburg will not go along with Obama’s agenda. This is one tragedy he won’t be able to fully exploit.

The Roseburg Beacon publisher David Jaques says Obama is not welcome after his comments politicizing the shooting death of nine people at Umpaqua Community College.



More Here http://www.independentsentinel.com/beacon-

Hero Chris Mintz Being Rewarded Handsomely For What Came Naturally.

$719,520  That’s the updated total folks. Good for him.

Remember the Hero’s Forget the  Zero’s————————————-

Chris and Son.

Chris and Son.

GoFundMe page for Oregon hero Chris Mintz tops 1/2 million dollars in 24 hours


If it’s possible for a feel-good story to emerge from the tragic shooting in Oregon that saw ten people die, including the gunman who was killed by police, it would be the story of Army veteran Chris Mintz.

And the generosity of the American people.

The vet is being hailed as a real life hero after being shot seven times while charging to block a door to prevent the crazed gunman from entering the room, according to the New York Daily News.

His aunt, Wanda Mintz, said after being shot several times, Mintz cried out to the shooter, “It’s my son’s birthday!” — Oct. 1 was his son’s sixth birthday — but the killer showed no mercy, shooting him two more times.

Miraculously, Mintz survived!

“He just tried to do the right thing,” the aunt said of her nephew. “That’s just how he is. If he sees someone who needs help, he just helps. He just tried to intervene.”

In addition to seven gun shot wounds, Mintz somehow broke both his legs, prompting his cousin, Derek Bourgeois, to create a GoFundMe page to help pay for the medical bills, the International Business Times reported

That's all you got Punk!

That’s all you got Punk!

“Yesterday, my cousin Chris Mintz was shot 7 times while trying to protect others from the gunman at Umpqua Community College,” Bourgeois wrote. “He is a father, a veteran, a student, and now, he’s a hero.”

“While Chris is not the type of person to ask for it, he is going to need all of the help he can get while he recovers!” he added. “Myself and many family members have been swamped with requests for us to set up a GoFundMe page, so this is us fulfilling that request, and we appreciate your concerns and assistance.”

The page had a modest goal of $10,000, but as of Saturday morning, less than 24 hours after being set up, it had already topped half a million dollars — $570,176 to be exact.

It’s safe to say that in these troubling times, America still loves a hero. God Bless you Chris Mintz, and may the donations continue to flow.


Read more: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2015/10/03/gofundme-page-for-oregon-hero-chris-mintz-tops-12-million-dollars-in-24-hours-259234#ixzz3ncLbnfqZ

Vet Prevented From Stopping Oregon Gunman

My comment: The Sheeple Rule. The Christians Die. The “Religion of Peace” in full fury. Good help us all!

Armed Air Force Vet Was Prevented From Stopping Oregon Gunman

“The staff wouldn’t let us go to assist”

by Paul Joseph Watson | October 2, 2015

Armed Air Force Vet Was Prevented From Stopping Oregon Gunman

An Air Force veteran who had a licensed concealed carry gun was prevented by staff from intervening in the shooting yesterday at the Umpqua Community College during which ten people were killed.


John Parker was situated in a building about 200 yards away from where the shooting began.

“There were a few people in the vet center and then when we heard the shooting happened, we got up and we were gonna go out and see what we could do,” Parker told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.
“Immediately the school staff stopped us and told us to get inside of the building….essentially the staff wouldn’t let us go to assist,” he added.

One courageous man who also tried to apprehend the shooter, Army veteran Chris Mintz, ended up being shot five times. Mintz was unarmed.

In asserting his right to concealed carry, Parker was knowingly violating a rule which declared the college to be a gun free zone.

As we reported yesterday, a post on the college website made it clear that even water pistols were banned on campus.

The single security officer working on the campus was also unarmed, according to the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, as news emerges that the gunman, 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer, was a potential Islamist sympathizer who dabbled in the occult, expect the left to lose interest in the incident quickly.

The fact that Mercer is mixed race will also make it impossible for progressives to blame the shooting on all white people, as many did in the aftermath of the Dylann Roof shooting.

Mercer reportedly targeted Christians during the shooting, asking victims about their religion and shooting anyone who identified as a Christian in the head.

“[He started] asking people one by one what their religion was. ‘Are you a Christian?’ he would ask them, and if you’re a Christian stand up. And they would stand up and he said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you are going to see God in just about one second.’ And then he shot and killed them,” Stacy Boylen, whose daughter was wounded at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., told CNN.