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Andre Rieu Plays Antony Hopkins Waltz


The waltz that Anthony Hopkins wrote 50 years ago is now being played for the first time. Sir Anthony was caught on video watching his piece as it was performed by Dutch violinist André Rieu, who named his album “And The Waltz Goes On” in honor of Hopkin’s song of the same name.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Anthony Hopkins is not exactly a big fan of so-called method acting:

“There’s no such thing. Well, you can do it if you want, but I don’t go along with being called ‘Mr. Hitchcock.’ I think that’s a lot of crap. I just don’t understand that. If actors want to do that, fine. If they want to be miserable, that’s up to them. I’m not interested. It’s a job. I do the job. I’m certainly not going to make my life miserable just to be a character. It’s a pain in the a**. Who the hell wants to be with some miserable grump because he wants to get his performance right, so you have to call him this or call him that? It’s so boring.”

Well, the story behind Hopkins’ waltz is anything but boring. Way before he was an actor, 19-year-old Anthony was a musician who composed a waltz. At the time, he was too afraid to hear it played. Now that André Rieu took his piece and arranged it, he’s had the chance to hear it, and now he knows his fears were not justified:

“And they started playing and I thought: this is the first time I heard this. This is extraordinary. I can’t believe I wrote this.”

The video above shows Anthony Hopkins’ waltz being played live and we also get to to see the actor’s reaction. After the event took place, he also spoke to reporters about what he felt and thought:

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