5 responses to “Snapped

  1. Proving,ONCE AGAIN,that Gun Control does NOTHING to make people safer-on the Contrary,it makes Criminals safer and takes away OUR ability to effectively protect ourselves and those we care about. “When SECONDS count,the Police are only MINUTES away!” “When people ask why I carry a gun,I say,”Because a COP is too heavy”.

  2. Gun control will embolden these Commies. They will disarm us so they can slaughter us or load us onto freight trains and take us away.

  3. Yep, it’s all about control, can’t let us do what we want now, can they?!

  4. Loved TJ’s remark, “A COP is too heavy.” Still hard to believe it has come to this point that the dictatorshiip we’re now under is doing the same as all other good dictatorships did in the past, taking the guns away from the people. Too many brainwashed stupid Americans are going along with the program.

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