Skoda: Donald Trump Rockets Into Nashville

My comments:  I am certainly not a fan of Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz.
Rafael Cruz is a pastor based in North Texas serving as the Director of Purifying Fire Ministries, ministering in the U.S., Mexico and Central America. Purifying Fire Ministries was founded by Suzanne Hinn, ex-wife and then wife again of Benny Hinn. The Hinns are preaching heretical doctrines, dealing in faux emotions and invented manifestations of the Holy Spirit at the most convenient and opportune fundraising moments. They also know where the money is today, and have hitched their wagons to the New Apostolic Reform, or Dominionism.
Neither am I a fan of Ronald Reagan, who was a great actor, especially as president, but whose cabinet was nothing but CFR and whose US/Soviet education agreements in 85 and 88, totally ruined the academic education of our children. 
I’d still go to this to hear Trump
By Mark A. Skoda for BREITBART.COM

Donald Trump is rocketing in the polls. So what better venue than Rocketown in downtown Nashville, Tennessee where he will speak at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies conference on Saturday, August 29, 2015.

The National Federation of Republican Assemblies is a grassroots movement of Republicans that seeks to restore the conservative principles of the Goldwater/Reagan Republicans back to smaller government, lower taxation, a strong defense, free market capitalism and a reverence for that most fundamental of all “unalienable” rights, life.
President of the TRA and conference organizer, Sharon Ford, stated that “the NFRA seeks to bring the Republican Party back to its core values through grass roots activism. Our national conference allows people from across the country to meet, share views and listen to a great group of speakers about issues important to them. We are so glad to have Donald Trump confirm his attendance and expect that he will electrify the crowd with his plain speaking style and vision to make America great again!”
NFRA does what few other Republican organizations ever do, that is to endorse candidates in contested primaries. Each election year the NFRA state chapters convene in highly competitive grassroots endorsing conventions. Candidates must secure two-thirds of the members support to win. In presidential election cycles the NFRA holds a Presidential Preference Endorsing Convention in order for the chosen state delegates to determine the Presidential candidate the NFRA will endorse.
The national convention is being held to establish and endorse the candidate that the NFRA seeks to support during this primary cycle. Unlike other grass roots organizations, this conference is the first of its kind to actually endorse during a primary. It is clear that Donald Trump’s participation demonstrates that he understands the grass roots movement. It is one of the reasons that Donald Trump’s ascendancy in the polls is so rapid. He gets the people and they feel that they get him!
NFRA delegates from more than twenty states will be in Nashville for this Convention and will be voting on the candidate they believe will best represent the NFRA Guiding Principles. After the Endorsing Convention in Nashville a press statement will be released with the NFRA endorsement of the conservative Republican presidential candidate for 2016.
In addition to Donald Trump, Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum has also confirmed to speak. Other conference speakers include Congressman

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Liberty Score
Voting Record
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Lt. Col. Allen West, Pastor Rafael Cruz and Dr. Ming Wang.
Further information can be found at the conference website:

4 responses to “Skoda: Donald Trump Rockets Into Nashville

  1. I would not say one way or the other as to how I will vote in 2016 at this time. I have five principles that I vote on, the first two being abortion and sodomy. Any candidate that does not line up with those five principles will not get my vote. In years past, since I quit voting for the lessor of two evils in the early ’90’s, I generally end up voting third party. Yes, I know the mantra that I am just giving it to the DemocRAT and a Repubo would be better. Nope I disagree. The difference between a DemocRAT and Repubo is under a DemocRAT we get sold down the river as in white water rafting — fast, furious, rough going and get all wet. Under a Repubo we get sold down the river as floating in a canoe — slowly, leisurely, enjoying the ride and sprinkled on. There is no difference. Boehenor has made that perfectly clear in the last couple of months.
    Having said that I do like what Trump says and the fact that the MSM, the Democrats and the Repubo’s are all over him means he is a threat to the status quo. I think it is funny.

  2. Trump has got the repub’s in fits. I love it. They don’t know what to do. He is leading National Fox poll over Jeb. Puleeze, Jeb.
    If Jeb is second the Donald will win. Gotta tell ya maybe he’s just what we need.

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