Since John McCain Brought It Up – Why Did He Obstruct Pro-POW Legislation, Why Do So Many Despise Him?

Veterans, House Members and Senators are featured in this discussion of the record and anti-veteran behavior of Senator John McCain, particularly after his release from his North Vietnamese captors.
They remark how odd it is that John McCain, once held as a POW himself, would be so bitterly opposed to efforts on behalf of those who might have been left behind by our nation and still be being held in captivity. Those acts include blocking the release of classified intelligence regarding the issue of POW/MIA’s. Former Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) describes information being deliberately withheld from a Select Committee on POW/MIA affairs by the U.S. federal government.
Veterans raise the question of whether or not McCain was a collaborator with the enemy, as is strongly rumored, and whether it is out of concerns for damaging information being revealed that McCain is so protective of the still classified information.
There is evidence that the United States is complicit in actively covering up information relating to POW’s and MIA’s in both Korea and Vietnam, and their subsequent transfer to other nations, such as China and the former Soviet Union, now Russia. McCain and John Kerry are exposed as assisting in that cover-up.
Another interesting point about John Kerry that is revealed by Tracy Usry, a former US Senate Chief Investigator, is that the Heinz Family, which is John Kerry’s wife’s Ketchup Empire, was given sole rights for the negotiation of all real estate issues within Vietnam. If that is true, there could not be a more egregious conflict of interest imaginable.
There is also information regarding McCain’s reputation and nickname given by his captives of the “Songbird,” which refers to his willingness to sing like a bird, telling all he knew from the very beginning, and without the need for torture.
John McCain has never had these questions raised on a national stage before. In spite of the complicit media doing their best to condemn Donald Trump and rally to McCain’s assistance, thereby eliminating a serious campaign threat to the status quo of non-representative government, the truth may be leaking its way out of the tightly held grip of McCain, Kerry and their anti-American collaborators.
McCain may wish he hadn’t picked a fight with Donald Trump. There are lots of people who have come to that realization the hard way. With a reelection fight due 2016, McCain may have introduced issues into the debate he would have preferred had remained outside of the public domain and discussion.

2 responses to “Since John McCain Brought It Up – Why Did He Obstruct Pro-POW Legislation, Why Do So Many Despise Him?

  1. John McCain isn’t really planning to run for prez again, is he? His age was an issue 8 years ago, and he hasn’t reversed the calendar as far as I can see. What gives? If he isn’t running, then why is so much media attention given him? We need to hear more about Scott Walker, and sure, Trump makes it a little interesting at least.

    • Trump just said he wasn’t the hero he claimed to be and that’s why all the attention. I’ve never liked McCain, think he’s a far leftist, and he’s a real bastard regaring POWs/MIAs…so that’s the reason.

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