Pat Robertson flays plan for Quran as ‘law book’

Christian televangelist and 1955 Yale Law School graduate Pat Robertson said he was shocked when the school sent out a mailing asking him to read the Quran as a respectable “law book.”

“The 700 Club” host told viewers Monday he recently received a booklet from Yale entitled “Reading the Quran as a Law Book.” The document was written after Joseph Lowry, an associate professor from the University of Pennsylvania, gave a lecture at the school Aug. 25.

“This follows Yale’s decision to create a Center for Islamic Law and Civilization after a Saudi businessman gave a $10 million donation to the law school,” Robertson said. “The dean says, and I quote, ‘Islamic law has a long and proud tradition, which encompasses great intellectual achievements.’ He’s got to be kidding! This is Yale Law School. They’re in the tank to the Saudis!”


Robert Post is a dean and professor at Yale Law School.

Lowry’s presentation suggested Muslims have much more leeway to interpret the Quran than non-Muslims understand.

“The Quran encourages frequent and open-ended reflection [of good works], in addition to promulgating specific rules, adherence to which is a necessary condition for salvation,” Lowry said during his lecture. This fact, that the Quran seems to promote the idea that there is generally ethical behavior, means we cannot say that the Quran is hyper-legislative and uninterested in broader conceptions of ethics. Indeed, the general character of what we might call ‘good works clauses’ leads a lot of scope for ethical speculation.”

Dani Sleiman, an expert in Islamic law who watched almost two hours of Lowry’s analysis of the Quran, disagreed.

“The Quran is the solid ground, the foundation upon which every Muslim follows,” Sleiman told Robertson. “There is no such thing as figuratively or optional. They have to follow the commandments of the Quran, so I’m really not sure what he’s basing it on. I read his book and most of his descriptions were of suggestions. He’s using terms like ‘suggested’ and ‘great unknown’ and ‘no real evidence’ and ‘assume.’ He’s trying to draw a theory. He’s trying to somehow dig out of it a way to show that the Quran has some peaceful verses.”

Examine this issue more closely, with “Muslim Brotherhood,” “Everlasting Hatred,” and “Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist.”

Robertson asked Sleiman how Lowry would explain Shariah law, which “has to do with the subjugation of women. It has to do with a husband having the privilege of beating his wife. It has to do with beheadings.”

Sleiman said it appeared as though Yale was dangerously attempting to give Islam a spiritual makeover.

“The Quran is basically a commandment. It’s the law. It’s principles and [Muslims’] understand that Allah wants every single [person] to follow these words. When Yale tries to basically endorse or apply the laws, then there will be no separation between the state and Islam.”


Joseph Lowry, associate professor, University of Pennsylvania (Photo: Yale Law School screenshot, ‘Reading the Quran as Lawbook’)



8 responses to “Pat Robertson flays plan for Quran as ‘law book’

  1. This sounds like Yale is walking on dangerous, and I mean very dangerous, waters. Anyone who tries and justifies the Quran as a peaceful, loving, caring book is either a lunatic or simply refuses to believe what it actually says.

    I have to admit that I am hearing more and more people doubt that there is a God Almighty, at alone believeing in his Son, Jesus Christ. Received a Christmas card yesterday from someone who stated they no longer believed in religion or in God Almighty. Shocked me no end. I see people falling away and/or following a false doctrine on a regular basis these days.

    If you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything. May the Lord have mercy.

  2. How do infidels encourage the study of a book which states many times that Allah wants believers to kill infidels? I’ve looked into the Koran in English and have been too disgusted to read much more than a few chapters. The only reason to read it is so one can get to know one’s enemies. Even so, it’s probably more important to study what the Friday sermons in the mosques are teaching, because the average Muslim doesn’t read the Koran much either, from what I’ve heard.

    • Yes, the Quran, Hadith and Sura are their “books,” all of which promote hatred as far as I can tell. I would agree with you that the mosques are nothing more than compounds for terrorist teaching.

  3. Yet, Sharia law is used by too many judges today. I keep in mind, that Obama had appointed Socialist/ Communist Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court who began the real push to use International law, one of those being Sharia, which all law universities are now teaching,
    I cannot grasp why it is that most all in the Hussein Obama administration along with the courts, etc..want to subject even themselves
    under this system? Or will they? Maybe their intentions are only for the citizens…possibly one way (among others),to kill them off?

    • The prez, his administration and others may think that they are above the law and only us commoners will be wiped off the face of the earth. I, personally, think they will find out that is not the case and when the realization hits them, it will be too late. Sodomites are some of the biggest supporters of Sharia law. Sharia law tells its followers to kill all sodomites. Does this make sense? No. Another example is Hitlary’s right hand woman, Huma. She is a muslim/islamic believer. In fact, her, her mother and her whole family are very entrenched in the muslim brotherhood, etc. Will she turn on Hitlary? I think she will. When they have enough power and status to pretty much do whatever they please, all those infidels that thought they were above the law, will be murdered. The muslims/islams have done this for over 1400 years. Plus, Hitler used what were called the ‘brown shirts’ and then had them all killed. If we do not learn history, we are bound to repeat it. There are a lot of people in for a rude awakening. I fear not because I know whom I believeth. They can have this body made from the dust of the earth, they cannot have my soul.

  4. Another good comment MA! What you had stated, seems to me the only way it will go. I just thought about all those Blood Brotherhood members which were appointed by Hussein.into his administration..they are savages
    who’ll soon practice their savagery as well.
    Do you know, I doubt that most all in the administration know nothing about history? They too, were indoctrinated in their schools and collages into
    socialism which sure as heck didn’t teach any real history.

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