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My Comments:  Michael Farris and Grover Norquist are both fellow members of the secretive Council for National Policy (the rightwing arm of the Council on Foreign Relations).  As well, Grover Norquist is a member of the CFR and a Muslim.  Norquist intoduced the Muslim Brotherhood to none other than George W. Bush’s White House after 9/11.  Farris is not to be trusted as he has been pushing a Constitutional Convention for decades.
By Michelle Horstman for FREEDOMOUTPOST.COM
On June 5th, protests took place all around the US as well as overseas against Child Protective Services (CPS) and promoting the passage of the Parental Rights Amendment. A more planned follow up event is coming in August. The amendment was authored by Michael Farris, founder of, where he serves on the board along with Grover Norquist. According to the many promotional pages on Facebook, craigslist posts and Twitter posts, objectives of the protest were:
Our objective:
*Repeal Adoptions and Safe Families Act of 1997
*Compensation for wrongfully involved families
*Full FBI investigation of CPS/family courts
*The passing of the Parental Rights Amendment
*Transparency in Family Court
*Legal Accountability of CPS

A few of the links to these events can be examined here:

Hacktivists/Anonymous are behind this effort, but the promotional poster also has across the top as seen here:
Anonymous hacktivists (“We Are Legion”) have organized this event. There is no doubt that the organizers themselves are linking it with Farris’, as seen in many places. Here, they promote the movie put together by:
Most people would agree that there are serious problems with CPS, from both extremes. We have heard of cases where children were unfairly taken from parents, as well as many cases where problems were reported and CPS did not act when they should have. Oversight and reform is needed, and few would argue that point. However, if the ParentalRights organization is knowingly teaming up with Occupiers and hacktivists to fight their battles, they are putting us all at risk. There is no doubt that the hacktivist movement has consisted of anarchists and Marxists. Is this the type of solution we are looking for? Do they think this is wise, to work on issues together with people of such radical ideology?
An email inquiry to received a response from Michael Ramey, their Director of Communications & Research, stating that they were not the sponsors of this event, but they did give permission for their website to be used in the promotions.
“We gave them permission to use our name, since passage of the Parental Rights Amendment is among their primary goals. In that respect, we certainly stand with them.”
We have seen this coalition with radical Leftists from Michael Farris and his fellow Convention of States Article V proponents before, and it has caused much concern among many conservatives. As argued here, when it regarded Farris and the Convention of States working with radical groups, is there no limit to who you are willing to work with, or is the agenda all that matters? It seems only two conclusions can be drawn from these repeated coalitions. Either very questionable judgement is being used, or these Libertarian “conservatives” may not be conservatives at all.

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  1. If we look at the amendments being proposed by Michael Farris and Mark Levin; their call for a Article V convention should be considered a bloodless revolution since most of their amendments would fundamentally alter our form of government… and not for the better.
    Here are two thoughts by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on revolutions that I believe are applicable here:
    “The means and the measures are the proper objects of investigation. These may be of use to posterity, not only in this nation, but in South America and all other countries. They may teach mankind that revolutions are no trifles; that they ought never to be undertaken rashly; nor without deliberate consideration and sober reflection; nor without a solid, immutable, eternal foundation of justice and humanity; nor without a people possessed of intelligence, fortitude, and integrity sufficient to carry them with steadiness, patience, and perseverance through all the vicissitudes of fortune, the fiery trials, and melancholy disasters they may have to encounter.” ~John Adams letter to Hezekiah NIles 13 Feb 1818
    “The generation which commences a revolution rarely complete it. Habituated from their infancy to passive submission of body and mind to their kings and priests, they are not qualified when called on to think and provide for themselves; and their inexperience, their ignorance and bigotry make them instruments often in the hands of the Bonapartes and Iturbides to defeat their own rights and purposes.” ~Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Adams 1823
    Since a nation has never gone from Liberty to Tyranny, Anarchists and radicals have always proven to be useful idiots for Tyrants. Truth be told, it is the same spirit who animates both the Anarchist and Tyrant. The commonalities between the two become apparent once the rhetoric is separated and their principles lay unobscured.
    “We shall be left nearly in a state of nature; or we may find, by our own unhappy experience, that there is a natural and necessary progression from the extreme of anarchy to the extreme of tyranny, and that arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty, abused to licentiousness.” ~George Washington, Circular to the States 8 June 1783

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