Independent media outlet accused of being Putin mouthpiece

Media Matters Accused Matt Drudge of Promoting Russian Propaganda – So He Linked Directly to the Kremlin

Independent media outlet accused of being Putin mouthpiece

Clapper Admits Trump Could Have Been Wiretapped During Manafort Surveillance

Clapper Admits Trump Could Have Been Wiretapped During Manafort Surveillance

“It’s certainly conceivable”

Making Socialism palatable is a slippery slope

Establishment Politicians Push Obamacare Light

Making Socialism palatable is a slippery slope

David Knight covers the latest in the Anthony Weiner trial, an update on the DNC IT aide Imran Awan and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia witch-hunt.

Video: MSNBC Worries Trump’s Use Of The Word ‘Sovereign’ Is A “Dog Whistle”

Video: MSNBC Worries Trump’s Use Of The Word ‘Sovereign’ Is A “Dog Whistle”

“It was just over the top.”

“Back to this use of this word ‘sovereign’ and ‘sovereignty.’ Williams stated, talking to McClatchy White House correspondent Anita Kumar, who was on a panel of leftists tasked with picking apart and negging on Trump’s speech.

“Did you hear a buzzword or a dog whistle in his repeated use of that word?” Williams asked.

“We knew he was going to talk a little bit about that…” Kumar responded. “We were sort of expecting this theme, but it was just way more – it was just over the top.”

Kumar continued, suggesting that Trump’s repeated use of the term should set alarm bells ringing.

“You know, it caused me to go back through and count how many times, and so, he used that word ‘sovereign’ or ‘sovereignty’ 21 times. It was definitely the word,” she urged.

“What does that mean?” Williams asked.

“It just means what he was talking about from the beginning, which is “America first,” ‘we’re going to go it alone,’” Kumar surmised.

She then stated that by referring to the US as a sovereign nation it was “undermining the U.N.” and other international organizations by intimating that they “don’t matter.”

“That really undermines to me the UN which is where he was today, NATO, EU, places like that. International bodies he was really saying, don’t matter as much anymore.” Kumar claimed.

Another of the guests,  Jeremy Bash, former Chief of Staff for the DOD and CIA under Obama claimed that Trump’s “idea of nationalism” is a “Russian ideology,” that plays into “Putin’s playbook.”

Williams asked Bash if Trump was doing “permanent damage” as regards the relationship with the international community.

Bash stated that Trump was projecting a “dangerous” and “concerning” message to the world.

To these unabashed globalists, even hearing the President use the word ‘sovereign’ is a trigger.

Is your ‘muffin top’ a sign of… CANCER?

  • Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison 9/20/17

Ladies, remember when someone else’s “muffin top” might’ve made you giggle?

Then… one day… it happened to you. Despite your best efforts, your own muffin grew a top and popped right over your waistline.

Not so funny anymore, is it?

Don’t worry. I’m here with a muffin-fighting plan that’ll chop the top and give you the waistline of your dreams.

But first — a new study exposes the biggest risk of muffin top, and it’s not the giggles of younger and more slender people staring at your waistline, unaware that one day it’ll happen to them.


Muffin top isn’t just a sign of any old fat.

It’s a sure sign that you’ve built up a deep inner layer of visceral fat, the dangerous blubber that builds up inside your abdominal cavity.

On the outside, it forces the external layer of fat to pop over your pants and form that distinct muffin shape. On the inside, it puts the squeeze on your vital organs.

But the new study finds it does something else, too.

Once it forms that solid layer deep inside your middle, visceral fat sets up a factory that works overtime cranking out a protein called FGF2. That’s short for fibroblast growth factor-2, but don’t bother trying to remember the name.

Just remember what it does: It causes normal healthy cells to go haywire and turn into cancer cells.

The more FGF2 your body cranks out, the more of those cells form. And when you have enough of those cells, you’ve got a recipe for a deadly tumor.

To see the process unfold, researchers plucked those protein-pumping fat cells from human women and then implanted them into mice.

It was almost like they fertilized those poor little critters with “Cancer-Gro” as the muffin top fat cells quickly transformed the surrounding healthy tissue into cancer cells.

And that’s just ONE way the dreaded muffin top can lead to a tumor!

When that ugly layer of fat plops up, it also causes your hormone levels to go haywire. Since that layer usually appears after menopause, you’re already struggling with estrogen.

That one-two punch could fuel certain types of cancers, and that’s why you need to act to chop the top.

First, make sure you’re eating a healthy diet low in carbs and with zero processed foods.

But even if you’re eating a perfect diet, low estrogen can make it hard to lose weight and easy to gain it — so, get your hormone levels tested by a naturopathic doc.

If you’re low, he can help work with you to boost your body’s production with treatments up to and including safe and natural bioidentical hormones.

With a chop for the top,
Jack Harrison

Here’s a Basic Gestalt on the Obamacare Repeal Bill

Here’s a Basic Gestalt on the Obamacare Repeal Bill

The bill needs improvements, says Sen. Paul

To improve upon this, Paul said he was already talking to President Trump about allowing Americans to buy healthcare across state lines.

“If 15 million people could get together to buy their insurance, guess what, they would get a cheaper price, they would get protection against preexisting conditions, and I think they would get most of the things they want,” Paul stated, hinting that the president may announce a similar plan soon.


MORE Videos: Resistance News

Antifa Professor Called on People to “Off the Pigs”; Still Not Fired

Antifa Professor Called on People to “Off the Pigs”; Still Not Fired

“Dead cops are good” tweeted Isaacson

To “off” somebody is widely understood to mean to kill them. The horrific irony here is that Isaacson teaches police officers. He said it was “a privilege to teach future dead cops” and envisaged a fantasy scenario in which he confronts one of them before the “blade drops”.

In another tweet, Isaacson remarked, “I hope somehow Assata comes up in lecture so a student defends her saying she didn’t kill a cop so I can say she probably did and it’s good.”

Mike Isaacson @VulgarEconomics

I hope somehow Assata comes up in lecture so a student defends her saying she didn’t kill a cop so I can say she probably did and it’s good

This is in reference to Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer who is on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list. She is also cited by the founders of Black Lives Matter as their inspirational guru.

In other ghastly comments, Isaacson tweeted, “Dead cops are good” as well as asking, “What’s even the point of a cop who isn’t dead?” He also called on people to “kill superior officers”.



The professor also offered instructions on how to burn down police stations.


Mike Isaacson @VulgarEconomics

I hear their police stations catch on fire with an accelerant 

It’s important to note that despite innumerable specific examples of where Issacson has advocated violence, Twitter has still not suspended his account. Isaacson also had the temerity to complain about receiving violent threats.

Despite (real) liberal professors, representatives of police unions and even Mayor Bill de Blasio calling on Isaacson to be fired, he has only been placed on administrative leave.

The Far Left Watch organization is lobbying John Jay College to terminate Professor Isaacson. Information on how people can contact the relevant organizations to push for that outcome are listed here.




Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

CNN Ignores Antifa ‘Dead Cops’ Tweet

CNN Ignores Antifa ‘Dead Cops’ Tweet, Focuses on Trump Golfing Instead

CNN protects Hillary Clinton & Antifa

This despite the fact that Professor Michael Isaacson sparked so much outrage that Tucker Carlson debated him on his Fox News show – and despite the fact that NYC’s largest police union demanded Isaacson’s “immediate dismissal.”

A quick search of shows no mention of Michael Isaacson whatsoever:

You’d think this would be a major news event for CNN to cover, especially considering that a FOLLOW-UP story went viral on Infowars, but no: CNN decided that Hillary Clinton’s honor was much more important than dead cops, and that Antifa’s reputation must be protected.

“On the eve of a critical week of foreign policy challenges, Donald Trump started his Sunday by retweeting an edited video of him hitting a golf ball into Hillary Clinton’s back — and her falling over from the impact,” CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote with unsubtle bias.

Who cares? It takes less than a second to retweet on Twitter, far less time than it took Isaacson to craft his “dead cops” tweet – and his tweet was more impactful outside the CNN echo chamber.

And let’s not forget that, as Secretary of State, Hillary routinely solved her foreign policy challenges with a “we came, we saw, he died” doctrine.

The foreign policy challenges Trump faces is a direct result of the Clintons and their globalist cohorts arming ISIS-linked “moderate rebels” in the Middle East and giving ICBM technology to North Korea.

Given that, it’s actually quite fitting for Trump to start his “critical week of foreign policy challenges” by hitting Hillary with a golf ball.

Mike @Fuctupmind

Why did James Comey leak material to the failing , written while he was head of the fbi, AFTER he was fired?

Roger Stone Says Russia Related Legal Fees Will Cost At Least $500K

“They couldn’t beat us in an election so now they try to beat us financially.”

Unhinged Democrat congresswoman goes on anti-Trump tirade at funeral

Maxine Waters Pushes Trump Impeachment – During a Eulogy

Unhinged Democrat congresswoman goes on anti-Trump tirade at funeral

“I’m cleaning out the White House,” Waters declared. “We’re going to sanitize the White House. We’re not going to take what is happening in this country.”

Kremlin Says Morgan Freeman Suffering From “Stress” After ‘War With Russia’ Video

Moscow decries “Continuation of McCarthyism”

James Clapper, Obama’s spymaster who was caught lying about the Trump campaign being wiretapped after yesterday’s revelations about Paul Manafort, is also involved.

The group is also represented by Hollywood director Rob Reiner, seen in photos kissing Hillary Clinton, who has called for an “all out war” to resist Donald Trump.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Freeman’s words were “purely emotional” during a press conference conference earlier today and that the video couldn’t be taken seriously because it was “not based on real information”.

“Many creative people fall prey to emotional stress without real information about the real state of things,” he was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.

Peskov added that the campaign was ” a continuation of a form of McCarthyism,” and that “with time this will pass.”

The left is spinning the campaign as an illustration of how “Hollywood is tougher on Russia than the GOP president,” when in reality it’s yet another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome that seeks to de-legitimize the president by fanning the flames of mass hysteria over a Russian collusion conspiracy theory for which there is zero actual evidence.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Hillary… Can’t Let Go – Tucker Carlson

Clinton Says She Won’t ‘Rule Out’ Challenging Legitimacy of 2016 Election

Tucker ON FIRE Over Trump Wiretap: ‘We Live In A Country With Deeply Corrupt Institutions’ [VIDEO]

“We live in a country with deeply corrupt institutions…”

Carlson mocked critics in a sarcastic voice saying, “Wiretapping? Come on. That’s tin foil hat stuff, it’s nuts!”

The Daily Caller co-founder continued, “Now, in another time with more trustworthy institutions that would have been the end of the story. But we live in a country with deeply corrupt institutions…”

Carlson recapped recent reports, stating, “According to a now report from CNN, Paul Manafort who for a time last year was Trump’s campaign chairman was wiretapped by the federal government both before and after the election.”

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Governor Moonbeam Welcomes HIV Blood Donors + More

by Rev. Austin Miles

SACRAMENTO 9/20/17—California has long been known as “the land of fruit and nuts” which began with an agricultural description, later becoming a recognized human condition. Governor Moonbeam (Jerry Brown) is about to sign a bill, SB 239, crafted by legislators allowing, now get this, HIV positive people to become blood donors. Being who he is, he will sign the bill. This knuckle headed idiotic governor is beyond belief but is backed overwhelmingly by his fellow demoncrats

HIV becomes AIDS resulting in a very prolonged dreadful death. Blood has been screened to make certain that the blood given for transfusions is pure, which HIV is not. A friend of mine who was active in church years ago received such a blood transfusion during a time of surgery, which turned out to be contaminated with that virus due to clumsy screening of the donated blood. This family church man was stricken by AIDS as a result and died.

That nutty bill was introduced by California State Senator Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat. His name certainly fits his goals. The Wiener said that not allowing ‘gays’ to donate blood is, here we go again, “discriminatory.” This bill, according to Wiener, if passed, would also apply to people who donate semen (fertility clinics) without disclosing they have HIV or AIDS.

Jeff Stone, a Republican senator and former pharmacist from Murrieta, said the law should remain unchanged as someone exposing anyone to HIV would “condemn one to probably $1 million in drug therapy for the rest of their lives along with intense suffering.

Our thanks to Radio Host Bob Boyd (Issues in Education) for alerting us to this latest exploit of a no brains governor.

Bonus Gov. Moonbeam item: Gov. Jerry Brown has just signed another law that would add a box on Driver’s Licenses and Birth certificates in order to check a, sit down, a THIRD SEX box. Remember, the government changed the marriage license from Bride, groom, to Party one, Party two. Yep, the Left Coast is the land of fruits and nuts. Is it possible to present a Certificate of Insanity to Governor Moonbeam?

Why wait until North Korea sends a nuclear bomb to America before we nuke the bowl cut hair leader (and his headquarters) who has threatened to wipe the United States off the face of the earth, while he is testing his nuclear missiles? This is crazy. We should bomb him as soon as he makes public statements that he is going to strike us. This will not only end the problem, save American lives and property; but will be an example to all the nations in the world to keep them in line.

Muslims, who have caused nothing but chaos and death in the world are cowards who look for SOFT TARGETS, like nursing homes, hospitals and schools. First of all, they should have all been deported from our country right after 9/11 with others banned from entering The United States. That is only logical. Now Islam is calling for “lone wolf” attacks in Miami, Houston and other cities affected by recent hurricanes via social media, according to news reports Friday. This would be ultimate ‘soft targets’ for those monsters.

Those people have been greatly weakened by the destruction of the hurricanes, yet the Muslims now have targeted them for vicious attacks. The Department of Homeland Security outlined the warning Thursday in an unclassified “situation awareness” document that was obtained by CNBC.

Haven’t we had enough of the Muslim savages? They must all be deported and not allowed to return. And to all journalists: Please do not use the terms, Radical Islamists or terrorists, The enemy should be absolutely IDENTIFIED. Call them what they are, MUSLIMS in all accounts of their attacks.

And Lets think about this: The homeless go without eating. Elderly go without needed medicines. Mentally ill go without treatment. Troops go without proper equipment. Veterans go without benefits that were promised. Yet we donate billions to other countries AND EXCESSIVE IMMIGRATION before helping our own first. This MUST change.

Lighter News: This writer very much enjoys “America’s Got Talent.” Tyra Banks is now the Master of Ceremonies…MISTRESS of Ceremonies?…..this day and age it seems one sex fits everyone so we’ll keep it Master of Ceremonies.

When it was first announced that she would replace Nick Cannon I was skeptical. But she is EXCELLENT in that role. She is pretty, elegant, and keeps the show moving at a brisk pace with perfect timing. It is a joy to watch her.

Final thought: Please Readers. Treat all living creatures with love. They have feelings too.


Video: Has Morgan Freeman Completely Lost His Mind? He Now Claims We Are At War With Russia