Charge De Niro with Public Obscenity!

by Rev. Austin Miles

NEW YORK-Tuesday- 6/11/18…I would not watch the Tony Awards last night. First of all I have more to do than watch a bunch of ham actors and actresses patting each other on the back and telling the world how great they (we) are. Even the participants didn’t seem to know what they were there for.

Robert DeNiro, a wanna be mafia don, seemed to think he was there to advise us on Washington, D.C. politics, yelling out, “F…k Trump!”  A phrase he repeated as the audience cheered and got to their feet.  This writer saw the video today. Yep, standing ovation for insulting the man millions of people voted for to lead our country.

That event was supposed to be about Broadway with awards given to those who performed better than others. Not to publicly disrespect our president or to use disrespectful words.

We ask this valid question. Aren’t there strict laws in the books regarding public obscenity?  There was at one time. Actors, like Mae West was jailed for using even slight vulgarity on the stage and in her movies. Lenny Bruce was arrested on the spot for saying the “F” word on stage at a club in New York.

This event bothered me for several reasons.  As this is being written, President Donald Trump is in North Korea, meeting with Dictator Kim Jong Un a man who has threatened the entire world, including the U.S. with Nuclear destruction.

President Donald Trump is the first and only world leader to contact him and arrange a face to face meeting. Only he could have pulled that off. The meeting is in progress at this moment.

President Trump meeting with the North Korean Leader is absolutely a first. And if he accomplishes this peace accord, he must be given the Nobel Prize even though Obama received the Nobel Prize simply for being dumped–not elected–into The Oval Office. Another case of insanity politics.

And THIS is the man, our president, that  DeNiro referred to from the stage, and seen by millions on television, using his typical filthy language to screech…

“F..K Trump!”

For Robert DeNiro to splatter out that obscenity in public is in itself criminal. This vulgarity was heard and seen by millions of people including children. Att: DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE in D.C., if possible, please take action against this low life for public obscenities. That law should still be on the books.

It was sad to see the magnificent Radio City Music Hall, a stage I have been on, become a receptacle for low life trash. Plus, there was a time when the acting profession was professional and the actors and actresses were ladies and gentlemen, carried dignity wherever they went, wore suits on personal appearances and on TV, were well-groomed, and never, never were heard using such obscene words.

Yes, there were real actors, real stars in those days. But now, unfortunately, Hollywood has become a cesspool of muck. We look forward to seeing the ratings of this abomination last night.

Broadway, at one time, offered the ultimate stage presentations. However the Broadway crowd is now the same. When Vice President Pence went to a theater to see “Hamilton,” in order to relax and enjoy a show with his family, those bastards went to the front of the stage and insulted our vice president. (Don’t panic, that is a Biblical word.)

If we were to wise up and stop spending our money to go to movies, or spend our time watching TV, stage and screen awards be given to these egomaniacs for pretending to be someone else, and spend time with our families, we would be much better off.


Doubling Down on Dumb

By Jim O’Neill

A dedication to irrationality grows more difficult to renounce with each reiteration of unreason, for the deluded must increasingly face the shame not only of his folly but the misery it begets.  As the tally grows, the likelihood of self-correction diminishes; and the committed one-worlder, now chained to his oars, must insulate himself against both reality and countervailing opinion.  He does so handily by demonizing those trying to restore him to sanity.

Melanie Phillips “The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle Over God, Truth, and Power”

On one side you have the likes of Robert “Raging Bulls—t” De Niro, and his anti-American liberal sycophants wildly applauding De Niro’s most recent vulgar and infantile hissy fit aimed at President Trump.  On the other side you have We the People, who increasingly allow such petulant pouting to go in one ear and out the other as we applaud the efforts of the best president America has seen since…well, forever it seems.

The media continues to preach its nonstop anti-Trump propaganda to an ever-shrinking choir, while the Democratic Party seems hellbent on throwing itself headfirst into absurdity and irrelevance.

As Melanie Phillips so insightfully points out, the globalist’s arrogance and ideological blinders leave them largely incapable of seeing anything outside their myopic tunnel-visioned delusions.  They are lost in a self-made house of mirrors, reflecting back at themselves, through transference and projection, their own unlovely images – which they disassociate from and demonize as “Them.”  To paraphrase Walt Kelly, they have met the enemy and he is them.

Their vision for America’s future has been reduced to “Resist!” and doubling down on dumb.  They are no doubt extremely disappointed by President Trump’s historic and wildly successful meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.  We the People on the other hand are elated.  Congratulations President Trump – thank you!






















Public School Teachers Cruelly Kill Animals In Front of Class!!

by Rev. Austin Miles

OCALA, Florida–You read that headline right. This is why this writer suggested some time ago that Animal Legal Rights and Courts be established. Thankfully, due to those stories, three have already been formed and more will be established. Animals who are treated cruelly now have legal courts to protect them and to hand out severe punishment to those who abuse them.

Check out this outrage, caught on video by a student, showing Ocala, Florida’s Forest High School teacher DEWIE BREWTON-(caps used to make sure this name is remembered)-having students fill up buckets of water to fill an execution chamber, a large garbage can.

Two living raccoons and an opossum, described by that public school teacher, DEWIE BREWTON, as ‘nuisance creatures,’ were then forcibly submerged into the water, and students held sticks to push them down under water if they came near the top. DEWIE BREWTON is a science-agriculture teacher in the public school system and this is what he is teaching in the government public schools? Oh yes, they also teach little boys how to wear skirts.

Even though that “progressive” teacher caused cruel deaths in front of children, he was NOT charged. WHAT?? In that case the public is commissioned to deal with DEWIE BREWTON by calling on the animal protection courts. These animals were killed simply for being animals.

It is to be noted that before snuffing out the lives of three innocent animals, TEACHER DEWIE BREWTON said the students were forbidden to video anything. This is a generality in any and every public school. However, one student DID. So the proof is undeniable.

It doesn’t stop there. These things are happening regularly. In March, the State of Idaho charged a middle school teacher with animal cruelty for allowing a snapping turtle to eat a terrified live puppy! And children were present to see it.

Preston Junior High School BIOLOGY TEACHER ROBERT CROSLAND who did this horrible thing, was charged with a misdemeanor (should be a felony) for animal cruelty, reported The Washington Post.

At least in this case, the State charged the trash bag who did this. A tip of the beret for Idaho.

Readers, we MUST work to get rid of the government propaganda schools. Christians, meet with your pastor and encourage him to form a Christian School at the church. It is not complicated to do, but can have an everlasting influence upon your children. For the sake of your children and society at large, please do this.

Earlier it was pointed out that we now have animal courts of law to deal with those who mistreat animals.

The animal legal defense fund has sent out this notice regarding a FREE webinar for those like this writer who is an advocate for animals. All online sessions are again, free and open to anyone interested in animal law, current and future law students, attorneys, legal professionals and animal advocates.

  • On July 10th at 12:00 pm PST, hear from Amanda Howell and Lindsay Larris, attorneys at the Animal Legal Defense Fund, about the latest developments in litigation and legislation related to captive wildlife.
  • On August 3rd at 12:00 pm PST, David Casslelman, trial attorney and Founder of the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and Executive Producer of “Love and Bananas,” an Elephant Story,” will discuss the ten years he spent litigating pro bono against the Los Angeles Zoo in an effort to protect the elephants housed there.

Again, registration is free, but spots fill up early! Register for one or all of this year’s Animal Law Summer School Sessions. If you can’t make one of the sessions, don’t worry. Recordings will be available on the Animal Legal Defense Fund website.

Signed For the Animals,
Stephen Wells,
Executive Director
525 East Cutati Avenue
Cotati, California 94931

Personal Note to Readers: Please treat all creatures humanely. All animals have feelings. When you see two birds fighting, notice how they are glaring, one at the other, with their beaks open. This is displaying anger. Anger means feelings. And that includes feelings of pain and fear. They physically feel every injury incurred. Please remember that.


Child’s Skull Found At Alleged Sex-Trafficking Bunker Area In Tucson

Child’s Skull Found At Alleged Sex-Trafficking Bunker Area In Tucson

Lewis Arthur and Veterans on Patrol have just located a child’s skull in Tucson near the site of the underground bunker found late last week, which contained items associated with child sex trafficking.

After waiting over two hours for law enforcement to show up, 5 sheriff cars arrived on scene and said they were given the wrong coordinates and had tried to return Lewis Arthur’s phone call but was not able to reach him. Arthur confirmed that his phone had died. The sheriff’s office was flooded with phone calls with each caller giving different coordinates.

A map posted to the Veterans’ page shows that the skull was found up the road on the side of the highway from what they claim is the site of the bunker that they previously found, which some reports say was demolished by black vans.

By any estimate, the skull was found well within the borders of what constitutes the suspected child-trafficking area in Tucson.

We will continue to provide updates as law enforcement and witnesses make more information available.

“Border Patrol doesn’t want to touch this body,” Arthur stated during a live feed while waiting for law enforcement to arrive. “Yes, we do have a child’s body found. There are other bones scattered out in this area,” “You can see where it’s decomposing. You can smell the death on it.”

See Full Story-Photos>>>


“Comey’s Law” Revisited


As outlined in Comey’s speech exonerating Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing “Comey’s Law” may be summarized as follows: “Unless one intends to break the law, then no law has in fact been broken…unless they are not, in which case they are.”

That last bit refers to the fact that if one is not a Clinton then the first part of “Comey’s Law” does not apply, and the individual in question is indeed guilty of breaking the law, whether they did it intentionally or not.  (See “Exhibit A” former US Navy sailor Kristian Saucier).

After stating that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against Hillary Clinton, Comey helpfully clarifies things by adding the following caveat:

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.

“To be clear” — yes, by all means let’s be clear about all this.  (Helpful hint: by “security or administrative sanctions” Comey means being thrown into prison).

At the beginning of his statement Comey informs us that “Our investigation looked at whether there is evidence classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on that [i.e. Clinton’s] personal system, in violation of a federal statute making it a felony to mishandle classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way…” (italics added).

To be clear, Comey later informs us that Clinton did not act in a “grossly negligent” manner, but merely in an “extremely careless” manner.  Apples and oranges, right?  Who could ever confuse the two?

To be even more clear, Comey tells us that in no way did Clinton intend to break the law, ergo she is obviously innocent (as any reasonable prosecutor would tell you).

All the cases prosecuted involved some combination of: clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information; or vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct…or efforts to obstruct justice. We do not see those things here.

To be clear, apparently the intention to break the law needs to be present, and/or “vast quantities” of classified material needs to be involved in order to break the law.  Seems a shame that Kristian Saucier’s lawyer was unaware of these legal statutes.

I have to admit to being puzzled however by Comey’s statement that “We do not see those things here” – referring to “intentional misconduct or efforts to obstruct justice.”  Did not Clinton’s minions “willfully and intentionally” attempt to hide tens of thousands of subpoenaed emails, BleachBit hard drives, and physically smash others to bits?  Why is that not considered obstruction of justice?  Oh well, I guess as Director of the FBI Comey must have known what he was talking about, right?

Let’s be clear.  Comey knew what he was talking about all right.  His stunning exoneration of Clinton, filled with duplicity and verbal razzle-dazzzle, will no doubt stand as a prime example of legal-weaselese for future students of law.

As We the People prepare for the IG’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton server “matter,” I thought that a refresher on “Comey’s Law” might be in order.  Laus Deo, power to the people!



















Your Eyes and Alzheimer’s

  • Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?
  • * Note: Taken from the Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 6/4/18 –

 Check your Alzheimer’s risk… by looking at your eyes!

If you want a peek at your dementia risk, you’ve got two options.

You can visit a neurologist, but good luck if you don’t have any specific symptoms that’ll get you a referral first. You’ll probably have to shell out hundreds just to say hello, and let’s not even get into the cost of the brain scans and other tests.

The second way is a whole lot cheaper.

There’s ANOTHER doctor in your life who might be able to do the job, and his visit is usually completely covered.

It’s your EYE DOCTOR!

He probably doesn’t know it yet, but one of the standard pieces of equipment he uses to peek at your peepers can also provide a quick glimpse at the state of your brain.

And he doesn’t have to do anything other than what he normally does.

When he checks you for macular degeneration, he dilates your pupils and looks deep inside at the back of your eye.

He’s looking for little yellow clumps called drusen.

There are two forms, hard and soft. He’s usually looking for the soft stuff, which can be a warning sign of macular degeneration.

But a new study finds that hard stuff — which can be seen on the same test — could be one of your earliest warning signs of dementia risk.

Hard drusen deposits are FIVE TIMES more common in Alzheimer’s patients as they are in folks without the disease!

The reason for it makes perfect sense, too.

Those little chunks in the back of your eye are a sign of thicker blood vessels, which slow the flow of blood to the brain and cause some “backups” in the system.

In this case, those backups could include these chunks floating around into the back of your eyeballs.

If your eye doctor says you’ve got some of this hard drusen hiding in the back of your own peepers, don’t sweat it.

It’s a risk factor, not a guarantee. Do nothing, and you might never develop the disease.

But do SOMETHING… and you might be able to cut the risk.

And I’ve got just the thing.

Last year, a series of studies that show how two nutrients can help power the brain, slow aging, and protect against dementia absolutely puzzled scientists.

Why were they so darned puzzled? Well, the two nutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin, are better known for how they protect the eyes from macular degeneration by cutting through drusen like a weed-whacker.

Looks like that puzzle may have just been solved!

Take an eye protection formula with lutein and zeaxanthin. You just might get a brain boost, too.

With a prize for your eyes,
Jack Harrison


Gov. Moonbeam Changes President’s Day to…+ More

by Rev. Austin Miles

The one and only Governor Moonbeam of California has done it again. He now proposes changing “President’s Day” to…now get this….SOCIALIST DAY!!

This bill, AB-3042 is sponsored by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, (no surprise here) a Sacramento Democrat.

Legislative analysis states that the bill would change California law, which now requires schools to close for two days in February–once in honor of George Washington, once for Abraham Lincoln–to combine the days for only one holiday in February.

This new free day will be made available for schools to close on May 1st in honor of…”International Workers’ Day.” So they have dropped a day to honor Washington or Lincoln to honor international socialism. And is to be remembered that May 1st is a day still honored by Communists world-wide.

This stupid butt (last word substituted for the more advanced description) bill has, of course, passed the Democrat-dominated assembly’s education’s and appropriations committees to make it to the assembly floor.

President Trump Saving us Money

This information that the news media refuses to acknowledge, was sent to us by Bob and Geri Boyd, hosts of the national radio program, Issues in Education. Readers, do join us by getting this out to the public including on your social media. Here it is:

On Friday, the Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. It includes the name, status, salary and position title of all 377 White House employees.

The report also said that Trump decided not to take a dime of his salary; instead he donated it to an amazing cause! See below.

The report also showed that President Trump is far better at saving money than Obama was. The total annual White House salaries under Trump are 35.8 million vs. $40.9 million under Obama, a savings of $5.1 million.

Here are some other key findings:

There are 110 fewer employees on White House staff under Trump than under Obama at this point in their respective presidencies.

Nineteen fewer staffers are also dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS). Currently, there are only five staffers dedicated to Melania Trump vs. 24 staffers who served Michelle Obama (FY2009)

However, it’s what the report said Trump did with this salary that has everyone talking.

Instead of taking his salary, Trump donated all $400,000 to the Department of the Interior where it will be used for construction and repair needs at military cemeteries! AMAZING! It’s so great to have a President who loves our brave military men and women so much!

Oh, and where’s the media coverage of this? That’s right, they don’t cover anything decent that the President does…but we can change this. Every time the media publishes a falsehood about President Donald trump, let us FLOOD each outlet with our anger at their false news. And make phone calls and use email.

And let us really be militant when the fake news media does a story like this: A friend of someone stated that Trump is a mental case, which the phony news media makes a feature story about, spend a bit of time coming down HARD on the media who fans such garbage. Media, you are check-mated.

The Democrats try to block absolutely everything President Trump tries to do making it all but impossible for him to do the work he pledged to do, and was voted in to do. This must stop. Surely charges could be filed against Demoncrats for impeding the work of the American People who legally voted President Trump into office.

Our thanks to Bob and Geri Boyd for this info that you will not see elsewhere.


The money you spend at Starbucks is used by them to support Planned Parenthood. Yes, that’s where some of that coffee money goes. Surely you remember that Starbucks signed a string of legal briefs for Same sex Marriage. They are NOT a company with American interests. Plus you can get better coffee elsewhere.

Here are more companies that use the profits they get from YOU to support Planned Parenthood. They have given matching gifts to that barbaric murder factory. Others who follow the footsteps of Starbucks include, Johnson & Johnson, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, Nike, Pepsi, Tostitos and more.


Donnie Moore whose ministry included a power team for evangelistic services and who was also the Chaplain of The Oakland A’s, passed away yesterday. We are still awaiting details. At one of his programs, our grandson, Brandon, received Jesus as his savior.

Chuck Missler, of Koinonia House, passed away at age 83 in his home in Reporoa, New Zealand on May 1,2018. He was a first class Bible teacher & Scholar. This writer met him while filming, Ancient Secrets of The Bible where I was a writer, technical consultant and researcher. He was welcoming and friendly.



Aspirin is not Your Best Friend

  • Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?
  • * Note: Taken from Health Sciences Institute e-Alert – Melissa Young – 6/1/18

Dear Reader,

Aspirin is a miracle drug, all right. It’s a miracle that it hasn’t been moved behind the pharmacy counter by now!

For something so benign-looking, cheap, and easy to buy, it’s shocking at how deadly it can be. And that’s even at a “baby” dose of 81 mg.

As many have learned the hard way, it’s an extremely risky med — even when it tastes like oranges or cherries!

And along with the very real threat of internal bleeding (among other catastrophic side effects), we can now add something else to this “wonder” drug’s rap sheet: a doubling of the likelihood of a man developing the most dangerous skin cancer of all, melanoma.

So, if you’re taking a daily aspirin because you think it will prevent a stroke or heart attack or even offer some kind of protection against colon cancer, prepare to trade your skin — and maybe even your life — for those promises, which will more than likely turn out to be empty.

The devil is in the details

For decades, we were told that the simplest way to avert a heart attack is to simply pop a low-dose aspirin daily. But not even the FDA buys that story anymore.

Four years ago, the agency “carefully” examined the “scientific data” and realized that while researchers had found no real evidence that aspirin will prevent a heart attack, they did find some really hazardous side effects, including “dangerous bleeding into the brain or stomach.”

Well, that sure took long enough for the FDA to figure out. I mean, aspirin has only been around for over a century!

But its deadly side effects don’t stop there — and the latest study shows how this common painkiller can actually kill youby sacking you with the deadliest form of skin cancer.

In this new study, researchers at Chicago’s Feinberg School of Medicine followed close to 3,000 total patients of both sexes ranging in age from 18 to 89. Within that group, nearly 1,200 had been taking a daily aspirin for a year or more.

After tracking their health status for five years, the researchers found that compared to those who didn’t take the drug, the men who popped a daily aspirin doubled their risk of being diagnosed with melanoma.

And even at the low dose of 81 mg, that danger remained.

Now, interestingly, the Feinberg scientists didn’t find this increased melanoma threat to be true for women. Lead researcher Dr. Beatrice Nardone said that could be for many reasons, one being that women may have more “protective enzymes” than men that can help to prevent skin cancer.

One of those watchdog enzymes is called superoxide dismutase, or SOD, an extremely important natural antioxidant that can counteract the damage done by oxidative stress. Having lower levels of SOD can result in unchecked “oxidative cellular damage in men,” said Dr. Nardone.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that aspirin is somehow safer (or safe at all) for women to take, as it’s also possible that further research will connect aspirin and melanoma to the fairer sex as well.

And if you’ve been sold on an aspirin regime based on news stories about how this “miracle” medicine can prevent cancer, especially colon cancer, know that there’s a lot more to the story than simply headlines like “Aspirin prevents cancer.”

The study at the root of a lot of that aspirin-taking hysteria came from a group called the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), a panel of experts that dispenses advice to docs all over the U.S.

While headlines ran nonstop several years ago about how an aspirin a day could keep you safe from colon cancer, as they say, the devil is in the details.

And the details in that research were that the people who appeared to have lower rates of colon cancer were taking gigantic doses — up to 1,200 mg — of aspirin daily for decades. Yikes!

Swallowing that much — the equivalent of nearly 15 low-dose aspirin pills a day for years on end — would send your chances of suffering a GI bleed off the charts! And just last year, I told you how researchers out of the University of California at Irvine found that aspirin can actually supercharge colon cancer cells, making them even more deadly.

So, when you see a bottle of aspirin, recognize it for what it really is: a dangerous drug that you should only be reaching for if you think you’re having a heart attack, not to prevent one.

And if you really want to make sure the odds are in your favor for dodging cancer, don’t even touch one aspirin pill!

To Saving Your Skin,

Melissa Young


“Daily aspirin linked to double melanoma risk in men” Northwestern University, May 3, 2018, ScienceDaily,



CNN ratings plunge 25% in a year

This is thrilling!!!!!!!!

Fellowship of the Minds

Hank Berrien reports for The Daily Wire, June 1, 2018, that May was a disastrous month for CNN’s primetime schedule, compared to 2017, ranking behind Fox and MSNBC.

According to Adweek, compared to the same period last year:

  • CNN’s total primetime viewers plunged 25%. Prime time is the period TV news advertisers traditionally look at when determining their ad spending.
  • CNN’s total day viewers dropped 20%.

Tom Blumer of Newsbusters observed:

Clearly, it seems that obsessing over Stormy Daniels, having over 147 interviews with her lawyer, constantly going after President Donald Trump as an idiot and a racist, highlighting Jim Acosta’s loutish behavior, giving an open mic to gun-controllers . . . is not a winning formula.

In contrast, Forbes points out that Fox News is flourishing:

Fox News Channel has now beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, based on…

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WALSH: Hey #MeToo, Planned Parenthood Has Been Covering Up Sex Abuse And Child Rape For Decades

WALSH: Hey #MeToo, Planned Parenthood Has Been Covering Up Sex Abuse And Child Rape For Decades

Planned Parenthood is very thankful for Samantha Bee and Roseanne this week. The controversies surrounding both women have managed to overshadow, even among conservative pundits and publications, the news that the abortion giant has been aiding and abetting child rapists and sexual abusers for decades.

In a damning report published by Live Action, citing eye witness accounts, court cases, video footage, and the testimony of victims, it was revealed that the tax-funded abortion corporation has been engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cover up sex crimes. The specific cases mentioned in the report are downright chilling.

A woman named Denise Fairbanks says she was raped and impregnated by her father at the age of 13. He took her to Planned Parenthood and forced her to get an abortion. She told the clinic staff that she was being abused, but they refused to alert the authorities. Instead, they simply performed the abortion and sent her home with her father, who continued to rape her for another year and a half.

In another case, a man named George Savannah raped and impregnated his daughter three times. Each time, he brought her to Planned Parenthood so that the evidence of his crime could be destroyed. The fact that a man kept returning to the clinic year after year to get abortions for his young daughter apparently never raised any red flags. None of the incidents were reported, so the abuse continued.

In still another case, a 12-year-old girl was brought to the clinic by her foster brother, who was also her rapist. Planned Parenthood never contacted the authorities and never even bothered to tell the victim’s foster parents. The girl’s abuse continued as a result.

These incidents are not isolated. They are widespread, all too common, and Planned Parenthood has made absolutely no effort to correct the problem. Planned Parenthood was already caught on video in 2011 failing to report the sex abuse of minors. In response, they held training sessions with their employees — to teach them how to detect when they’re being filmed. They did not provide any guidance on how to identify and report sex crimes. Because they simply don’t care about that. Planned Parenthood has always been a rapist’s best friend, and now they seem to have fully embraced that role.

I don’t believe that staff members at your average Planned Parenthood clinic support rape, per se. I think they just care much more about the financial and ideological bottom line. Financially, rape is good for business because it brings in money. Repeated rape, especially the repeated rape of a child by a family member, is extremely good for business because it creates a sustained revenue stream. And ideologically, it would hurt the cause of “reproductive rights” if people began to understand just how often women are coerced or outright forced to “choose” abortions.

So, not reporting rape means more money. Reporting rape means less money and more scrutiny. Planned Parenthood chooses the former, and why not? They’re already killing human beings for money. Why get all squeamish about a little rape here and there?

Now the feminist crusaders against sex abuse have their own choice to make. They can finally speak up and hold this vile, blood-soaked, rape-facilitating organization accountable for its many crimes against women and children, or they can abandon their #MeToo convictions, abandon these victims just as Planned Parenthood abandoned them, fall in line, and start spouting the defensive talking points Planned Parenthood assigns to them. In other words, they can do the right thing or the unspeakably evil thing. I guess we will find out which they choose. I am not very optimistic.

Iran is Losing, Israel is Winning

Iran vs Israel

Iran’s Islamist regime has recently experienced a string of serious setbacks, most of them directly or indirectly connected to Israel.

On April 30, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unmasked the ayatollah regime by displaying some of the more than 100,000 documents that Mossad had stolen from Iran’s secret nuclear archive in Tehran.

US President Donald Trump explicitly referred to Israel and Netanyahu when he announced a week later that the United States was pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. This was a major blow to Iran, and its weak economy is now facing the prospect of severe American sanctions.

On May 10, Israel responded to Iranian rocket attacks by seriously decimating Iran’s military assets in Syria. It was reportedly Israel’s most extensive military operation in Syria since the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Apparently as a result of Netanyahu’s many productive meetings with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin announced that it would cancel the scheduled delivery of its advanced S-300 anti-missile system to Iran’s ally, Syria.

Until recently, Russia had refused to take sides in the military confrontation between Tehran and Jerusalem. However, it appears that Moscow has finally realized that Iran’s anti-Israel military buildup in Syria threatens Russia’s main interest in the country – the stability of the Assad regime safeguarding Russia’s military naval base in the Syrian city of Tartus.

As a result, Moscow is now pressuring Tehran to end its aggression against Israel, since Syria’s stability is endangered by Israel’s powerful military responses. In a veiled warning to Iran, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that only Syrian troops should have a presence along the Syrian-Israeli border.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has warned Assad not to advance southward to the Israeli border.

In Iraq, a political bloc led by Muqtada al-Sadr emerged as the winner in the country’s recent parliamentary election. The unexpected victory comes after al-Sadr was sidelined for years by Iranian-backed rivals who only came in second in the election.

Iran’s Islamist proxies also failed to prevent the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

With the exception of Turkey recalling its ambassadors in Israel and Washington, Hamas’s “March of Return” was a failure. Hamas did not succeed to penetrate Israel’s border; not a single Israeli was killed.

Encouraged by Iran, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired over 100 rockets against Israeli border communities adjacent to Gaza. In response, the Israeli Air Force decimated Hamas military targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

Hamas is clearly not interested in further military escalation with Israel, which would undermine its rule in Gaza. The terrorist organization, therefore, is likely seeking to rein in the even-more-radical terrorist group Islamic Jihad.

While Iran has experienced serious setbacks during the past weeks, Israel has dramatically strengthened its military and intelligence deterrence against Tehran and its Islamist proxies.

Mainstream Mag Pushes ‘Porn Literacy’ Among Children

Mainstream Mag Pushes ‘Porn Literacy’ Among Children

A mainstream news magazine has published a filthy article promoting the use of pornography among children.

“As pornography is ever more accessible – yes, your kids are watching it – Friends’ Central teacher Al Vernacchio’s revolutionary approach to sex education is exactly what the sexologist ordered,” says the sub-headline of the article written by Claire Sasko and published in Philadelphia Magazine. 

Vernacchio’s sick “revolutionary” approach makes pizza a metaphor for sexual activity for the purpose of making sex easy for children to understand.

In an interview with the New York TimesVernachhio detailed his approach.

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“[W]ouldn’t it be great if our sexual activity started with a real sense of wanting, whether your desire is for intimacy, pleasure or orgasms… And you can be hungry for pizza and still decide, no thanks, I’m dieting. It’s not the healthiest thing for me now,” he said.

Remember, Vernacchio is a sex-ed teacher – his audience is children.

“If you’re gonna have pizza with someone else, what do you have to do?” he continued. “You gotta talk about what you want. Even if you’re going to have the same pizza you always have, you say, ‘We getting the usual?’ Just a check-in. And square, round, thick, thin, stuffed crust, pepperoni, stromboli, pineapple — none of those are wrong; variety in the pizza model doesn’t come with judgment.”

Vernacchio was invited to give a TED Talk on the topic, which is quite explicit.


“There are a million different kinds of pizza,” he said in the speech. “There’s a million different toppings. There are a million different ways to eat pizza. And none of them are wrong, they’re different.”

“So what if we could take this pizza model and overlay it on top of sexual education?” he said. “If we could create sexuality education that was more like pizza, we could create education that invites people to think about their own desires, to make deliberate decisions about what they want, to talk about it with their partners, and to ultimately look not for some external outcome, but for what feels satisfying.”

A Marxist Education: Learning to Change the World

  • In a forthcoming book, University of Washington-Bothell professor Wayne Au argues that elementary and high school teachers should incorporate “Marxist and socialist ideas” into their curricula.
  • Au claims that American education has historically been shaped by “the interests of capital as well as white men in universities,” and advocates countering neoliberal ideas with a “Marxist-feminist standpoint theory.”

A University of Washington-Bothell professor who trains aspiring K-12 teachers is publishing a book that advocates for “Marxist and socialist ideas” in education.

A Marxist Education: Learning to Change the World will be published on June 5 by Haymarket Books, and is authored by Wayne Au, a long-time social justice educator who teaches classes in the UW-Bothell School of Educational Studies. 

“These dire times have sparked an upsurge in activism…and I think a new generation of teachers could build upon this radical momentum by helping their students explore and consider Marxist ideas.”   

The forthcoming book—a preview of which was reviewed by Campus Reform—frames the adoption of Marxist and socialist values as a much-needed strategy for educators to help students resist capitalism, white men, the U.S. President, and much more. 

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“These dire times have sparked an upsurge in activism that is heartening and full of revolutionary potential, and I think a new generation of teachers could build upon this radical momentum by helping their students explore and consider Marxist ideas,” Au writes in the opening chapter. 

“And here is the thing: after all these years, Marx and Marxism still provide the sharpest analysis of how capitalism functions at its most fundamental levels of production, profit, and exploitation,” he adds. 

While Au notes that his father was a communist, he cites time spent at The Evergreen State College as especially crucial to his development as a “radical” teacher, saying the school introduced him to books such as Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

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The book’s penultimate chapter—“Curriculum to Change the World: Developing a Marxist-Feminist Standpoint in the Politics of Knowledge”—elucidates strategies that educators can adopt to teach in the Marxist tradition. 

One of these strategies is the adoption of “Marxist-feminist standpoint theory,” writes Au. 

Standpoint theory, he explains, “comes from the basic understanding that power and knowledge are inseparable,” and is predicated on an acknowledgement of how the “ruling capitalist class” shapes what children learn and are expected to learn. 

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“As an orientation towards understanding the world, standpoint theory thus openly acknowledges that the social location of the oppressed…is the best vantage point for understanding society because it can provide a clearer, more truthful view of how society functions,” he asserts. 

According to the author, acknowledging this can help teachers decide what should be taught to students in place of curricula that have historically been shaped by “the interests of capital as well as white men in universities.”

A Marxist Education will be published in print by Haymarket Books, a “radical, independent, nonprofit” Chicago-based book publisher. 

Campus Reform reached out to Wayne Au by email, but did not receive a response in time for publication. 

Follow the author of this book on Twitter: @Toni_Airaksinen

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What’s With All the False Alarm Warnings from the Emergency Alert System Lately?

What’s With All the False Alarm Warnings from the Emergency Alert System Lately?

In 2018, there have been at least 4 false alarms that have drummed up panic for no reason at all. It makes you wonder, what’s with all these false alarms? And how can we actually trust an alert that comes to our phone from the Emergency Alert System at all?


The first, of course, was Hawaii, on January 13th. That one scared me personally since one of my dearest friends lives there and I knew it was a time when she wouldn’t be up yet in the morning. I frantically tried to reach her and finally woke her up to tell her the news. A missile was on the way to Hawaii and it was NOT a drill.

The message was sent to cell phones and broadcast on TV and radio stations with the chilling message that residents were to take shelter immediately. Warning sirens went off at resorts and hotels.

It was bedlam in many parts of the island state. Parents were shoving their children into storm drains. After 47 minutes of terror, another alert told the panicked islanders that this had been a false alarm.

It turns out that an employee “hit the wrong button” and sent out the alert. However, people affected were reasonably furious that it took so long to correct the error.


The false alarm in Hawaii was barely out of the headlines when another inaccurate alert was sent to residents of Maine. The alert warned people in the coastal city of Portland that a tsunami was incoming.


While it’s not impossible for a coastal town to be threatened by a tsunami, it’s incredibly rare on the East Coast and Maine has suffered only minor events historically. The biggest tsunami wave ever recorded there was 10 feet high in 1926. It flooded the harbor but there were no deaths.

Despite this, residents near the water were quite rightfully alarmed. It turned out that this was a test message that somehow was accidentally sent as a push notification. AccuWeather and the National Weather Service have both pointed the finger for the error to the other agency.

“Tsunami warnings are handled with the utmost concern by AccuWeather and it has sophisticated algorithms to scan the entire message, not just header words, as from the time of a warning to the actual event can be mere minutes,” the statement said. “AccuWeather was correct in reading the mistaken NWS codes embedded in the warning. The responsibility is on the NWS to properly and consistently code the messages, for only they know if the message is correct or not.”

…The National Tsunami Warning Center said it did not issue a tsunami warning, watch or advisory for any part of the United States or Canada Tuesday morning. The center, based in Palmer, Alaska, issues monthly tests to regional weather offices.

Officials said it appeared to be an issue only with the Accuweather app. (source)


The tsunami warning a few months later in Alaska held a lot more weight since the area is prone to seismic activity and in an area where tsunamis are a more realistic threat.

In May, a truncated version of a test message was sent in error and broadcast by local radio and TV stations. This one did not go to the phones of local residents but was picked up by the media. Because it was abbreviated, the words “this is a test” did not show up and therefore were not broadcast.

What makes matters worse is that earlier in the year, when there was actually a threat after a 7.9 earthquake hit the Gulf of Alaska, the tsunami warning that should have gone out to coastal residents was not received by some Alaskan broadcasters and wireless companies.


Then a couple of days ago, the system in Oregon sent out a mysterious message to Salem residents that had them puzzled and alarmed.

And that was it – no further information was included. Just that there was an emergency and that they should “prepare for action.”

Andrew Phelps, the head of Oregon’s emergency management agency, apologized for the “glitch.” It turns out that this time there actually was a critical situation of which people needed to be aware.

Phelps said late Tuesday that a technical glitch had cut off crucial information: that the alert concerned elevated levels of a natural toxin in a local reservoir. Children and people with compromised immune systems have been told not to drink tap water in the Salem, Oregon, area after an algae bloom caused the spike.

“The integrated public alert warning system inadvertently defaulted to a generic message,” Phelps said in a video posted on the social media by the Office of Emergency Management. “I apologize for the confusion and the anxiety this incomplete message has caused.” (source)

Of course, this message left people’s minds racing about the nature of the emergency. Some people were afraid to go outside, fearing an active shooter, while others feared a terror attack. And it turns out, even the agency that sent the alert was baffled, taking 31 minutes to follow up with a message that provided some clarity as to the nature of the emergency.

Confusion surrounded the initial alert even within the emergency management agency, with a spokesperson telling reporters the message had caught them unawares and state police asking residents via a Facebook post not to call 911 about the alert. (source)

At that point, people were in panic mode. Stores were quickly emptied of their water supplies and chaos was left in shoppers’ wakes. A reader local to the area sent me a message telling of what had ensued.

I live in Salem Oregon. This evening at 8:30 pm phones across my state went nuts. We received a vague emergency message. A civil emergency is what they called it. You read that and I don’t care who you are, your attention has been grasped.

With power still running I took to social media. My feed was hot. People were freaking out. No one knew what was going on. Finally, word spread and we discovered our tap water is tainted. With toxic algae! They say safe for adults. (Ummm, no thanks). You can’t boil it away. It’s a firm “don’t give kids under 6, elderly, pets, medically compromised, pregnant, and nursing women any tap water.” Period.

At 9 pm we received a far more clear emergency text. And the police took to Facebook as evidently 911 was swamped. Its all over the news. Shelves are empty. People are frightened and panicking and it has only been an hour.

The Emergency Alert System is not working very well.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is overseen by the FCC and can be dispatched locally or even at the national level.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is a national public warning system that requires broadcasters, cable television systems, wireless cable systems, satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS) providers, and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) providers to provide the communications capability to the President to address the American public during a national emergency. The system also may be used by state and local authorities to deliver important emergency information, such as AMBER alerts and weather information targeted to specific areas.

The FCC, in conjunction with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service (NWS), implements the EAS at the federal level. The President has sole responsibility for determining when the EAS will be activated at the national level, and has delegated this authority to the director of FEMA. FEMA is responsible for implementation of the national-level activation of the EAS, tests, and exercises. The NWS develops emergency weather information to alert the public about imminent dangerous weather conditions. (source)

The EAS, while a great idea, is sending out so many false alarm warnings that one has to wonder if people will even pay attention in an actual emergency. Theories abound as to why the false alarms are happening, with people pointing fingers toward a wide variety of possibilities:

  • Human error
  • Deliberate manipulation to panic people into being better prepared
  • A cover-up for a system that was hacked
  • In the case of Hawaii, an actual emergency that was quietly diverted
  • Systems errors

My advice? It’s the same advice I’d give in any situation. If you think there could be a threat, don’t panic, take the appropriate action, and wait to see how things play out.

But one thing is sure. There are only so many false alarms that can be sent out before the EAS loses all effectiveness. Pretty soon, if not already, people will just roll their eyes and carry on with their days instead of taking action. And if that’s the case, our apathetic society will become even less interested in being prepared for emergencies. There are only so many times you can be spurred to panic for no reason until you’re immune to that particular voice crying “wolf.”

One day when a real disaster is inbound, nobody will pay attention to what is “probably” just another false alarm.

What do you think?

What do you think is going on with the Emergency Alert System? Why is there such a prevalence of false alarms this year? How much credibility would you give a warning like these if you received one out of the blue?