Outlaw Islam or DIE! Lessons from history tell the truth about Islam

It’s time to resurrect the spirit of the Crusades and send the Barbarians straight to hell before Islam takes over the world. These refugees from Syria are the filler for the Globalist agenda to destroy the Christian world and wipe out the people of the Bible.


11 responses to “Outlaw Islam or DIE! Lessons from history tell the truth about Islam

  1. Yet thst usurper in office just stated that Islam is a part of America.
    No it isn’t and should never be! IT is anti-Christian!!!

    We all know these this, but I’ll never stop speaking out about this evil
    so-called religion. The little city, one minute down the street from me has ruled by Sharia law that I cannot say a word about the beheadings or anything else this religion calls for against Chrristians, if I do, I’d be jailed for hate speach. facts are now hate speech.. Oh yes, and politically incorrect as well.

    Goodbye America…the land of the free…

    My little rant for the day.

  2. Islam is a religion, Muslims are the people. Remember it is the Muslims that represent the religion so don’t blame the religion for how it’s been shown.

    I agree there are extremist Muslims and others that take religion to far.

    BUT as a fellow Muslim, it says in the book of God, forcing someone into religion is not allowed.

    We Muslims use the term ‘Allah’ which most of you may think is our own type of God but in fact it is the same God Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Adam believed in. It’s just the Arabic term. Just like when you learnt French and there’s different word to represent the colour green.

    So you should know we believe in the same God. I can defend my religion but unfortunately I cannot defend all Muslims as some portray a negative image.

    Please do not generalise the acts of few Muslims to the whole community.

    • Muslims unknowingly worship the pagan moon God Allah from the ancient Druidic LONG LIST OF CARNAL and physical man made Gods. Muslims or Islam in general is the tool of the Anti Christ aka SATAN. They tolerate no other religion. NOT THE SAME GOD – Islam was founded by a baby raping, war mongering lunatic named Mohammad. He killed or raped everyone he ever met. Nothing like the miracle working and loving healer we know as Jesus. You can still be saved. Just ask Jesus to forgive your ignorance and you sin and agree to follow him. And you will escape the eternal suffering of HELL where all Muslims go when they die

    • Perhaps you should read the history of this cult called a religion, it is very ugly. If you believe women should be mutilated vaginally, that they should walk behind their husbands, that they have to cover everything but their eyes, that they can be stoned for even looking at another man, then you belong to a cult.

      As well, if you look at all the nations where the so-called peaceful muslims are not violent until there are enough of them to join with the violent ones in outrageous demands of the country, and destroying the culture of the country, then you belong to a cult. There are no peaceful Muslims, only Muslims who wish to conquer and control.

      If you believe that Muslims should multiply like rats in the new country they’re trying to overtake by immigrating, then you belong to a cult.

      If you believe men are allowed to bugger little boys and it’s okay, then you belong to a cult.

      If you believe straping bombs on yourself to blow up Christians and Jews, then you belong to a cult.

      If you have sons and believe it’s okay for them to be martyrs and blow up the ones you call infidels, then you belong to a cult.

      If you actually believe there are 72 virgins waiting in paradise for someone who murders others because of taught hatred, then you belong to a cult.

      Islam is a cult, it is run by barbaric savages who destroy civilization. We do not believe in the same god. Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel and His Son Jesus Christ, not the moon god who slaughters for the joy of hatred.

      Don’t bother posting on this site again, you are in a cult and you are lost. We will pray that you come to the saving knowledge of the God of the Bible.

    • Rose, OK so you are a moderate Muslim ……………..now. What happens when the area you live in becomes overwhelmingly Muslim and sharia law is imposed? Will you still be a “Moderate”? Umm, see the problem?

      Once sharia is imposed there is no such thing as a “Moderate”
      So out comes the veil, then the wahoos in charge take your Koran and they seem to forget the part about “Peace” and start chopping heads off of all who do not bow before them.

      Oh and wherever they go they tend to make that place a shit hole pretty darn quick. Please see this for proof.

    • Rose, you’re propagandized and brainwashed, you have fallen prey to much false doctrine…sickening that you like the beheaders and the women haters.

  3. Amen, radioroger.

  4. Oh – we are all armed and excellent snipers as we grew up hunting big game – Muzzies will all be dead and in hell in a single day

  5. Islam is a political death cult disguised as a religion. It’s a very new ” religion’ compared to all the other religions. The founder lived his life no different from your average serial killer. Islam worship and practices fuel criminal behavior and psychosis in people and it should be banned.

  6. All anyone needs to know about the highly political, Fascist Ideology known as Islam is the ultimate goal of it’s adherents; that is to force by the sword if necessary their ideology on the entire world. Muslims have been committing atrocities on innocent men women and children for almost 1400 years, it’s astounding that something this evil is accepted by so many people but then Satan is the god of this world, for Now that is.

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