Out of the Mouths of Babes – America's Holocaust!

I saw this video and admittedly cried through most of it. Knowing that a young and God loving child could be so right on made me bristle with shame for the nightmare we are leaving our future generations.
I cannot seem to convince anyone that it’s time to physically protest by establishing a massive revolt against government overreach, over taxation, taxation without representation etc. Why do we support financially a Government that is hell bent on our destruction?
This is so sad that a mere child is focused on the degeneracy of our once great nation, rather than living an innocent and happy childhood in a free and God fearing land.
Please – May God soon violently erase the Monsters responsible for this attack on our children and the raping of their minds and souls.
In my view – if you are doing nothing to alter the path of America in a downward smile, look closely in the mirror as it might be that you are the monster. Apathy is not a Godly value and the children of America are crying out for us to rescue them from the horror that we have allowed to take charge.
If this video doesn’t stir you to rise up – Then I pity your lost soul!


2 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes – America's Holocaust!

  1. She is so right. We need more youth like her, but I fear the persecution will be so unrelenting on youth, it will be hard to stand. God save America.

  2. That was FANTASTIC!! What PASSION she has for God and America!! I don’t think persecution can even scratch HER Faith. With even a FEW youths with her conviction,America will be in GOOD HANDS.

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