Oscars-Oh So BLACK!

by Rev. Austin Miles
HOLLYWOOD-2/25/19=Admittedly this headline was influenced by one a couple of years ago that said: “Oscars-Oh so White!” The blacks loudly complained that not enough black actors were nominated or won Oscars. So society was willing to be dictated to by the blacks to freely hand out Mr. Oscar to blacks who did not take acting classes, participate in Summer Stock theaters nor did off-Broadway shows in order to hone their craft? They just simply wound up in a movie. And we owe them.
Just having one’s face seen on the screen is not enough to join the Academy Award Crowd. But “inclusion” is mandatory these days doncha know. Otherwise we are discriminating against black folk. This is a slap in the face tor truly talented blacks who worked hard to develop their acting chops, no doubt upset with those who believe they deserve an award simply for showing up.
This abomination of the Oscar show last night was a disaster.  The worst of all time. First of all it was more amateur night in Dixie than something of professionalism. With great fanfare, it was announced that this would be  the first time an Academy Awards show would not have a host.  Frankly that was good news for many since we were spared from having Dem Hollywood Creatures use the “F” word and trash our duly elected President Donald Trump as Robert DeNiro so famously did.
This was heralded as the first “No Host Oscars,” which is like a No Host Bar that is not raised too high. It was more of a mass exorcism than something of professional merit. Then, out of the blue (black?) they brought out Democrat politician John Lewis with a scowl on his face that was so fixed that it appeared that he was sucking a lemon. He used the platform to stare down whites who, he referenced, that had participated in the sin of taking part in slavery and then he went on to push ‘civil rights’ for blacks.  Why in the name of Satan’s domain did they find it necessary to bring on this creature who is not an actor or entertainer, or in any way in the entertainment business, but a rabble-rouser to politically rouse up people?
For corn sakes Mr. Lewis, that slavery thing took place almost 200 years ago, has been over for a long time and blacks have used that as their gravy train ever since.  Furthermore, it was NOT whites that were behind slavery but BLACKS. Yes, BLACKS!  Muslims who captured unwary blacks in various countries, sold them to whites for servitude (whites should never have participated in this atrocity)  and put them on slave ships, counting their money as the ships pulled away from the shore. This is one of the many contributions that Muslims brought to this country.
I cannot think of any white actors who were on welfare while trying to get their break. No these artists waited on tables, registered with TEMP, an agency to place temporary help,  and they took other jobs to finance their living expenses while trying for and awaiting their big opportunity. They also took classes and studied their craft on the side.
The Academy Awards today, due to ‘political correctness,’ has reduced the prestige of The Oscar to  a participation Trophy such as they give out in inner-city schools. How does this encourage accomplishment? It doesn’t. This is a pity. And it takes away from the prestige of that profession.

3 responses to “Oscars-Oh So BLACK!

  1. Thank you so much for this commentary. Now I know all about the Oscars that I need to know and did not have to watch the show. As Rush Limbaugh says, “I do this so you don’t have to!”. Now if I can get the imagine, that was all over social media last night, of the “Hey You” (my designation for any one who is gender confused) humanoid in the black tux with a black ball gown skirt out of my mind, all will be well. Thank you so very much.

    • We watch none of these award shows anymore. I remember the one where John Wayne was awarded an Oscar, and he had cancer so badly it was difficult for him to be there, God rest his soul. That’s really the last one I wanted to see. All the rest are filthy anti-american diatribes against us and now our President Trump.

  2. I agree with CZ. I haven’t watched the awards shows for years, as I got tired of the phoniness and hypocrisy, and also the politicizing that ruins movies for me. I don’t really know many of the so-called stars of today by name, and that’s okay. I think movies should have some new rating codes, like “TA” for “trans” alert, and something for gay content, but I don’t want to add any letters to LGBTSYG etc. etc. After all, they put warnings on like “graphic content”, so why not “homo content”, “trans content”. – you know what I mean. Last night I watched a recent Hawaii 50 – now the stars of that show were always upright and seemed moral, but this episode had a gay teen on it, and her parents were obviously Christian, so the strong male character I’d always liked mocked the parents, and forced them to sign an “emancipation” order so their 17-yr-old daughter could refuse to go to the program to help straighten out her gender confusion. To their credit, the parents didn’t seem that bad if one was in their same ballpark; they could have made them appear loony. But I’ll never watch that show the same way again, and the male star will now always be an anti-God lefty to me. I wouldn’t mind so much if they’re going to tackle this issue, and at least should mention a little of the nuances of the issues involved. The whole idea portrayed was that homosexuality is normal for teens and no one should interfere to try to change such a youngster, not even the parents, who should butt out. If this is Hollywood, I’m not sure how long I will be able to continue watching shows for entertainment.

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