Obama Declares War on Infowars, Breitbart

Globalists want to regain control over public opinion


6 responses to “Obama Declares War on Infowars, Breitbart

  1. williamjamesward

    Going after fake news would center on Mullah Obama and he would
    remain the center of conversation as long as it lasts, he is the biggest
    fake ever………………William

  2. Obama hates Internet News because they are not controlled by the Democrats and the Globalists! Obama has turned everything inside out!
    Non-Citizens should not be police. Non-citizens should not be covered by Constitutional guarantees, they are not American Citizens. Non-citizens should only be allowed guns by specific licensing by local police.
    This is crazy!

  3. Scare poopless, are we, Barry? Having a premonition that that pot of gold at the end of the gay rainbow found after January 20th ain’t gold, but a world (literally) of legal woes? And thanks to true reporters, like them and here, the goods are had on you, demon-boy, and administration. Exposing Modern Mugwumps, thanks for being reporters, NOT “journalists,” these journalists are the true FAKE media.

  4. Who is to blame if not the establishment EVERYTHING–nearly every institution under NWO control. And can anyone truly say we are better off for it. Those who do are surely under what the Bible calls a “strong delusion”– and that a send from The Lord Himself as a punishment for unbelief. Let us pray that a reprieve , at least temporarily, is in the works.

    • If the non Christian world is not under the Strong Delusion sent by God Himself as prophesied in the Holy Writ then it can only be a Satanic counterfeit of the same.We Christians are strongly admonished against such deception exercised by that power as well.

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