Nuclear Conflict Of Interest – Best Man At Kerry Daughter’s Wedding To Iranian-American Was Son Of Top Iranian “Negotiator”

John Kerry’s a busy guy, fighting an imaginary war on climate change while simultaneously creating the prospects for an apocalyptic real one with Iran. It’s easy to see how maybe the most obvious things could slip his pre-occupied pro-Iranian mind. At a minimum we can understand how he might prefer to not have certain details mentioned, specifically those related to a blatant conflict of interest which would have forced anyone with an ounce of integrity to recuse themselves from the Iran negotiations at the outset.
John Kerry, who accused his fellow Vietnam veterans of barbarism equal of Genghis Kahn, proved long ago he is unencumbered by either integrity or patriotism. He is a man perfectly suited for the position of Secretary of State in the Obama regime.
Some quite revealing information was published on Tuesday in an article on Lt Col Allen West’s website, detailing information of connections between the Kerry family and Mohammad Javad Zarif, the current Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Zarif represented Iran as Kerry’s opponent in the farcical giveaway that was mislabeled as nuclear negotiations. John Kerry knows Zarif well, having first met more than ten years ago at a dinner party hosted by George Soros in his Manhattan penthouse. The connections get more intimate though, with the most startling revelation being that Zarif’s son was reportedly the best man at the 2009 wedding of Kerry’s daughter Vanessa. Dr Vanessa Bradford Kerry, Kerry’s younger daughter from his first marriage, is married to a first generation Iranian-American, Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahed.
Given the Valerie Jarrett connection to Iran and the Kerry relationships, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic interests’ infiltration of the White House and our intelligence agencies, it is troubling that this was not seen as sufficient grounds for recusal by Secretary Kerry. It’s even more concerning given the obvious Islamic sympathies displayed by the occupant of the White House.
The motivations for the secretive nature, huge giveaways and lack of verification in the Iran deal now begin to come more sharply into focus for anyone who might have had the misconception that John Kerry works for America.
Kerry’s a part of the anti-America Obama regime and he clearly still views the United States as he did in the sixties, as the enemy. His subversive actions prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.
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