Mansions in the Sky


4 responses to “Mansions in the Sky

  1. Sorry,couldn’t watch this-I guess this year’s just been too emotionally draining for me. I’m saving it,and I’ll watch it when I can.

  2. Ditto, CZ. I know this is asking a lot but can we cease and desist in importing more muslim/islamist/terriorist and possible start sending some back to a country where they can practice their evil ways without borthering us.

  3. Dang straight, I’m with you, send them back to their Muslim countries to behead and demand and cover their women in tarps with holes for their eyes…insanity, why any American woman would go along with this is beyond me. We fought for equality, for the right to vote, for freedom in the workplace, for equal pay, and these fools today put themselves back beyond what any American woman ever suffered. It’s mind boggling….especially when I see a young American woman do this…I think, My God, how stupid are you?

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