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  • Note taken from Health Sciences Institute e-Alert – Jenny Thompson – 12/30/15

    Dear Reader,

Has the key to preventing one of the most deadly and feared cancers been found?
Researchers may have made one of the most promising and remarkable discoveries to date in kicking pancreatic cancer to the curb.
Only it’s not a drug, and it has no side effects.
In fact, it’s something you probably eat every single day…

The ‘master mineral’

Big Pharma knows that the golden key to fame and (even more) fortune is to come up with a drug that can prevent a killer cancer.
And nothing would fit the bill more than a vaccine against pancreatic cancer. While it may rank as number four on the list of cancer-related deaths, usually by the time it’s diagnosed it’s very advanced. And the survival rate is depressingly low.
But while a king’s ransom is being spent studying some extremely risky pharmaceuticals, researchers at Indiana University went looking in a surprising direction.
And what they found is nothing short of remarkable!
Examining a treasure trove of data for over 66,000 men and women between the ages of 50 and 76, IU researchers found a direct connection between low magnesium levels and the risk of developing this deadly cancer.
Like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, they were even able to determine that for every 100 mg a day decrease in the amount of magnesium these people were consuming, their risk of pancreatic cancer went up a whopping 24 percent!
While this good-news research was recently published in the British Journal of Cancer, it was pretty much ignored in the mainstream press. In fact, it got more news coverage in India than here in the U.S.!
One review here even criticized the IU researchers for not disclosing the “costs of the intervention.”
Seriously? I mean how much does a magnesium supplement cost, for heaven’s sake! Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.
Although this looks like a major breakthrough in preventing a deadly cancer, this is far from the only miracle magnesium can perform.
Called the “master mineral,” it’s vital to many routine bodily functions such as helping you digest protein and fat more efficiently, keeping your muscles and nerves functioning smoothly, having proper bone mineral density, and allowing cells to do the vital and precarious dance of energy production. It’s also crucial to heart health — and proven to lower blood pressure naturally.
In fact, magnesium is so important when it comes to staying healthy that when you’re running on low you can leave yourself wide open to a host of deadly diseases such as diabetes and — now we know — pancreatic cancer.
And not only is Big Pharma being left in the dust on this discovery, but some of its superstars are well known to deplete your body of this vital mineral, such as:

  • Acid blockers and antacids, which include Nexium, Prilosec, Maalox and even Tums,
  • Antibiotics, such as Z-Pak, Cipro, and Levaquin,
  • Blood pressure meds, like Lasix, Enalapril and Diovan HCT, and
  • Antivirals, corticosteroids, oral birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy.

So you see how easy it can be to run short on magnesium. And that brings up the $64,000 question — how much do you need?
Unless you’re a big bean, nut, and green leafy veggie fan, you’re not getting enough, but a good magnesium supplement can do the trick. And around 300 mg once a day is usually enough.
As for magnesium-rich foods, pumpkin seeds top the list, followed by spinach, Swiss chard, quinoa, and black and navy beans.
With around 80 percent of those in the U.S. being magnesium deficient, it’s no wonder that deadly pancreatic cancer is gaining ground every year.
And considering how easy it is to make sure you’re getting enough of this vital mineral, there’s no reason to wait for Big Pharma to catch up with nature.
To Your Good Health,
Jenny Thompson
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2 responses to “Magnesium, Do Our Loved Ones and Friends Know

  1. Recipe for a home-made, magnesium-rich body lotion:
    Pour a bottle of unflavored Milk of Magnesia though paper or cloth filter (I used a #6 cone coffee filter). Discard the liquid and keep the thick residue.
    Melt coconut oil (I melt a pint jar of coconut oil in a pan of hot water) Note: you can buy coconut oil in most health food stores— less expensive in Asian or International grocery stores — I buy it locally in an Asian market for about $6.00 a pint.
    Combine and mix with a hand-held electric mixer (stick type works best):
    1 cup melted coconut oil (Omega 6 essential fatty acid)
    1/2 cup flaxseed oil (Omega 3 essential fatty acid)
    3/4 cup Milk of Magnesia residue(thick residue from the filter)
    This mixture will seize up into soft margarine consistency within seconds!
    Store it in clean small lidded containers. Keep it in the refrigerator but it holds consistency if left at room temperature except during very hot weather.

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