Kerry Proves Trump Was Right, Begs Iran for Humiliating Concession Hours After Nuke Deal

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly accused President Barack Obama of negotiating with the Iranian regime out of desperation. His argument was that Obama was willing to do anything to secure a deal.
It turns out that Trump spoke truthfully. Only hours after Obama finally reached a deal with Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry begged Iran to release three Americans — Robert Levinson, Amir Hekmati, and Saeed Abedini — that it has been holding hostage for quite some time.
This raised a fundamental question, one that, according to The Hill, Trump brought up while speaking with Fox News yesterday.
“We have four people over there, prisoners that they’re keeping — hostages, whatever you want to call them — that’s not part of the deal,” he said. “Why isn’t that part of the deal?”
The deal contained a litany of concessions to the Iranian regime but absolutely nothing for the United States and its allies.
For instance, the deal rolled back billions in sanctions and also prevented us from inspecting Iran’s nuclear facilities whenever we want. Instead we must contend with a 24-day waiting period, which means the Iranians will have more than enough time to cheat.
According to an official who spoke with reporters, Kerry apparently hoped that Iran would make “a humanitarian gesture to” release the hostages and allow them to come home (H/T WZ).
The fate of the hostages therefore lies in the hands of Iran, a terror-sponsoring regime that just got done virtually destroying us with a deal that many analysts suspect will lead to disaster.
Call me crazy, but I imagine that we would have wound up with a much better deal had the author of “The Art of the Deal” been president.

4 responses to “Kerry Proves Trump Was Right, Begs Iran for Humiliating Concession Hours After Nuke Deal

  1. They hate Trump because he calls them what they are…… stupid and incompetent.

  2. Great cartoon. So true. The Iran deal is proof positive that the prez is more concerned about catering to the islamic/terrorist community than saving, securing, or protecting American interest. Which country did I recently read about bowing out of the TPP/TPIIP?? because it would give up to much of their sovereignty — Switzerland, Belgium, Norway — oh well, our leaders would never do that.

  3. This would be SO FUNNY,if it wasn’t SO SCARY.

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