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  1. Some will read this piece with a knowing smile and maybe tears in their eyes.. Others will read and not really comprehend the depth of a dog’s single minded devotion his ‘master’ whether his master is an Average Joe (or Jane), a cooperate executive with a Learjet and mansions around the globe or a homeless drug addict pushing all his worldly possessions about in an old grocery cart.

    Having loved and been loved by faithful dogs for much of my life I am happy for those with a smile and a tear. For the rest I feel sorrow that they have missed one of the joys of life that is available to anyone with a desire for love and companionship.

    Oh. and I have loved and cried over my cats as well but the dogs can only be appreciated by those who know.

  2. I have had a dog most of my life and it truely does make you keep your humanity.

  3. williamjamesward

    I may be off in the head but the dogs I have had in my life
    have been more faithful than any human friend or relative,
    better company and always glad to see me. Just a dog, well
    just a minute, my dogs were more a part of me than I can
    adequately explain or hope to understand, pets live in the
    heart and mind of those who know God made them for us.

    • I agree William. We have 5 buried in our backyard. We loved every one of them dearly. We have two right now, Abby and Maggie and they are the apples of our eyes…we adore them. They are so sweet, loving, and caring and their unconditional love for us is an example of what our God has for us. The Lord gave us these beautiful 4 legged creatures, and afterall, Dog is God spelled backward…means a lot.

    • Well said Brother William! God made the whole world for His children, and we shall each inherit the blessing on The Day of The Lord.

      But the dog was a special gift from Him to those who might savor the unqualified devotion that is seen in their eyes… And I expect to be reunited with each of my dogs when I get to that mansion that Jesus is preparing for me in heaven. Oh Lord, I can almost see them running up to greet me…

    • Yes, William and Freedom rider, I know the sweet 4 leggeds will be there, Job said so, and so does Romans 8:21-23…all creation….and the horse drawn chariots came out of heaven, so our precious horses are there too. God is so good..

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