Imam: Killing Non-Muslims in America’s Streets


3 responses to “Imam: Killing Non-Muslims in America’s Streets

  1. Dear Mr. Imam: With all due respect to you as an elder in the religion of muslime, your statement may come true for some. However, my GOD, the creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the ruler of the universe, along with his Son, Jesus Christ, will not let you annihilate his people from the face of the earth. God Almighty will interfere and will force you to bow your knees to him before he throws you into the lake of fire along with Satan. In the meantime I pray diligently for those whom who kill and their loved ones. Revenge is mine thus says the Lord!

  2. …… and Obama Airlines (taxpayer funded, natch….) is bringing in thousands more of these Neanderthal Knuckle Dragging Camel F**kers every month.

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