HR 5 – Equality Act An Extreme Threat ~ God Help Us.

The Beings Behind This “Equality Act”  Are Dangerous. They Will Stop At NOTHING. They Must Be Brought To Heel….  FR

One response to “HR 5 – Equality Act An Extreme Threat ~ God Help Us.

  1. Aren’t they already more equal than anyone else? Remember when the issue was ” I don’t care what they do in the privacy of their homes.” Of course this never was confined to the privacy of their homes. This has always been about supremacy of sexual deviants. What a lie – sexual deviance is not the same as race differences – it is basically a choice, while race is not a choice, in the natural world anyway. Let me be clear – even if it can be proven that a proclivity to transgenderism is genetic, the acting out of such proclivity is a choice. Celibacy is also a choice. Dr. Bruce Lipton has proven that we control our behavior, not our genes. Look up epigenetics. His work is in the field of cancer, but I think it can be applied to sexual health as well. We have a choice – we can let our base drives control us or take over, especially with G0d’s help. We don’t need more laws for equality. This is for making deviants more equal, not equal.

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