Home Grown Terrorists – Planned Parenthood – Funded by YOU! Why? Where is the Resistance?

fetus-inside-wombTerrorism is alive and well at Planned Parenthood… It is inconceivable to me that we allow our tax dollars to be used to support Genocide, Eugenics planning, Infanticide and murder – Murder of BABIES for God’s sake. We should all be ashamed that we aren’t willing to put our own selfish lives on the line to save them. What the hell is wrong with us – Why aren’t we marching on the evil terrorist headquarters and clinics – Why are these buildings still standing? Is it fear? Cowardice? Evil? Demonic possession? What the hell is wrong with us? How can God bless any of us when we just sit here and watch the massacre of innocent babies… A people that’s stands by and allows this – is surely damned and will be blotted out of the book of life…

— Roger Fredinburg

3 responses to “Home Grown Terrorists – Planned Parenthood – Funded by YOU! Why? Where is the Resistance?

  1. welcome to my grown up world!

  2. Come with me on Wednesday mornings while “mothers and fathers” enter the kill mill while we beg and plead for their babies lives,get spit on, drinks thrown in out faces, told to go “love” ourselves, get a job, called judgemental, chased away, shall I continue? Just asking roger, do you do that? And by the way, all those good works WIll not place my name in The Book of Life, and NOT doing those things will not remove it. My name is written in the Book Of Life because of the Blood of The Lamb, NOT by my works, lest any man should boast. We would be shot on the premises if we tried to go in and get these Murderes. And don’t think I haven’t thought about it. Frankly, the dude who shot George Tiller is MY HERO! In church of course, most abortionist go to church. So therefore, let’s rush the weak, impotent Icabod pulpits in this sick pathetic country!!!!

  3. I did it for years – usually was alone… once in a great while folks would join me… was arrested 9 times because I refused to leave…

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