Have the CFR and Federal Reserve Infiltrated Your Schools?

Your child has the right to an education without federal government interference. It’s the law.

We’ve seen how unelected regional boards are partnering with global NGOs to impose their agenda upon our towns and cities.

The same thing has been going on with education for a very long time… teachers are micro-managed and told what and how they can teach, regularly. Academic freedom NO LONGER EXISTS.

In the past we’ve seen how agents of the World Bank have blatantly promoted the UN’s IB program. Here is the propaganda piece that triggered that rebuttal, printed under the Union Leader’s “Local Voices” section. Local? Hardly.


We have seen social studies training workshops that seek to make teachers into “agents of change for social justice” instead of agents who enable learning.

In addition to the World Bank and the United Nations, are billionaire players like George Soros and Bill Gates who seek political or monetary gains from their involvement in education. Other troublesome groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve have now been allowed to contribute their input as well.

And we know this because after we were first alerted to the activities of the Federal Reserve in this 2012 article from Zero Hedge, in addition to their presence at teacher workshops, we see that the Fed has set up a whole website dedicated to the spreading of propaganda regarding their legality and constitutionality.

The Council on Foreign Relations, also presenting to teachers at recent social studies workshops, announced a summer camp for students in 2012. (What does that remind you of?)

When will parents wake up to the rude fact that globalists and corporate interests, both of these groups as political opportunists, are using all of our children as political mules to spread a philosophical agenda that is antithetical to our constitutional republic?

2 responses to “Have the CFR and Federal Reserve Infiltrated Your Schools?

  1. Actually, I think there are parents out there that have woke up. However they are few and are outnumbered by the status quo crowd. For example during the April school board election, the local 9-12 group (a grassroots political group) had the board candidates come for an informal question and answer session. One of the locals got so ticked off by questions regarding Common Core that it ruined the whole meeting. The moderator did an excellent job. She is a retired teacher from a large metro inner-city school. She is amazed at how unaware the local school board and teachers are about what is going on in this world. This is a small rural community that has been Democrat for many many years. Things change ever so slowly. Fortunately they are changing.

  2. Yes, probably too slow, but thankfully some are waking up

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