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  1. When “hell freezes over”?

  2. Call the ACLU and tell me what happens.

  3. williamjamesward

    When will Mullah Obama order gay weddings in military chapels
    through his homosexual Secretary of Defense. All this gay crap
    has to end, maybe 1% of the population holding the majority
    in thrall of their vile personal degeneracy. We have had it with
    the sinful Sodomites and need to exclude them from society
    in order to protect our children who now are denigrated by
    the teachers in schools designed to indoctrinate against our
    Historical National values……………….William

  4. The US might realize as Israel has that there is apartheid when it comes to Muslims. Israel’s main example of this is the Temple Mount, where the presence of Jews is severely restricted and Muslims have free reign. Yet Muslims are about a fifth of the population. So don’t expect Muslims to be under the same laws as everyone else. The biggest bully wins and the appeasement of them will only make them bigger bullies – in today’s world..

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