God, Family, Country

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I have tried to withdraw from the politics that are sucking the life from America.  Yes CG, I truly have.  Sideline sitting is difficult and leaving unsaid what needs to be said is even more trying.  When you catch a glimpse of what Americans are hearing every day, it is disheartening and distasteful.  Even when turning to the local news you are bombarded with the “national” segment extolling the virtues of one and the evilness of the other.  But mostly the evilness of the other.  Unfounded or not.  This is certainly not an election where the candidates are appealing to the intellectual side of the electorate.  Nor is it one where the media reports and compares policy positions.  Maybe it is time we had a fight at this level so America can take a deeper look into her mirror.  Maybe learn about our true deep divide.  The real one that exists not between colors of Americans but between the political and media elitists and the everyman.  It is the makings of a “French Revolution.”  Pray it never comes to that.
Thinking through the self-inflicted political and cultural mess in which we find ourselves and writing about it is therapeutic.  So allow me this indulgence.
Freedom once was, along with the quixotic “truth, justice and the American way”, the heartbeat of our country, but now it is politics.  The absence of truth and justice is the new American way.  Everything is politicized and idealized. There is no place to where one might retreat to escape it.  Withdrawal into a cocoon is an option – a self-imposed safe zone.  But, tuning out our shared reality so as to calm our troubled souls and shield our feelings is dereliction of our civic duty.
In our country, a war is on.  It is political, ideological and cultural.  It is a battle of Biblical proportions being fought for the soul of a nation and for the souls of her people.  One world globalist vultures are aligned to pick clean the American carcass and consolidate her wealth amongst them.   Open the borders and the millions who rush into the Promised Land will find naught but misery and slavery to their new global masters.  Their hope ending right back in the ghettos, slums, poverty, and crime that drove them away from their lands to begin with.  They will find the hope they placed in fallible utopians offering grandiose promises has also departed.   Promises they held no intention of fulfilling. Could not possibly fulfill.  Utopia is not for the masses.  It is only for those shielded by wealth and power from the daily difficulties of the everyman – no matter where he resides.  Geographically, there will be an America, but the shining beacon of freedom to the unfree world will be gone however, replaced by darkness.  In the darkness, evil thrives.  With the promised fundamental transformation completed, gone will be the uniquely American ideal of individual liberty and freedom first Exceptionalism – likely never to know a peaceful rebirth.  Shockingly, some likely view that as success.  After all, have we not been told that America is no more exceptional than any other nation?
These days, ideology preempts facts.  Honest debate is stifled by mockery, name calling, gutter crawling and character assassination.  Movements are built on falsehood, towns are burned, people are dead, police officers are vilified, attacked and murdered, the military is gutted and slighted, and the everyman is left standing without much hope amidst all of that and run down and dilapidated cities that were once great manufacturing centers and the envy of the world.
The people charged as the guardians of one of our most precious and important freedoms – speech and the press – have forfeited that freedom by selling their souls to political ideology and totally abandoning any semblance of objective journalism or news reporting.  It is an ideology wholly antithetical to the principles on which our nation was founded.  Along with corrupt politicians and their donors they are steering the rest of us toward destruction while not realizing that it is also their end toward which they are speeding.  The type of ruling government their ideology perpetuates cannot withstand a free press.
Our children, the future, are ignorant of our history.  Worse than that, they have been conditioned to believe that Western civilization and specifically America is to the blame for the world’s problems.  More dangerous is their ignorance of the darkness of communism and socialism and the aims of Sharia even when displayed right before their eyes.  This is the great failure of our education system, or the great success depending on your worldview.  It may as well have been free for what it was worth.
Common decency and respect were thrown out the window long ago.  The golden rule?  Pull anyone with an opposing view down into the gutter and make it about that.  The people?  They remain largely ignorant of things important because they are too focused on media created soap operas and massive misinformation.  It is a media that prefers to be owned rather than remain truthful, free and independent.  With a corrupt media, corrupt Congress, corrupt administrative agencies and a corrupt Department of Justice including the full gamut of federal investigative agencies what possible chance is there for fairness for the everyman? Nil.  Despots observing from around the world must marvel at how easy it was to corrupt the most perfect representative republic on the face of the earth and then turn it on the people that it was supposed to serve and protect.
Did you ever ponder how we got here?
© 2016 J. D. Pendry

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  1. Great article. We got here by giving up one small baby step at a time our freedoms, our liberties, and our independence. This process started shortly after America was founded by the Rothchild’s out of England. With Abraham Lincoln’s total usurption of the Constitution the wheels of America’s destruction sped up. WWI happened because of the global elites at the time, then WWII happened as a way to spend our way out of a depression. After WWII the destruction of America started in full force. America’s moral compass started being compromised at a high rate of speed, with farmers leaving the land and rushing to the metro areas to live a life of leisure, structured work schedules, and lots of goods and services being offered up at every turn. Then the sixties came along and Woodstock ended all moral compass America had. Free sex, free drugs, free gov’t benefits, protest against Viet Nam, etc. etc. Carter established the Department of Education to take propagandize the public schools, churches were told what they could and could not preach, welfare was instituted as a way of life, and so on. Remember when the Supreme’s outlawed prayer in the public schools? One baby step at a time, they continued down the road of our destruction. Roe vs. Wade was instituted now we had abortion on demand. The straw that has broke our back was the legalization of sodomy. God will not be mocked! The Book of Revelation’s is unfolding before our very eyes.
    Question: Why is Hillary insisting that we start a war with Russia when she was such an outspoken anti-Viet Nam War advocate?

  2. Thanks MA, superb comment. I agree with everything you’ve stated, especially on our 16th president.

  3. Incrementally, they have, like water dripping upon a boulder, drop by drop, worn away the solid foundation upon which this country was founded and prospered from for two hundred years.
    Ridiculing values and traditions; revising our history into something that is unrecognizable: granting ‘rights’ and ‘protected status’ to individuals for no other reason than to advance an agenda that would enslave us all to the whims and desires of the self-proclaimed perverted ‘elites’ in government.
    And now we find ourselves at the very brink of precipice that can destroy us all.
    How could we possibly NOT have reached this point?

  4. I don’t know, but I do know it started in our Great grandparents days.

  5. Grand article–you put all into a nutshell! “…how we got here?”–Turning our face from God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)
    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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