German School Kids Forced To Pick Up Muzzie Invader Trash.

Germans, and Merkel in Particular are NUTS!! 


Parents in Germany are up in arms over a school project that requires their children to clean up the deluge of trash left behind by the wave of Muslim migrants pouring into the country.

Nullification I say.

Nullification I say.

With 1.5 million migrants set to arrive before the end of the year, children are being made to cook, clean and change beds at special asylum centers that are being set up throughout Germany.

A furious parent posted a letter she received from her child’s school outlining the details of the project.

“The Kiel Ministry of Education confirmed the letter was authentic. Already this week, as described above, the schoolchildren from a school in Lübeck had put fresh linen on the beds, sorted out clothing and helped out in the kitchen in an accommodation centre for refugees passing through,” reports Diversity Macht Frei. “This took place in the context of a project week intended to prepare the eighth-graders [age about 13-14] for practical work experience.”

This is by no means the first example of the migrant influx impacting German school children.

As we reported last month, some German schools are ordering girls not to wear shorts or skirts so as not to offend or provoke sexual assaults from migrants staying in nearby refugee camps.

Children were also told that “derogatory or racial remarks” would not be tolerated. Some parents were incensed by the letter but principal Martin Thalhammer said the measures were necessary to protect the children.

The prospect of being asked to clean up after migrants is somewhat daunting given the mountain of trash they have left in their wake.

A video from an asylum center in Augsburg, Germany shows rubbish strewn beneath apartment blocks after it was thrown over a balcony.


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  1. This is awful. Forcing children to clean up after these pigs is outlandish. There is a better way but then it does not coddle the dirty, filthy pigs of islime. If I was in charge, I would enforce, by gun point, you either clean up your mess or you do not receive your next drink of water or free meal. Period! Nothing like thrist and hunger to make people do a lot of things. If they aren’t thirsty or hungry enough then let them find their own food and water. Shot to kill if they steal it. This world has become a bunch of wusses!

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