Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from the Arab World

My Comments:  Islam will not stop with the murder of Jewish folk, their goal is to murder anyone who doesn’t bow to Islam, Jews, Christians and any other “infidels.”  We need another Thomas Jefferson.

ethnic cleansing of Jews

6 responses to “Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from the Arab World

  1. This is not just an ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Arab world. ISIS/ISIL/IS/muslime/islime/terrorist want to cleanse the world of any and all people THEY consider infidels. I would say everyone but islamist but that would not be correct. They take as much joy in killing their own relatives — mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, babies, small children — as they do in killing any one else who does not agree with them, looks the wrong way, walks differently, wears a burqa that is not quite the right shade of black, or as the audacity to strike back. Truely they are the tools of satan.

    The hate will stop when Jesus Christ returns to redeem his bride and to rule and reign over this earth. May the Lord have mercy.

  2. Ma, you’re right. But in the meantime I think while we wait maybe we could clean house a bit. The last sentence of the poster says
    “When will this hatred end” Well seems to me one side has no intention of ever going after that peace and love thing that we kinda like so much. So my suggestion is maybe we just remove them from the equation.
    I mean it has been done before, and it did seem to work for a while.

  3. Ma, so am I. I think I spend half my day in prayer. If it was just me I would probably spend my whole day praying, but since my son is 15 I’m a little ticked off at what has become of this country on my watch.
    So while I’m waiting for Jesus I plan on putting up a heck of a fight for his sake.

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