Don't fall for this high-tech mammo-SCAM

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You can put lipstick on a pig, but you’ll never hide the fact that it’s still just a big, ugly hog.
Just take a look at the mammogram.
They’ve put on lipstick AND a swimsuit on that old porker, tacking on every conceivable technology to make it sound like a good idea — from radioactive 3-D scans to computer-aided detection.
Maybe the next version will make coffee for you while it squeezes your breast as flat as a painful pancake.
If it does, take the cup of coffee… but pass on the scan, because all the extra tech they keep adding to the mammogram isn’t a benefit or a bonus.
It’s just smoke and mirrors, trying to cover up the pathetic reality that mammograms simply DON’T work. And now, the latest research finds that some of the biggest bells and whistles they’ve added to the scans over the years do nothing to increase accuracy and save lives.
Just about every radiologist uses what’s known as “computer-aided detection,” or CAD. Heck, most of them boast about it, as if they’re the only ones in town who have it.
CAD is supposed to highlight potential cancer trouble spots, but a new study of some 626,000 scans finds it makes no difference at all.
Well, that’s not QUITE true.
Bells and whistles also mean dollars and cents — so docs and radiologists tack on extra fees for this useless addition, to the point where just the CAD charges alone now add up to $400 million a year.
On the other hand, at least it’s “only” useless.
The mammogram itself is even worse — because it’s out-and-out DANGEROUS.
Mammograms squeeze the breast so hard a small and harmless tumor could rupture, spread and turn deadly. Then, to top it off, they blast it with radiation as if they’re TRYING to make that tumor grow.
You couldn’t pick a worse way to screen for cancer if you tried!
So if your doc is pressuring you for a mammogram and tries selling you on “newer” and “better” technologies, whether it’s a 3-D scan (which packs even higher levels of radiation) or computer-aided technology, look past the lipstick… and see it for the pig it really is.
Saving you from mammogram scams,
Jack Harrison

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