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Colin Kaepernick’s White Privilege Exposed

Video details why Kaepernick is a total hypocrite

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer breaks down the total hypocrisy and ignorance of Colin Kaepernick’s protest and invites him to reconsider his perception of America and his disrespect of the freedom and liberties that he enjoys daily.

Schweizer: ‘There Are More Emails’ About the Clinton Foundation, State Dept ‘Doing the Bidding of the Clinton’s’

“Further confirmation to what we’ve been talking about for more than a year.”

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Kelly File,” Breitbart editor at large and author of “Clinton Cash” Peter Schweizer stated that there are more emails pertaining to the Clinton Foundation that will come out and that “The State Department’s not doing the bidding of the American people. They’re doing the bidding of the Clintons, and it has to stop.”

Schweizer said newly-released emails regarding the Clinton Foundation are “further confirmation to what we’ve been talking about for more than a year, that there’s been pay to play at the Clinton State Department related to the Clinton Foundation, and the Clintons have failed to deal with any of the substance of these issues.”

He added, “I know there are more emails. There are emails that are being produced almost on a weekly basis for both Judicial Watch and Citizens United. You have Julian Assange saying that we’re probably going to see more emails. Look, here’s the bottom line, and you saw a little bit of it today with the State Department, but the media has to hold Hillary Clinton accountable and ask her to answer these questions. Here’s why this is so troubling. This is not a typical money in politics story. We’re used to Wall Street, oil companies, etc., giving donations to politicians, getting access, but federal law prevents foreign businessmen and governments from doing so. The Clinton Foundation is a gateway around that.”

Schweizer concluded, “[L]ook, you talk to Judicial Watch and Citizens United, the State Department is fighting tooth and nail to prevent any emails from coming out. Federal judges are forcing them to do this. The State Department’s not doing the bidding of the American people. They’re doing the bidding of the Clintons, and it has to stop. And God bless these federal judges for forcing them to release this material.”


Biden in 2008: ‘If Obama Fools With My Beretta, He’s Got A Problem’

I’ve got two guns, and if he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem, Biden said

In 2008, Joe Biden made a personal threat to Barack Obama if he infringes the Second Amendment as president, which was more severe than the statement Donald Trump made the media claimed advocated the assassination of Hillary Clinton.

Kit Daniels @KitDaniels1776

Biden in 2008: ‘If Obama Fools With My Beretta, He’s Got A Problem’ @DRUDGE @realDonaldTrump 

#ImWithHyena: TBS Deletes Hilarious Tweet Comparing Hillary to Hyenas

Network self-censors after triggering leftists

Cable TV network TBS was forced to delete a funny tweet yesterday comparing presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton to a pack of laughing hyenas.

The comedy network conceded to deleting the tweet, which showed clips of the former secretary of state’s trademark cackle spliced with footage of hyenas, after leftists on Twitter were offended

“Move over Donkey! There’s a new mascot in town,” the tweet’s text read, crediting @thehecklertbs, and using the hashtags: #ImWithHyena and #DNCinPHL.

Rachel Warino @rachelranamok

WTF?!?! @TBSNetwork: Move over Donkey! There’s a new mascot in town. via @thehecklertbs 

Whites Ordered to Back of Crowd at Black DNC March

“White people to the back, black people to the front!”

The organizer of a “Black DNC Resistance March” in Philadelphia Tuesday demanded white supporters and “white media” move to back of the crowd.

“White media get to the back!” the speaker demands. “Black media come to the front!”

“Wasn’t it wrong when Rosa Parks was sent to the back for the color of her skin?” one woman can be heard saying.

The organizer then handed out signs with the names of black shooting victims to those standing in the front of the crowd.

According to NBC reporter Shaquille Brewster, the group reportedly plans to march on City Hall in protest of the Democratic Party’s failure to focus on issues facing the black community.


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BLM protest leaders tell white journalists to get in the back where they belong. Great way to start a March

At one point during the rally alleged members of the media were even forced out after they were accused of being undercover FBI agents.

Watch Infowars’ coverage of the protest on Periscope below:

infowars @infowars

LIVE on 

Funeral Held For Dead DNC

The Democratic party is being torn apart and the DNC is proof


Outside the vast 4 mile security perimeter a small group of ardent Bernie supporters held a funeral for the dead DNC.


Hillary’s Lie Factory Found

David Knight reports from radio row at the DNC in Philadelphia, Pa.


Pro-Hillary Media Lost Without Teleprompters

Kit Daniels explains how the mainstream media would be completely lost without their teleprompters telling them the official narrative.






Tim LaHaye’s Death-Sadness on Earth-JOY in Heaven

by Rev. Austin Miles

SAN DIEGO 7/25/16–This morning, best selling author and devoted minister Tim LaHaye discarded his earthly vessel and moved on to a place of joy unspeakable and full of Glory. He died at the age of 90 in San Diego, California following a stroke. He was married to Beverly LaHaye who founded Concerned Women of America, which now has 600,000 members.

Earlier this month, Tim and Beverly publicly celebrated their 69th Wedding Anniversary where he stated, “We are still in love today.”  And to anyone who knew them, there was no doubt that his statement was accurate. In 2005, Time magazine labeled the pair, “the Christian Power Couple, listing them among the country’s most influential evangelicals.

LaHaye is best known for this “Left Behind Books,” that have sold over 62 million copies, greater sales than any book outside the Bible. His first book in the series, that was released 21  years ago this month, still sells in the six figures every year, according to Jeremy Weber writing for Christianity Today.

What is remarkable, with all the fame he achieved, he continued to have a pastor’s heart. He never gave you the impression that he thought he was famous or prominent. He was comfortable to be around. He listened to and cared about everyone, regardless of age, gender or social standing.

He was the pastor of Scott Memorial Baptist Church in San Diego for 25 years, The church is now known as, Shadow Mountain Community Church which is pastored by David Jeremiah, who stated; “Tim was one of the most godly men I have ever known.” And anyone who had the privilege of knowing him would totally agree with that assessment.

His legacy includes gathering a coalition of Southern California pastors together to address a progressive agenda that was undermining traditional family values. He next partnered with the late Jerry Falwell Sr., to establish The Moral Majority as a way to build a similar coalition nationally.

He founded two accredited Christian high schools along with a school system of 10 Christian schools and assisted Dr. Henry Morris in the founding of the nation’s foremost exponent of creationist materials. Be sure and get on their mailing list: Institute on Creation Research- www.icr,org, you will be glad you did.

This writer first met Tim while he was surrounded by ‘celebrity’ Christians at the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention (NRB). He came to me and said hello. Something clicked and I found him to be someone you would always look forward to seeing.

He took genuine interest in the ministry God had entrusted in my hands and was totally encouraging. He personally gave me a copy of Left Behind and signed it for me at my request.

When Morton Blackwell, a higher-up with Council for National Policy (CNP)  attempted to harm me and the ministry God had given me, Tim LaHaye was immediately on it, confronted Blackwell and wrote him a letter telling him in no uncertain terms that this was not right. He stood up for me. This is something I will never forget. That was something so very much appreciated.

Interesting, I later began helping a wealthy man that funded other ministries and granted tuition to parents who wanted to get their kids out of the public schools and put them in Christian schools but could not afford the tuition.  The best part of all, I was the one to approve and give these grants.

A letter was received by that foundation from an individual who wanted funding. That of course was passed on to me. The one requesting the funding was, yep, Morton Blackwell!  And, dear readers, I was the one to respond and refuse that request with a few words of counsel. FISTPUMP  God forgive me, but I thoroughly enjoyed that moment of poetic justice. This is what you could call, Non-Payback time.

Tim and Beverly claimed as their life verse: “Trust in the Lord with all you heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

Those who did not have the opportunity to know Tim, or to even meet him, missed out on a rare treat and privilege indeed.  He will be sorely missed.

Our deepest thanks to Christianity Today writer Jeremy Weber for alerting us to Tim’s death this morning.


Trump: Hillary VP Pick Is “Bought And Owned By The Banks”

“He’s in favor of TPP and every other trade deal that he’s ever looked at.”

GOP nominee Donald Trump warned Sunday that Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, is an establishment insider who is under the thumb of the financial elite.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet The Press, Trump took aim at Kaine, saying that Hillary’s decision to pick him would only help Trump gain more supporters.

“I was shocked. I love it from my standpoint.” said Trump, adding “He’s bought and owned by the banks.”

“He’s in favor of TPP and every other trade deal that he’s ever looked at,” Trump said, referring to the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership supported by Kaine.

“Now, he’s going to change. Don’t worry about that. … It’s OK. He is going to change his tune. And I understand he’s now going to say, ‘I’m against TPP.’” Trump added.

“Hillary Clinton was totally in favor of TPP, which is the job killer, right? So was he.” Trump noted.

“When she watched me on your show and other shows,” Trump told Chuck Todd, “all of a sudden she changed, because she knows she can’t win that in the debate.”

Trump also went after Kaine for taking “over $160,000 of gifts” while he was governor of Virginia.

“They said, ‘Well, they weren’t really gifts, they were suits and trips and lots of different things,’ all for $160,000,” Trump said, also comparing Kaine to his successor, former Republican governor Bob McDonnell, who was recently cleared by the U.S. Supreme Court of corruption convictions related to gifts he took while in office.

“I believe it was Bob McDonnell, in the meantime, he had to go to the United States Supreme Court to get out of going to jail,” Trump noted.

“Bob McDonnell took a fraction of what Kaine took. And I think, to me, it’s a big problem. Now, how do you take all these gifts? Hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Trump asked.

Trump also said that he sees the pick of Kaine as an establishment Democratic rebuke aimed at Bernie Sanders.

“What happened with the choice of Tim Kaine was a slap in the face to Bernie Sanders and everybody,” he said, adding that Sanders “has been gamed, it’s a rigged system against him.”

Taking to Twitter, Trump repeated the comments, saying that the decision was “VERY disrespectful to Bernie Sanders and all of his supporters.”

Donald J. Trump


The Crooked Hillary V.P. choice is VERY disrespectful to Bernie Sanders and all of his supporters. Just another case of BAD JUDGEMENT by H!


Video: Bernie Voters HATE Hillary

Proof Trump can win in November – Hillary splitting her own base!

Despite CNN’s claim to the contrary, Bernie voters at the DNC absolutely hate Hillary Clinton and will not vote for her in November, which could easily foreshadow a Trump presidency:

Facebook: RealKitDaniels

PHOTOS: DNC erects four-mile eight-foot tall fence around Philly convention site

To the Democratic National Committee elites, keeping average Americans away from their convention is a good idea, while protecting the southern border from intruding terrorists, rapists and murderers is a bad one.

The DNC has erected a four-mile fence around its convention site at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. (Isn’t it ironic they’re doing so much to protect a site named after a bank?)


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The DNC fence,surely they would have built a bridge !!