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What You Need To Know About SYSTEMATIC CONTROL And SCHOOLING In America

Fresno State Muslim Prof Now Making Terrorist Threats

by Rev. Austin Miles

That well-fed Muslim Fresno State “Professor,” Randa Jarrar, who publicly cheered the death of much-loved Barbara Bush, is now making public terrorist threats against us–The United States–(which is a crime) while this blimp brags publicly; “I cannot be fired because I am a tenured professor!”  Yeah, you go girl. You no doubt will when this is published.
Meanwhile a new video discovered by The Fresno Bee, about this ship wreck PRAISING THE 9/11 PLANE HIJACKERS, whom she called, “resistance fighters,” as well as calling for acts of domestic terrorism against specific individuals….wait… didn’t she cross a line here?
The video shows her discussing Fresno’s agriculture industry, noting that “a lot of the farmers are Trump supporters and just f—ing stupid.” Farmers, take note of this.  She also stated that she cannot stand “the white, hetero patriarchy.”
She goes on to ramble in her own Fresno classy professor way: “I don’t give a f—, I’m ‘buying guns. I’m an American (really!), I’m buying gunsThe other side is, like, doing some stupid s–t, I’m gonna do some stupid s—t, I’m tired of, like, being the bigger person (at last truth)–literally am usually–but like, I’m also just tired of the left being, like, f—-ing stupid and being, like, ‘No we have to, like, be gentle…no don’t be f—ing gentle.’
Remember parents, this is who you are paying a fortune to indoctrinate your kids, and what does this ‘tenured’ professor teach? ENGLISH!!!  Yea. we can see that.
Later in the video, Jarrar calls for attacks against someone named Spencer, asking why “Spencer’s house is still standing.  “It needs to be f—ing broken into it. I don’t give a f—.”  (Robert Spencer is an author who writes the truth about Islam)
Mr. President, arrest this dyke woman (as other newspapers describe her), punish her severely and keep her in prison for the safety of our country. You are the only one who will handle this outrage properly. This is why you were overwhelmingly voted into office. The other politicians and D.C. Department heads. including Homeland Security and DOJ are peopled by Muslims and Communists. This is insane!
From this viewpoint, we are seeing America’s stupidity being the forerunner to America’s doom. It is unfolding before our very eyes with no rightful interference from our politicians who belong to George Soros. How can we be so dumb as to see and hear these things and do nothing.
So Mr. President, it is now in your corner. This is why you are now in the Oval Office.
Haven’t you noticed Readers? We are witnessing the closing days of history when it will all be over…the world, the knowledge of the world and… The Bible lays it all out in detail to forewarn us so we can prepare our destiny with God before it happens. Remember,  practically all the prophecies given before Jesus came have been fulfilled….proven to be accurate. The rest will be fulfilled as well in the coming days.
As the former spokesman for Men’s Wearhouse would say–(go to deep voice):
“I guarantee it.”
Again, The Bible foretold these closing days over 2000 years ago, predicting exactly the way the end will come about, along with clues God has been giving us throughout The Holy Scriptures, showing extraordinary events that cannot be overlooked since they are clues showing the end coming closer and closer. And at this moment we are closer than anyone suspects.
No wonder Satan is so obsessed with turning people away from God and His Word. After all, if people do not read the Bible, learn about God and Jesus, they will fail to accept Jesus as their savior thus receiving salvation, meaning being saved, while the devil will delight in taking the biblically ignorant down with him to the fiery pits of hell, where they will live in agony forever.
Satan has his evil army on duty at all times to prevent us from believing in God, ridiculing us for going to church and reading the Bible. Satan wants the souls of every man, woman and child and spends full-time trying to snatch all our souls out of God’s Hand. Don’t let him do it.
This is why the Democrat-Communists have worked so hard to get prayer and Bible reading out of the schools and have done so successfully. 
They have worked to destroy the Church and have his chief disciple, George Soros, order the media that he virtually owns, to always write negative things about Christians, pastors and churches, in order to discourage anyone from having anything to do with the church. This is why there is so much slanted fake news.
And this is carried over to Hollywood that portrays Christians, churches and pastors in a negative light in their powerful persuasive movies that bring realistic emotions to those foolish enough to buy a ticket to see that propaganda.
These movies make audiences sympathize with criminals, murderers and adulterous married couples, along with the sexually confused, convincing the targets that here is where the truth lies based upon the producer’s lies.
In the movies, Bible believers are portrayed as bumpkins while atheists are portrayed as the intellectual caring people. Haven’t you noticed this?
So we see, in these last days, how desperate the devil is to take as many of us down with him as can possibly be snared. Satan wants to persuade people to get away from God, Jesus or church itself. That is why he hates the Church and the Bible that snatches people’s souls out of his hands.
Wait–hold on! Something just clicked!  Satan wants the church and all Christians destroyed. Isn’t that precisely what the Communist Party wants? Of course since they know that a Christian mind cannot be enslaved. And the Communists want the entire world to be enslaved to them.
They are panicked since they have not succeeded in establishing a New World Order, under Communist tyranny, where George Soros will sit on a global throne as Potentate of The World.  And why have they failed to do that?
Because ONE country is standing in the way of the New World Order–The  United States of America!  Americans have so many Christians and churches standing in the way of the “progressive” takeover that it makes the goal nearly impossible.
So the Democrats are actually the Communist Party, which is why they are so active in their attempts to close churches and to actually to make the Bible illegal, prohibiting military chaplains from having a Bible in sight or to read from one, even during military funeral services! And Jesus is not to be mentioned at any time. Beg Pardon?
We of course have proof of all of this…a heavy sponsor of the Democratic Party is: CPUSA–Communist Party USA. They were the force that shoe-horned Obama into the Oval Office.
And it was the DEMOCRATS who are known to have spurred these actions. We mentioned above how the devil had enforcers to carry out his goal to see Christianity abolished. These enforcers also are referred to as Satan’s Angels.
OK, here it comes: Since the Democrats have for years created relentless attacks on Christians, even trying to find a way to close down churches, we now have the correct description of the Democratic Party. They are correctly, yes, CORRECTLY known in the Spirit world as Satan’s Angels.
To vote for a democrat is to openly vote for Satan. I kid you not. This writer feels like the voice crying in the wilderness, pastors, man your pulpits. Readers, recommit yourselves to God. This is your final opportunity to defeat Satan. Begin with defeating Satan’s ‘Angels.’ You now know exactly who those are.
We acknowledge that the Democrats today are not anything like the democrats of yesteryear. Back then they were decent human beings who had character, dignity, and who served the people. That is BEFORE communist infiltrators got in the Party, multiplied and took it over to serve their own ends.
EXTRA NOTE TO READERS.  Do not question my belief in God and the Bible. I actually died in 2003 after a stroke and made the ultimate field trip. Yes it is all real, and by the way, when you do leave your body it is not at all scary. Indeed, there was no fear, but perfect calm and it felt totally natural. So please make Bible reading a normal part of your days. And spend more time in church. Your future eternity depends upon it.

DeVos Appointment a H U G E Mistake!

By Rev. Austin Miles
When Betsy DeVos’ name came up as candidate for Secretary of Education, a howl of protests rose from both sides of the aisle. Being Trump, the President would not budge and managed to get her into that position. Already the ramifications are, well, HUGE!
The very first action of Ms. Devos, as Secretary of Education, was to buck Trump who had overturned Obama’s law to grant rights for transgender men to have access to girl’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms everywhere, including schools.
This insane Obama maneuver was properly cancelled by executive order of our new president. Yet, according to numerous news reports, Ms. DeVos began her term by opposing the reversal of the knuckle-headed Obama transgender school mandate.
Ms. DeVos told President Trump that she was uncomfortable because of the potential harm that rescinding the protections could cause transgender students.  Harm to the deviants? What about the majority of the kids?
The New York Times reported: “Attorney General Jeff Sessionswho strongly opposes expanding gay, lesbian and transgender ‘rights’, fought Ms. DeVos on the issue and pressed her to relent because he could not go forward without her consent. The order must come from the Justice and Education Departments.”
Tony Perkins wrote: “They went on to say that for nine months, parents, local districts, and states have been storming the courthouse doors to fight back on the decree, which insisted that every public school force students into the humiliating situation of sharing showers, restrooms, and locker rooms, with members of the opposite sex.” 
These kids do not need co-ed showers, locker rooms and toilets. They need counseling. Mental illness should be treated, not celebrated.
Ms. DeVos stated: “The Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights remains committed to investigate all claims of discrimination, bullying and harassment against those who are the most vulnerable in our schools.” And who might that be? It is certainly not the degenerates.
Mrs. DeVos has bought the leftist belief that “objective, immutable biological sex has no intrinsic meaning, including in regard to modesty and privacy.” A federal district court in Texas, however, held that the term ‘sex’ unambiguously refers to–now get this–BIOLOGICAL SEX! Case closed!
LifeSiteNews reported earlier that Ms. DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos have a long history of siding with homosexual and transgender advocates, and against pro-family and tea party Republicans in her native Michigan. So how on earth could President Trump even consider turning her loose on all of our school children? President Trump needs to rescind her appointment without delay.
Now let’s take a look at Betsy’s husband, Richard DeVos a flim flam business man who headed the ultimate pyramid financial scheme, AMWAY, which was founded by his father, Richard DeVos, Sr.
Richard DeVos took the more folksy name “Rich” to make him appear that way to disguise his true identity, a ruthless businessman who did not care who he hurt as his love for mammon became an unquenchable thirst. You will see below how and why he was sued by Proctor & Gamble.
Richard DeVos, a star in certain church circles, is a man who loves being wealthy to the extent that he flaunts it, and at times appears to be showing off. He dresses the part of a very successful businessman and his overall carriage would seem to confirm it.
Having seen and observed him at several minister’s conferences where he was always the featured speaker, he would make a point of stating from the podium, “Don’t ask me, I’m not going to give any of you any money.” The sheeple would give a knowing muffled laugh acknowledging that they knew he was wealthy, that they were awed by that fact and they would like to have some of that money.
The name chosen for this company, AMWAY, was a derivative of the Name God, Who Identified Himself to Moses, when asked what name He should be known as. God answered, “I AM THAT I AM.” (Exodus 3:14.) So with not so subtle implications, AMWAY would be to Christians, God’s Way. Clever.
Here is a map of the DeVos connections
In his quest to make a fortune, DeVos expanded this pyramid scheme selling operation. AMWAY sold household products that would be hustled, door to door, to one’s own family or in contacts developed through social circles, neighbors, civic organizations and of course, the church. The goal is to recruit more salespeople. Indeed, the first people the recruits were to hustle were their own families, where sales were certain. Then they would go to others.
An ambitious salesman/recruit gives an illustrated screen presentation of the effectiveness of the products, convinces the ‘mark’ (carnival term for sucker) of the fortune to be made, as each salesman recruited would have part of their commissions directed up the pyramid to the one that recruited him, and the one who recruited the recruiter who….and on it goes. It is the ultimate ‘Pyramid Scheme” that legitimate businesses frown upon.
It is to be remembered that Proctor & Gamble, who also dealt in household products were hit by vicious rumors proclaiming that their symbols are satanic and that an executive with P&G stated on The Phil Donahue TV Show that they were supporters of Satan. Nobody checked the Phil Donahue show to verify this. We did. The program directors declared no such program ever took place and no appearance by a P&G executive ever took place. We were invited to view their library.
The particular church folk mentioned were (and are) quick and anxious to run with any damaging rumor about anyone, especially someone in the public eye.
The false stories took a devastating toll on P&G. THEN they learned that these rumors began with Rich DeVos who started the whole campaign, wanting to knock out competition with lies and slander, typical tactics of this misled church body. P&G sued Devos along with AMWAY and were awarded over a million dollars.
One sales technique of recruiters is to make the mark dissatisfied with what they presently have; “You shouldn’t settle for this, you should have a bigger house (photo shown) or, top-of-the line car (photos of Rolls Royce) and be able to enjoy life” (photos shown of tropical paradise complete with palm trees and bikini-clad girls).
At a service I did at Trinity Assembly of God in Charlotte, Pastor Calvin Bacon introduced me to Dexter Yeager who had become a close friend of Jim Bakker host of The PTL Club. Yeager had become a legend of sorts. In his forties, he had found himself out of work, joined AMWAY and amassed a fortune, along with several banks he acquired. Now he had the best of everything, including a fleet of limousines for his personal use.
Yeager had the unusual habit of carrying a shoulder satchel. “Take a look inside,” he invited me. I reached in and came out with a fist full of one hundred dollar bills. “Good Lord,” I exclaimed, “How much is in there?”  “Fifteen-twenty thousand dollars,” he answered nonchalantly. “This is my pocket money.” 
Yeager put on a good show as he encouraged Christians to indulge in the sins of covetousness, greed, pride, lust for power and the root of all evil, the LOVE of money. Get that? He encouraged sin in order to recruit and make more money. And this is where the beginning of the spectacular downfall of Jim Bakker began.
It was DeVos’s man, Yeager, who corrupted Bakker by convincing him he should not be satisfied with what he had. Jim so admired Yeager, his lifestyle and the money he was able to make, that he let Yeager sign him up as an AMWAY representative.  He then began to hustle each studio audience, usually about 200 a day that came to the telecast, making his followers, ‘marks’, instead of souls he had been entrusted with.
But let’s get back to Richard DeVos:
Checking internet sites later, I found one that had a stock of Apologetics books. That was a subject of interest since a concentration on my Bachelor’s Degree would be Apologetics.
When I went on the Website I learned it was a news and products site owned by Rich DeVos. As I started checking through, I found a whole section devoted to vicious attacks against me, with not one truthful “fact.” It was all written as truth by this “Christian man.”
Shocked, I was prepared to sue him and had three atheist lawyers ready to take the case pro-bono, and that included the ACLU. Even though, no doubt I could have won, the words, “unequally yoked” came to mind.
I deeply felt that I should show that there is at least one genuine Christian in this situation, and withdrew the case knowing that this case would serve the atheists in discrediting Christianity, giving more “proof” to the public that Christianity is bad and should be avoided–even disallowed. No gain would be worth that result. I take my calling seriously.
I called DeVos’ office. He would not talk to me, his staff was rude, and his secretary screamed at me. This was not a novelty. When I tried to call Ray Rachels, the L.A. District Superintendent of this off-shoot denomination, his sweet, cute little secretary screamed at me. I kid you not.
Smith Wigglesworth, a totally Spirit Filled man was once taken to visit an asylum for the criminally insane—inmates with the definite spirit of Satan within them. As he entered a door at one end of the huge room, all the inmates began screaming, yelling and pounding the bars of their cells with metal cups.
When Wigglesworth went out the door on the other end, the inmates suddenly quieted down and were at peace. Ironically, this shows a distinct similarity as the Spirit of Satan clashes with the spirit of God, causing chaos and screaming.
There is more than enough data and facts about Betsy and Richard DeVos to warrant removing Betsy DeVos from the position as Secretary of Education. It is to President Trump’s detriment to leave this loose cannon in charge of our public schools. Indeed it would be unthinkable.

North Carolina Teachers Ordered to Avoid Calling Students ‘boys and girls’

Teachers told to call children ‘students’ or ‘scholars’

Campus Carry Eliminates Kill Zones

Gun free locations have been targets for criminals for years


Joe Biggs and David Knight reveal the truth about campus carry and what you need to know to keep yourself protected.


LGBT Courses Now REQUIRED in California Public Schools !

By Rev. Austin Miles

BYRON ,California 8/2/16—If the name of this town rings a bell, think back to the year 2001 when almost immediately after the savage 9/11 Islamic attacks in New York and D.C. that took over 3000 lives, the Brentwood Union School District in Northern California quickly installed a required study of Islam in the Byron Public School for 7th graders, at an age where they are the most impressionable.

I broke that story to the nation after being tipped off by a teacher there who supplied me with the instruction material and handouts.

The Byron School district slammed my story, and me, on TV and to the newspapers, stating that I had lied about this, that no such program exists in their school. I went on Fox News with Shepherd Smith and displayed the teaching materials and handouts, 35 of them, with titles such as: How to do your own Jihad, Fasting for Ramadan, Choosing a Muslim Name, the Five Pillars of Faith, and indeed, all the tenets of Muslim indoctrination.

A Muslim who was director of CAIR was on that program to challenge the truth of my story and turned white as I displayed those materials. Not only was it proven beyond doubt that such a program had been stealthy rammed into the public schools, but had spread to every state in the union, proving once again that California is the trend setter.

he town of Byron is at it again: This latest came out with a front-page headline in The Brentwood Press (7/29/16), that I would never have expected to see in a weekly community newspaper that goes to a cluster of small towns, including Byron, yes THAT Byron, which blared: Schools to Teach LGBT Curriculum.

The feature, written by Amy Schrader, states: “On July 14th, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, announced that the State Board of Education voted to approve the history and social sciences framework for California Public Schools, which will update and upgrade history and social-science instruction in California.” (Highlights mine)

“The framework adds information about civic learning; financial literacy; voter education; genocide; and the contributions of LGBT Americans and people with disabilities to the history of California and the U.S.” See how that was slipped in?

“This is a big win for our students,” crowed Torlakson.”  Really? This was not surprising for me to read since Torlakson has always been totally into politics not public service.

When I was falsely accused of “attacking a sheriff” (?) the newspapers ran with it at the behest of a corrupt district attorney running for re-election, who did not have the support of the police. He based his ‘charge’ on this: “I am so supportive of the police that I will even prosecute a respected minister if he poses a threat to the police.” You can see that entire story by going to:

Torlakson, who was a county supervisor, not only was totally rude and disrespectful to me but refused to even look into the “facts” of that case.  And this is the man who is behind this manipulation of our educational system.

He feels that public school courses “must include references to LGBT Americans, which will be woven throughout the history and social science curriculum.”

***Second graders must study the history of families, the diverse collection of families, some with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender families.

*** In 4th grade, they will center on ‘cultural diversity,’ Students will learn about the emergence of the nations’ first gay-rights organization in the 1950’s which fought for the right of gay men and women to teach in the 1970’s and fought for their right to get married in the 2000’s, which culminated in the 2013 and 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Decisions.

***By the 12th grade, students are taught ‘the evolution of civil rights,’ and examine specific LGBT cases.

The insanity is fully backed by Oakley Union Elementary School District Superintendent Greg Herick who says he is looking forward to the changes, pontificating;  “We are hoping the new curriculum will be able to serve as yet another example of what a good person is…“ and on and on about celebrating diversity.

It is also stated, now get this, that the California Public School Curriculum MUST INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS.  You bet it does!  So you must prove that you are a good person by celebrating abnormal sex?  Life’s values get nuttier every day.

California public schools are now buying the new textbooks and other support materials to teach sexual deviance, while schools are cutting their music programs for lack of funding. Yep, get rid of all these useless classes to make way for the new sexuality.

Here is why parents MUST get their kids out of public schools and into Christian schools. If you church does not have a Christian School tell the pastor to establish one and you will help support it.

Now here is where you come in: Which presidential candidate will YOU put into office to deal with this subject? Think about it.


Elite K-8 School Teaches White Students They’re Born Racist

The K-8 school of 430 kids is separating whites in classes where they’re made to feel awful about their “whiteness.”

An elite Manhattan school is teaching white students as young as 6 that they’re born racist and should feel guilty benefiting from “white privilege,” while heaping praise and cupcakes on their black peers.

Administrators at the Bank Street School for Children on the Upper West Side claim it’s a novel approach to fighting discrimination, and that several other private New York schools are doing it, but even liberal parents aren’t buying it.

They complain the K-8 school of 430 kids is separating whites in classes where they’re made to feel awful about their “whiteness,” and all the “kids of color” in other rooms where they’re taught to feel proud about their race and are rewarded with treats and other privileges.

“Ever since Ferguson, the school has been increasing anti-white propaganda in its curriculum,” said a parent who requested anonymity because he has children currently enrolled in the school.

Read more

From Christian School to Public School to LGBTQ

by Rev. Austin Miles

ANTIOCH 6/5/16–When Trevor Dunning first entered the Trinity Christian School speech class, he was personally greeted, as each student was, and a few words of welcome were exchanged.  He stood out with his solid physique, along with a soft intense face. However, the moment he spoke, his struggles became obvious.

While talking, he would suddenly push out a breathy deep, “UHH…UHH,” which came every three of four words. It was a severe stutter problem. He had enrolled in my speech class to hopefully be able to speak better. As he spoke to me a couple of kids in line elbowed each other in the side while softly giggling. When the classes started they began to laugh at him as he tried to express himself.

The students jumped as my fist slammed down hard on the desk. “First of all, you are all supposed to be Christian kids. Is laughing and mocking someone who has difficulty a proper model of Jesus you are all supposed to emulate? I am ashamed of all of you!”

This was the first day of the semester. The students suddenly became silent and attentive. “First of all, don’t you EVER mock or laugh at someone who has a handicap of ANY kind, or ANYONE who is differant. As a Christian you are supposed to encourage everyone you meet, especially those with difficulties. You are to respect EVERYBODY.  Is that clear?”  They all soberly nodded their heads.

Then I added, “Trevor shows more courage than ANY of you. Knowing his problem was abnormal he was determined to enroll in this class, in an effort to conquer his speech defect and to eventually stand up and give a speech. All of you can learn a lot from this very brave young man. Now don’t forget for one moment what I have just said.”

Things went well from that point. Trevor told me that he wanted to study to become a doctor. I told him that as a doctor he would have to speak publicly from time to time so he was in the right class.  I would find and purchase a book on human anatomy to give to him with encouragement.  I spent a lot of my own time with him during that semester.

One day I called his father, David, to tell him that I wanted him to bring Trevor over to our TV studio where the church produced several programs. Trevor knew what was up, his father did not.  During the broadcast I told the TV audience that some of my students have a presentation and then introduced Trevor.  His father looked puzzled. The young man came onto the set with poise, confidence and gave his entire presentation without one stutter.  His father was amazed at what my speech class had accomplished for his son.

After his graduation from Trinity, his father put him into a public high school. I heard nothing from Trevor during the years to follow. I did see his father in church a couple of years later and he told me that his son was doing great in high school, and was on the football team. He was beaming with pride and extended again his appreciation for what I had done for Trevor.

I have a blog with over 5 million viewers. I had published a column titled: “Heart to Heart Talk with Transgender.”  The link to that website is:

A couple of days after that, I heard from Trevor for the first time since he had entered high school and begun College. Here is that email:

—–Original Message—–
From: Trevor Dunning
To: chaplainmiles
Sent: Wed, Jun 1, 2016 3:49 am
Subject: The Subject Matter of Your Blog

Rev. Miles,
This is Trevor Dunning whom you taught speech to at Trinity Christian. I used to look up to you when you were my teacher, but after reading some of the things you write about on your blog, I have lost all respect for you. The way you condemn those who are homosexual or transgender is sickening to witness. I may not personally agree with how they choose to live their lives, but that’s not my place to say, and it is certainly not your place either. They are human beings that have the right to live their lives as they choose, and they should not be discriminated against or looked down upon in any way. It’s not man’s place to judge. Also the way you talk about those who are of the Muslim faith is sickening as well. Their beliefs should be respected by all. They do not deserve the sort of discrimination that you and others like you spread. I can’t believe I respected such a bigoted individual such as yourself.

Trevor Dunning,width=235,height=235,appearanceId=2,backgroundColor=f9f9f9,version=1443857123/Rainbow-Satanism-Symbol-T-Shirts.jpg

Absolutely shocked I immediately responded:

—–Original Message—–
From: chaplainmiles
To:     Trevor Dunning
Sent: Wed, Jun 1, 2016 10:43 am
Subject: Re: The Subject Matter of Your Blog

Dear Trevor,

When I saw the email was from you I eagerly opened it, then, could not believe what you wrote to me or the names you called me.. No doubt I failed you as a teacher….I failed to teach you respect.

Rev. Austin Miles

The email Trevor sent me used the precise language used in the LGBTQ handbook. It can only be made sense to know that he had gone on from Christian School to be “educated” by our liberal-progressive public schools. There they open each semester by stating:   “First of all, there are NO absolutes.  What is right for you is right, even though it might not be right for anybody else.  What is right for someone else may not be right for you. What is wrong for you may not be wrong for someone else.”

It is especially puzzling that he seems outraged that I am not supportive of Muslims. They have bombed our country, cut the heads off of thousands of Christians and have individuals and sleeper cells scattered throughout America for the very purpose of killing us all which they have declared to do.  So he is right, I am cautious about Muslims.

As for the LGBTQ community that he so curiously protects (?), has he really READ my stories?  Here is the link to one that was published before he wrote me the email above.:

Here is what happened to a previously great Christian lad with great potential who was sown to the liberal progressives for them to mould him into the exact Manchurian Candidate that they want him to be for the (new) America. He will be trained as a communist and fully indoctrinated into the world of LGBTQ. This training actually begins in Kindergarten today.

PARENTS-TAKE NOTE!  Get your children out of public schools with no further delay. Above, is one example of what happens to kids that are surrendered to the socialist public schools. Even strong Christian kids will be fully indoctrinated with peer pressure to become a God-denying LGBTQ supporter. Is this what you want? Again, look at the above example

PASTORS-TAKE SPECIAL NOTICE.  It is incumbent upon you all to open a Christian School at your churches. It is not difficult to do. This is your DUTY to God and the citizens you serve.

CONGREGATIONS-PARISHIONERS TAKE NOTE:  If your church does NOT have a Christian school, insist that they form one and offer to assist in bringing this about.  This cannot be stressed to strongly.

For guidance, contact Bob Boyd at NACE-National Education of Christian Educators. This website address is: Check out the links there.

There are too many Trevor’s today, who turn their backs on God, and the very ones who have mentored them, as the above example clearly shows. Please do not ignore this voice crying in the wilderness. If you really love your children, this is what you will do.

Shock: Millennials, Liberals Voting Trump Over Clinton

Trump gains 90% of young voters who had supported Hillary!

Young voters – and liberals – are ditching Clinton in mass in favor of Donald Trump, which may foreshadow a Trump landslide in November.

Since March, Trump has gained 17% in support from voters aged 18-29 whereas Clinton has dropped 19% in that same demographic, according to an ABC poll which explains why Trump has gained five points on Clinton.

In other words, Trump has gained 90% of young voters who previously supported Clinton.


Trump also gained 8% among liberal voters whereas Clinton lost 8%, and Clinton also lost some support among non-white voters while Trump gained ground.

“Mitt Romney lost the youth vote to Barack Obama by more than 20 percent, and even a 10 percent Democrat margin would still ensure a decisive victory for Trump,” Ron Meyer of Red Alert Politics reported.

Trump is gaining Bernie Sanders voters who are disgusted by how Clinton is outright stealing the nomination despite Sanders being a much more popular candidate.

Bernie voters are also disgusted by “crony capitalism” – which really isn’t capitalism – on Wall Street, and given how Clinton’s largest donations come from Wall Street, it’s actually not that surprising why Bernie voters would choose Trump instead.

“Even as Hillary Clinton has stepped up her rhetorical assault on Wall Street, her campaign and allied super PACs have continued to rake in millions from the financial sector, a sign of her deep and lasting relationships with banking and investment titans,” the Washington Post admitted back in Feb. “Through the end of December, donors at hedge funds, banks, insurance companies and other financial services firms had given at least $21.4 million to support Clinton’s 2016 presidential run — more than 10 percent of the $157.8 million contributed to back her bid, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission filings.”

Megabanks have also donated at least $40 million to the Clinton Foundation, with Barclays, Barclays Capitol, Goldman Sachs and Citi each giving up to $5 million, and Clinton has earned at least $21 million in speaking fees from financial institutions.

FOLLOW for more BREAKING news:


WATCH>>Bernie Sanders Supporters Endorse 74-year-old kingpin Bernie Madoff For VP

“Having a strong finance background, that’s what we’re all looking for”

Madoff was senteinvestors of billions of dollars over a period stretching back decades,

When told by Mark Dice that Bernie Sanders was bringing Madoff aboard as his vice-presidential pick to “help clean up Wall Street,” one man responded, “I think that’s a good idea,” noting that the ticket would include “all the Berns”.

Another respondent illustrated how most people form their political opinions by proxy when he stated, “One person told me about him and said good things so if he’s as good as the person says then I’m all for it.”

“From what I heard, what I was told about what Bernie’s about, I’m all for it,” he adds.

Dice asks another woman whether picking Madoff as Bernie’s running mate is a good idea “even though they have the same first name,” to which she responds, “Yeah I think it’s pretty cool, it’s pretty badass, yeah.”

Another individual notes that “having someone strong in finance” would be good for Bernie’s campaign, seemingly unaware of the fact that Madoff presided over what is considered the largest financial fraud in U.S. history.

“Having a strong finance background,” that’s what we’re all looking for,” adds the man.

One older man who actually knows who Bernie Madoff is laughs off Dice’s question, but another individual trusts that Bernie knows what he’s doing picking Madoff because his other policies are sound.

“From what I hear, Bernie is kind of starting a revolution, right, he wants to help a lot of people, a lot of low income individuals and I think since he got another Bernie – Bernie Madoff – as his VP, I think that will really solidify his position,” asserts another man, agreeing that Madoff had an extensive financial history,nced to 150 years in prison in June 2009 after he admitted to defrauding thousands of